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The relationship between Lex Luthor and Lana Lang was one of the most intense and complicated relationships in the series. Lana and Lex first met when Lana was ten and Lex was sixteen. She had walked in on him skinny dipping with Patricia Swann after Lionel Luthor had invited her and her aunt to stay with him during a riding competition. When Lex moved to Lana's hometown of Smallville, they met again during a farmer's market. Lana made a big impression on Lex and he did not take long to discover why his new friend Clark was interested in her.

Coming to Town by ingrid Summary: A collision, a wish and a tiny Christmas miracle. Even when they do. Alfred Gough Miles Millar. Previous Season 6. So when you're introducing his future love interest, why not introduce her, not as an enemy, but as Smallville het one who is constantly going to butt heads with him, where they're not gonna like each other at all at first?

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Clark goes to visit her, and she explains Smallville het Lex gave her back Smallvilke Talon. Edit Did You Know? However, Clark doesn't heet to let Lex down and Soros private equity investors lp as his best man. Krista Allen is really hot and her dresses are wonderful. He uses this ability primarily to save people and stop crime, as such, he can kill humans, most aliens, and other beings with his heat vision. After the girls leave, he sets a small fire and when Sheriff Miller Smallville het him out, he super speeds away to find his dad. Martian Manhunter can shoot extremely hot beams of energy from his eyes, though Smallvolle exact magnitude of this ability is unclear, but he has proven to be able to shoot his beams Smallvilld Superman's heat vision and most of the time, it ends in a draw. IMDb More. Sound Mix: Stereo. Clark guesses that the reason she went after him was to convince him to kill Lex. However, he is unaffected and uncomfortable about the situation. Superman can, just by looking at the individuals, kill someone in seconds, demonstrating the speed of this power, although some members of the Flash family have proven capable of out running it.


  • Heat Vision is the power to project beams of concentrated heat from one's eyes.
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Smallville is a television show about Clark Kent in his pre-Superman teen years and later early adult. Smallville was one of the major slash fandoms of the early s. Although the show continued for a decade, the major fannish activity was in the show's first four seasons - Creators Gough and Millar emphasized that the show wasn't going to be about Superboy , and often repeated its motto of "No flights, no tights.

As Clark gained more powers, Lex would become his best friend and biggest problem. Unlike most teen dramas, and in keeping with Superman canon, Clark's parents Jonathan and Martha Kent play a big role in his life and on screen. One interesting note about Smallville is that the perception of homoerotic subtext was not limited to slashers, but was fairly widely perceived.

Given that the series began with Clark, the male lead, giving mouth-to-mouth to his eventual enemy, Lex Luthor, this is perhaps not to be wondered at. Smallville was a lot of people's first slash fandom. SVMadelyn remembers: "Smallville was my first slash fandom. I'd actually never - uh, thought about slash? I wrote wrestling and soap opera fanfiction up to that point.

Until that one fateful summer night when I was flipping through channels, and it was a ridic hoyay moment of legend during Hourglass.

And I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I literally googled 'are clark kent and lex luthor gay!? As the show and fandom started in , Smallville was one of the fandoms that transitioned between the dominance of the mailing list culture and the move to livejournal and various other blog and journal-based communities.

SV fandom is also active on message boards. Omar's HoYay -heavy recaps were one of the main channels for pimping the show to new fans , and several elements of fanon and other recurring themes arose on the active TWoP message boards. Smallville started airing in October The Smallville Slash Archive went live four days after the pilot. And the ClarkLex mailing list was founded on four days after that. The archive was immediately popular, and more so than most fandoms, most SV fic was published to the archive.

Having important fannish infrastructure very early strengthened the fandom from the beginning. Smallville was often known as a show fans loved to hate, [1] and many fans have an uneasy relationship with the showrunners, feeling that their vision for the show was inherently flawed and got worse over time.

The show creators, Gough and Millar, are often usually disparagingly referred to as "Goughlar" [2] or "AlMiles" and are the subject of bitter fan mocking, particularly accused of loving Lana Lang to the detriment of the rest of the cast.

One of the more entertaining examples of the trend was the webcomic Lanarama. Some fans also theorized that the meteor rock necklace Lana had worn constantly since childhood had given her the mutant power of making everyone love her, since all the other characters were constantly praising her and falling for her. Lex is also paired with pretty much everyone , as it was often joked that he had chemistry with everyone and everything on the show, including his piano, cars, pool cues, and expensive Tynant water bottles.

However Lex is not the only one to be paired with everyone, Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent is often paired up everyone or at least once along with a variety of crossover pairings. Clark has also been paired with other males, such as Whitney Fordman early on and Oliver Queen in later seasons. See also: List of popular Smallville pairings names. Futurefic is one of the most common types of SV fanfiction , extrapolating the more famous Superman canon from the backstory presented in Smallville.

Others create their own pastiche futures, based on the basic Superman mythology but eschewing the particulars from any one canon. Later events in the show rendered many of these fanfiction futures uncanonical, but as most of these events are also contradictory to the other Superman canons, most fans don't particularly care.

The separation is generally referred to as The Rift , and stories that feature it are known as Rift-fic. Some are dark; others strive to reconcile the characters. There are also stories that flip the mythos entirely and posit Clark or Kryptonians as a dark force insinuated in canon by the legend of Namaan and by Jor-El's early portrayal as a conqueror and Lex as the hero who has to stop him and save the world Lex's theory of Segeeth.

Alternately there are stories in varying degrees of darkness where Lex and Clark work together to conquer the world. Another common theme in early futurefic was the Chlois theory. Despite the common use of pairing smush names in the fandom this has nothing to do with a pairing.

Instead, it is the idea that Chloe Sullivan of the show grows up to become Lois Lane of the comics. In early seasons the first mention of Lois was as Chloe's ostensible cousin whose name Chloe used for a journalism story. Before Lois herself was introduced on the show as an actual character this led some fans to write fic about Chloe becoming known as Lois Lane in her later journalism career, and for a while, especially after the season three finale when Chloe went into hiding to escape Lionel's assassination attempts, some fans believed Chlois would even come to pass on the show.

As Smallville's roots are in DC Comics , DC crossovers are very common, both in futurefic and in stories set in canon. Some SV fic authors are DC fans first and write mostly comics canon with backstory elements from Smallville; other authors have little direct experience with the comic canon, but pick and choose comic elements often gleaned from Scans Daily to add spice to their Smallville stories.

Bruce Wayne is a frequent visitor to Smallville and Metropolis, and a popular sex partner for both Lex and Clark.

Although allusions of Batman appeared throughout the seasons. This knowledge filtered into Smallville fandom and resulted in a new genre of fic featuring Kon as the son of Lex and Clark. One of the first such was Conflicts Of Interest by rageprufrock, wherein Conner Clark Luthor, age 8, defies his father Lex and sets out to find his mother.

Of course it turns out that his mother is Clark, and that he was created in an experiment by Lionel Luthor. Some other fics featuring a more comics-based characterization of Kon set within the Smallville backstory of Clark and Lex are Reconcilable Differences by astolat and the Not A Villain series by tallihensia. In fic Conner is sometimes created through deliberate scientific means and sometimes is the result of mpreg allowed by alien biology.

Conner was introduced into SV canon in the season ten episode "Scion", giving a whole other version of the character to write about. Some fics have also used the character of Lena Luthor as a daughter for Lex or for Clex. In season ten Tess Mercer was revealed to be Lionel Luthor's daughter and Lena was used as part of her birth name.

AUs are very popular in the fandom. As Smallville is itself an AU version of the Superman comics, yet set as a prequel to them, even much futurefic for the show as discussed above was conscious of being an AU version of where everyone knew the show was going to end up.

There are also many other forms of AU that either take events in the show a different way or that do not allow anything from the show's storyline to occur. Some fics will have it that Lex never came to Smallville to work and that he and Clark meet later on when Clark goes to college in Metropolis. These stories allow Lex and Clark to have a relationship that can start and progress in a different and more positive fashion than the one on the show, and they also allow authors and readers a way to enjoy Clex that does not involve Clark being underage.

Other stories involve a Kryptonian invasion of Earth, allowing authors to construct an alien society and play with a more aggressive version of Clark. Other authors, such as danceswithgary, commonly take the plots of romantic comedy movies and create fusions with the SV characters. The season two episode "Lineage" showed more flashbacks to the meteor shower and revealed that Lionel Luthor had helped the Kents fake Clark's adoption papers.

This led Rachel Dunleavy, a woman who had had an affair with Lionel, to claim that Clark was her son and Lex's half-brother. Though Lex's brother instead turned out to be Lucas in the episode "Prodigal", Lex's reaction to the thought of Clark as his brother and the scenes of a young Lex and Clark together immediately after the meteor shower spurred a subset of AUs involving Clark being found by Lionel and raised as a Luthor.

This was later made canon in a season ten AU episode, "Luthor", where Clark Luthor had killed his brother Lex and was sleeping with his sister Tess. In many of these fics it is Clark, rather than a later baby, who is given the name Julian Luthor since in SV he is called after Martha's maiden name and frequently nicknamed Lian.

There are also a few fics where Lionel is killed in the meteor shower and Lex ends up raised by the Kents, but for Clex purposes a Luthor upbringing is generally more incestuous than a Kent one. SV is not a fandom with many shared fanon OCs. One of the few is Enrique, Lex's butler. In a season one episode Cool? Though sometimes used as a serious character and confidant for Lex he more often makes appearances in crackfic.

Early on Lex's mother's name was unknown when was she first named in canon? In always-female AUs it is easy to turn Alexander into Alexandra and sometimes use slightly more feminine variations on Lex such as Lexa. Female Clark is often called Claire or Clara but it's nowhere near as consistent. In one AU by aelora she is named Hudson. Introduced in the first season episode "Stray," Warrior Angel was a fictional comic book series that Lex collected. Some fan writers embraced the fictional comic book and used it in their Smallville fanfic, while others started to write fic for Warrior Angel itself.

Zahra was possibly the most prolific of these authors, writing fics that featured Warrior Angel as well as fics based on what little canon there was for it. For a more complete list, see the Newbieguide post. Ender Wiggin is maintaining a Smallville fanzine listing here. Jump to: navigation , search. Categories : Smallville 6 Degrees of Canada. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read View source View history.

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Heat Vision is the power to project beams of concentrated heat from one's eyes. Jonathan Kent. All of a sudden this spot I was staring at burst into flames. Start your free trial. Lana admits that she feels uncomfortable about putting her life on hold while Whitney is away. Clark heats the door handles to prevent her escape while putting Lex's clothing out.

Smallville het.

Kryptonian heat vision, at least for those who are aware of the ability, manifests almost instantly after exposure to an environment under a yellow sun , such is demonstrated by the disciples of Zod. However, this ability is in some way cognitively tied to Kryptonian arousal and sexual attraction and develops during puberty, spraying erratically and chaotically during intense moments of sexual desire, but through dedicated practice, they can control this ability. While it's not known exactly how hot it can get, Clark was able to evaporate a whole flood into steam and ash an entire tower with his heat vision and Clark said that it can vaporize a human being, at stated in Fanatic , Hypnotic , and Fallout.

Also, heat vision doesn't seem strong enough to affect another Kryptonian's body, but Clark's was able to minimally affect Brainiac's clothes which were made out of nanites. Superman possess heat vision. He uses this ability primarily to save people and stop crime, as such, he can kill humans, most aliens, and other beings with his heat vision. Right now, the exact magnitude of this power remains unknown. Superman can, just by looking at the individuals, kill someone in seconds, demonstrating the speed of this power, although some members of the Flash family have proven capable of out running it.

Martian Manhunter can shoot extremely hot beams of energy from his eyes, though the exact magnitude of this ability is unclear, but he has proven to be able to shoot his beams at Superman's heat vision and most of the time, it ends in a draw. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. However, after a hot new teacher uses kryptonite -enhanced pheromones to convince Lex to marry her, then spellbinds Jonathan , Clark must get a grip on his new power in time to keep Jonathan from killing Lex. It's the first day of sophomore year for Clark and his friends, in the middle of the worst heat wave in Smallville.

Lana is making a video letter for Whitney who has shipped overseas. Pete is on the football team again this year. Chloe arrives fresh from Metropolis and her Daily Planet internship, and Clark tells her how much he missed her. She counters that he didn't write very much and she met a cute boy that made her forget about Smallville all summer. Clark tries to pay attention, but he keeps glancing at Ms.

Suddenly, the projector screen bursts into flames. After everyone is evacuated, Lex Luthor drives up. Clark is shocked, but Lex seems sure of his decision. Lex suddenly tears up the pre-nuptial agreement. Clark tries to explain the fire to his parents and they suggest he stay close to home and just wait and see what happens next.

However, Clark doesn't want to let Lex down and serves as his best man. At Lex's reception, Clark and Chloe acknowledge that her fear that Clark would leave her alone at the dance came true, but she claims there are no hard feelings because Lana's life was in danger. That night, Clark goes to the Talon with Lana to finish his portion of the video letter. They talk about Whitney and how he asked Clark to look after Lana.

Lana admits that she feels uncomfortable about putting her life on hold while Whitney is away. She brings up Lex's recent wedding. She muses that it is a little strange, but she admires Lex for following his passion and suggests that someday perhaps she and Clark can follow theirs. Suddenly, Clark sets the espresso machine on fire with a blast of heat from his eyes, and he uncontrollably singes the walls of the coffee shop. They manage to put it out, but are both shaken. Jonathan finds Clark alone in the barn the next day and Clark announces that he isn't going to school because he doesn't want to set any more fires.

He is upset that he has put people in danger until Jonathan tells him how they will learn to control it. In an open field, he encourages Clark to control the fire by learning how to set it off. After practicing setting fire to several scarecrows, some water barrels, and the mailbox, he is able to control it well enough to pop corn without thinking about sex. She tries to seduce Clark, saying that Lex is standing in the way of them being together, and breathes a purple mist into Clark's face.

However, he is unaffected and uncomfortable about the situation. He says he won't betray Lex. She seems embarrassed and apologetic and asks him not to tell Lex as she runs away. Clark insists that she has a hold on Lex and goes to talk to him. Lex is angry because he thinks Clark is obsessed with his wife. He doesn't believe anything Clark says and throws him out. At the Talon, Chloe trades a message to Whitney for an interview with Lana about the fire.

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The relationship between Lex Luthor and Lana Lang was one of the most intense and complicated relationships in the series. Lana and Lex first met when Lana was ten and Lex was sixteen. She had walked in on him skinny dipping with Patricia Swann after Lionel Luthor had invited her and her aunt to stay with him during a riding competition. When Lex moved to Lana's hometown of Smallville, they met again during a farmer's market.

Lana made a big impression on Lex and he did not take long to discover why his new friend Clark was interested in her. Lex found Lana in the stables and they talked about her achievements and the first time they met. Due to the friendship that they had with Clark Kent, Lana and Lex became friends over time.

Lex let Lana use the Luthor Mansion for her birthday party with the hope that Clark used this opportunity to get closer to her, but this did not happen and Lex consoled Lana about Clark's absence. Their friendship was reinforced when, after Lana's effort to preserve an old theater that had been acquired by Lex, they became business partners and opened a brand new coffee shop.

Although Lex had a bad reputation, Lana was keen to trust Lex after witnessing his struggle to keep the Smallville LuthorCorp facility open. During this time, Lex tried to help Clark conquer Lana, but Lana could not help noticing that Lex was also interested in her, as well as when she was infected with the Nicodemus flower, she tried to take advantage of this situation trying to seduce Lex to get what she wanted.

Once she was cured, Lana apologized to Lex and the two continued their friendship as if nothing had happened. Lex continued to help Lana manage the Talon and offered tips for eliminating competition when they crossed through a rough patch, as well as also helped her to clarify her feelings for Clark. When Lex started a relationship with Desiree Atkins and evicted Lana, she was furious with him, asking herself how she could be so stupid to believe that he had changed.

Their business relationship soon recovered when Lana discovered that Desiree had been manipulating Lex with pheromones and Lex retracted the eviction notice. Lex and Lana worked closely to successfully run the Talon and Lex seemed pleased with her endeavor. Lana relied on Lex to teach her how to fight when she became concerned for her safety and wanted to be able to defend herself. When Perry White was harassing Lana for an interview, she went to Lex, who immediately promised her protection, showing his leniency and protectiveness towards her.

Later, after Lana was enticed to steal from the Talon, she apologized to Lex and he gave her job back without hesitation, despite what she had done. At the end of the Talon's second year in business, Lana decided to leave to study art in Paris and Lex announced his intentions to shut the coffee shop down and sell the building.

Lana was extremely upset and when she confronted him, Lex admitted that the Talon was not very lucrative, making it clear he only kept it open because he cared for Lana and knew how much she loved it. Lex even paid for her trip to Paris and on the day she left he was the only one to say goodbye to her at the airport. When Lana returned from Paris, she was in a committed relationship with Jason Teague.

Lex was not fond of Jason and was under the impression that he had to protect Lana from him, causing Jason to get fired from his job as Smallville high school's assistant football coach. Lex had apparently already developed feelings for Lana, which was shown when the evil side of Lex hit on Lana and tried to kiss her after Lex was split in two by Black kryptonite. However, Lana rejected his advances and slapped him.

Nevertheless, Lex proved to be a very dependable figure in Lana's life as he helped her cover up the murder of Genevieve Teague after Lana was possessed by Countess Thoreaux. Lana trusted Lex until his selfish ways were exposed when he tried to take one of the Stones of Power from her. Nevertheless, he still cared for her safety and insisted that she leave Smallville in his helicopter before the second meteor shower. Lex was the first human Lana came across after the meteor shower brought down the Black Ship with the Disciples of Zod.

She relied on Lex's help as she was in a state of shock and trusted him with the information about the spaceship. Lex abused this trust and hid the ship after Lana started to date Clark again.

Lex eventually confided in Lana about his research into the Black Ship and they became partners to discover the truth about it.

This brought the two of them closer together. That Christmas, a wounded Lex hallucinated a world where he was married to Lana and had two kids, Alex and Lily.

This was Lex's dream life and he was deeply traumatized when Lana died from complications after giving birth to Lily. When Lex returned to consciousness, he continued to be drawn closer to Lana. They were later trapped in a panic room when two intruders were seeking the whereabouts of the Black Ship. When Lex was shot in the chest, Lana stayed by his side to tend to his wound. Lex then told Lana about his dream and that she was the best part of it. Desperate to have Lana for himself, Lex arranged for a powerful hypnotist to break Lana and Clark up.

Lana immediately relied on Lex to help her through this difficult time in her life and, when she became addicted to the Limbo drug, she began to steal from him to fund her habit. Upon this discovery, Lex - clearly concerned for Lana's safety - stepped in and tried to stop her from taking it. Lana eventually apologized to Lex and told him that his mother should be proud of the man he has become.

As they continued to get closer, Chloe became concerned for Lana, as she didn't trust Lex. In return, Lex started to alienate Lana from her friends and then moved in for a kiss. Initially confused by her new feelings for Lex, Lana quickly left Lex. After this they spent some time apart, which helped Lana to understand the feelings that she was starting to have for Lex and when they saw each other again they both admitted that they missed each other and began a romantic relationship.

Nevertheless, Lex still kept secrets from Lana involving Milton Fine and other business ventures. It was unclear if he did this as he did not completely trust Lana or if he was concerned for her safety, as his involvement with Milton Fine proved to be dangerous when Fine started to prepare Lex to be General Zod's vessel. During this process, he got Kryptonian powers and immediately confided in Lana about this, shooting himself with a gun to prove it. Lana backed away in horror momentarily, but then came to him as he claimed he couldn't keep anything secret from her.

Finally thinking she had found an honest and committed relationship, Lana agreed to meet him on the roof of LuthorCorp and, despite the Dark Thursday riots, she made it there to prove her commitment.

However, unbeknownst to her Lex was then possessed by Zod. After discovering Zod had possessed Lex, Lana became his hostage. Sacrificing her love for Lex for the greater good, she planned to kill Zod with the Kryptonian dagger, but was overpowered by him. Nevertheless, he was ultimately defeated by Clark, leaving Lex unharmed. When Lex went to see Lana in the hospital after having been exorcised of Zod, she is understandably skittish towards him but forgave him and moved into the Luthor Mansion.

At first Lana was keen to maintain some barriers in their relationship, sleeping in separate rooms. She was horrified when she discovered that there were video cameras in her bedroom and insisted that Lex remove them.

Nevertheless, shortly afterwards Lex and Lana consummated their relationship and Lana soon discovered that she was pregnant. This concerned Lana, as she was still unsure of her feelings for Lex. However, when Bronson made Lex vanish in front of her, she became concerned for his safety and realized how much he meant to her.

As Lana discovered that Lex was trapped in the library of the mansion on a different reality frequency, Lana poured her heart out in case Lex could hear her. She told him that she missed him so much and she didn't want to raise their child alone. Eventually, thanks to Jimmy, Lana and Lex were reunited.

Lex told Lana that he was thrilled that she was having his baby. Soon after, Lex proposed, yet Lana still needed time to think due to the speed that their relationship was going. After days of waiting Lex approached Lana again at the mansion and admitted that he was afraid of her answer. Lana confessed that she would always love both Clark and him, but she was done regretting so she accepted his proposal. Lex's relationship with Lana served as a direct contrast to his increasingly darker personality.

At his own admittance, she unnerved him to the point of spontaneity and a tendency to do anything to keep her happy and by his side. He often wondered aloud what he would do without her. It soon became clear that Lana's pregnancy "wasn't typical", but was progressing "as scheduled". On her wedding day, Lana had second thoughts about marrying Lex when she discovered Clark's powers, but Lionel told Lana if she did not marry Lex then he would kill Clark.

She went through with the marriage but regretted it when she was told that she had lost the baby as this was the only happiness she had in her relationship. After being attacked by a meteor-freak, Lana was taken to the hospital again. There, the doctor revealed to her that she was never pregnant and accused her of faking her pregnancy to marry a billionaire.

However, her horrified face quickly disproved him and Lana realized that Lex had been injecting her with a massive amount of hormones to make her believe she was pregnant.

Despite seeming willing to do anything to please her, at the same time he victimized and violated her by orchestrating a fake pregnancy and creating a clone of her without her knowledge.

Lana then began to manipulate Lex into continuing to trust her but finally declared her love for Clark and told Lex that she had known about the fake baby and was leaving him. Shortly afterwards, Lana's car exploded and Lex was arrested for murder. It was revealed that Lana faked her death to frame Lex, but when Lex discovered this he gave her permission to live free of him if she pleased and invited her to return to Smallville, clearly feeling guilty for what he put her through.

Lex quietly accepted the dissolution of their marriage and Lana had no contact with him for a long time, although she kept a close eye on him in the hope of exposing him to the world. Lana temporarily gained Clark's powers and attacked Lex. To stop her, Lex taunted her, claiming that she still loved him and he kissed her. Lana pulled away and knocked him unconscious but Clark stopped her from completing her revenge.

Despite this, Lex clearly still loved Lana, as he tried to cure her when she was in her Brainiac-induced coma. Still on a vengeful mission, Lana decided to cut Lex off from his loyal follower, Tess Mercer.

Having discovered that Lex had installed microchips in Tess' eyes to allow him to see everything she sees, Lana revealed the truth to Tess, causing Tess to turn her back on Lex. Lana's revenge continued, as she stole Lex's only hope of recovering from extensive injuries sustained when the Fortress of Solitude collapsed on him. Nevertheless, Lex was then able to use this to his advantage by causing Lana's Prometheus suit to absorb a huge amount of kryptonite, causing her to be forever separated from Clark.

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