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Breaking him in Unfortunately, choosing an appropriate male chastity device is only half the story. Once you've purchased a suitable model, you've still got to get your husband accustomed to wearing it - even if he's keen to do so, his body may have other ideas! Rather like a new pair of shoes, it takes a little while for a man to get used to such an unusual accoutrement, particularly if you're trying to determine what size he is at the same time. It's unrealistic and impractical to expect him to wear it for long periods of time from the outset, however much such a scenario might appeal to your husband, or indeed, yourself. Fortunately, the initial period of breaking in a new chastity device can be just as exciting as wearing one more regularly.

For some added torture, pick one that offers electrifying shocks or stingy urethral catheter tubes. Subscription offers. To really get his pulse racing, you can laze naughtily around the house cgastity just your lingerie, or Husband wears chastity device naked, apparently oblivious to the frustration such attire is bound to cause. Little Boy Blue Plastic Cage 3. Yes, men spend thousands of dollars to lock up their penis.

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Husban Abuse. Compare their features HERE. I do so only when I'm starved of sex usual in a long-term relationship. Total turn on for him. I've been wearing Chinese dating girl marriage for a month for the Hubsand reason. No orgasm without my permission. Don't think I would be allowed into the "Promised Land" again if Husband wears chastity device showed up with one. It's not Sunday school stuff. A Husband wears chastity device marriage is one of mutual love, affection, trust, intimacy, and desire for one another. This is not supposed to be a lecture, and do not be condescending or angry. I did show her your reply Sarah while she sat shaking her head in agreement to some of the key points.

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Search AskMen Search submit button News. Type your question. Enter more details. My husband and I have been married for a long time, and have a healthy sex life. He works away a lot and I often tease him that he has a mystery woman that he is going to see. He replies that he only has eyes for me and I genuinely believe him.

He is going away again this weekend, and approached me today with a small cage that he said he wants to lock on himself, and give me the keys so that I can be sure that he is not cheating. It kind of sounds interesting but is this a normal thing for a man to want? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Jhalloway:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

Mistyblue Send a private message. Good lord I have never heard of anything like that! I very much doubt my husband would be interested in that at all. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Mistyblue : Stick around Mistyblue, we'll teach you about all the world's kinks. As I said, the chastity kinks runs the gambit from weekend fun to an entire lifestyle. Personally I don't understand the more extreme end of the kink, where guys are locked up wearing dresses and jumping whenever their mistress barks an order.

Certainly chastity is not for everyone but it can be an interesting experience even for the casual player. Chastity is not necessarily a common kink but it certainly exists. A lot of the chastity kink centers around domination and the man essentially giving up control of his penis and generally the ability to orgasm.

There are also some who use it as behavior modification, with release being the reward for good behavior. Generally speaking, wearing a chastity device is not going to cause injury but it may become uncomfortable or cause irritation.

That is greatly a function of the man and the type of device. Yes, men spend thousands of dollars to lock up their penis. I might suspect that your husband is looking for a little more than proof of his fidelity during the upcoming weekend.

Do a little reading on chastity and see if being his key holder is something you would enjoy. Edited on November 10, at UTC by the author. Kingslayer Send a private message. But normal is all relative for the most part, especially when something seems harmless like this.

Whatever floats your boat and if you are both comfortable with it, I say go for it. Also sounds like he has a thing for being dominated and if you are cool with that, it might be fun to explore further.

How do you pee or wear pants with a chasisty cage anyway? Jhalloway Send a private message. Kingslayer : I wouldn't want to give anyone that kind of power over me either but he has offered. Not sure how you pee with a chastity cage on, he has gone with it locked on now so I guess that's his problem. With the more open style cages, it is possible, with practice, to pee standing at a urinal. Otherwise, you sit which plays into the domination thing anyway. With the exception of skinny jeans, for most guys a cage isn't very noticeable.

Let's face it, most guys are not staring at the crotches of other guys and women that do might notice a bit of an extra bulge. Pineapple Send a private message. How many keys are there?? Have you got them all? I think he will regret wearing it very quickly. Especially at the airport metal detector. It might to fun to wear at home, to empower you with control etc. Pineapple : There are two keys and I have them both.

He is not flying luckily, just driving and staying in a hotel. He has gone with it locked on him now, and won't be back until Monday. If he regrets wearing it, perhaps he won't offer again, but I like the sound of empowering my control. Might suggest that on his return. It looked OK when he showed me it and how it goes on and said it was comfortable. Thank you for the advice.

They come with a set of two keys. Blondenycblonde Send a private message. Ive never even heard of this for a guy?! Who knows, he might get jock itch and decide to ditch it altogether. Never hurts to try anything as long as two people are on the same page, right?

Sagar Send a private message. Its a kink , I dont think its manly. Unknown1 Send a private message. Is there any update on this? Was it just a once off or are you continuing to use it? How has it affected your marriage? MasterJag Send a private message. Edited on April 22, at UTC by the author. It was probably a big surprise to you but male chastity is now not an uncommon thing actually as sales of chastity belts are going through the roof worldwide.

It can be used as a toy been lovers with one keeping the keys to spice up their love life when eventual sex happens. Other men find the idea of being locked up and controlled by a woman who has the keys appealing but the reality can be very challenging, particularly if the keyholder keeps the keys fof some time.

So there are different levels of play either chastity out there from ge etle play among couples to long term chastity for a guy because the woman with the keys won't give them back. Samantha01 Send a private message. What's normal? And maybe just maybe he wants you to be more sadistic with him. Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Sex Kaykakes What do I do about my boyfriend? Anonymous Could you date a Pornstar? Joseppi43 What do you think of the Onyx2 sex toy?

Joseppi43 My gf likes making me masterbate in front of her gfs.. Is this a fetish? Anonymous 30 y. Need your advice please! Grooming Fragrances Hair Shaving Skin. AskMen on Facebook. AskMen on Twitter. AskMen on Flipboard. AskMen on Google News. All Rights Reserved. What's wrong with this question?

He has always masturbated a lot, more than most men I had been with previously. I've been reading about it for months, and I'm ready to talk to my husband. AskMen on Twitter. I did not say anything. Have fun with that, too. May 31, at am.

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Two nights later I sat on the foot rest and attached it to him. I felt a surge of erotic energy power flow through me. Not a sissy men at all. Best thing Ladies if you wish to be pleasured in your way as long as you wish 2,3,4 or more times a week; layback and enjoy o after o and not have to return the pleasure until you are good and ready oh how could I tell you any better..

Try it before you knock it. Give it a chance, listen to his dark fantasy, pull it out of him and enjoy. Why is everybody so against this idea? I am a male, and I am planning on asking my wife if she would hold the key to my chastity device. I used to masturbate a few times a week if me and my wife were to busy to have some time alone.

I may be in the minority of thinking here,but,I firmly believe that women should orgasm,at LEAST 5 times more then men. If the husband wants to wear a chastity belt then what's wrong with that. It's a good think that men wear chastity tubes, there is going to be moe confidence in there marriage.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Look, I know as a guy, I'm probably not the best person to answer this, but lets put it in perspective. If you weren't the major breadwinner in your relationship, how would you feel if your husband tried to make you wear a chastity device?

Besides the basic insult implied with this sort of thing I know some guys are creeps, but we aren't all sex-crazed psychos , isn't it kind of a mean thing to do to the person you profess to love? If he wants to wear the thing, by all means There's a morality line there. Oh how funny. If we could all do that to our husbands not a woman in the world would ever have to worry about anything.

The only thing this would really do though is make the lock pickers rich and eventually the guys would get really good at doing the Houdini act. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions My husband bought me a chastity device to make him wear? My wife says one of her girlfriends requires her husband to wear a male chastity device.? Does anyone have experience with the husband wearing a chastity device? More questions. Would you wear a chastity device? Wife ordered chastity device? And now I feel betrayed by my husband it's this normal?

Is it a good idea to reach out to grandmother? Is it technically cheating if I used a condom? How can I explain to my kids about their maternal grandmother's passing without crying in front of them, or my wife crying in front of them?

My Christian wife often goes braless outside our house. We even have a pet name for his tongue, and I love it when he goes down on me. And since taking a much younger lover, I want him to dive more often. And I had introduced male chastity after a long conversation one night but on the honor system. No orgasm without my permission. It would be fun I told him. He agreed reluctantly, and I felt as though he was not serious.

I demanded access to his computer and phone to make sure he was staying away from porn. He became distraught and felt hurt that I did not trust him. He was adamant that he was loyal and not masturbating and to avoid a big argument I accept his plea. But I knew we needed more than the honor system. My lover Hank is the one who suggested we get a chastity tube for John. This way, he said, I could be sure John was staying right and not having an orgasm without me. I explained to him that five years ago we had tried a device, but John could not tolerate it, and we had to abandon the experiment.

Hank opened his phone and showed me how many improvements and how many more choices were available these days. It seems there has been a massive jump in demand for male chastity devices as more and more the tide has turned to a Matriarch world. I asked him how come he knew so much about it and he just smiled. He recommended I get steel and one that uses a catheter tube and piercing.

This type device Hank explained, guarantees John will not be getting erections, cannot escape from the device and can wear it over long terms. I felt a rush of excitement run through me with the thought of the power and control I would have.

I reached down and put my long fingers on his eight-inch cock which amazingly always seems to be erect. I only had an hour before going back to my office. He ravaged me for a whole forty minutes. That night during my bath while John lathered my blonde hair I began the process. He did not seem very enthused by the prospects and asked why over and over.

I explained I wanted this very badly. But I knew I had to be loving and tender with him. I could not force it on him. The key to a successful female-led marriage is loving care and patience to make it work.

He had to agree. For a whole month, I soothingly broke him into the idea. Roland had been in a device for over a year now. We went over the details and benefits. We discussed how this would cement the marriage for the long haul, something I knew John wanted very much. We discussed his lack of prowess and how I preferred him going down on me.

I could tell John was warming up to the idea. For one thing, he could see I was not going to drop it.

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Plus: Should I leap into a long-distance relationship with my new boyfriend? After spending some years in the doldrums after having kids, my husband and I are now enjoying hot kinky sex and the occasional free pass to fuck other people. I have a friend who was extremely keen for me to cage his cock with the same kind of locking male chastity device I got for my husband—a fixed-ring stainless-steel type.

I worry that even though he can squeeze into the ring, he might be cutting off circulation and doing damage. His balls never dropped as a child, so he had an operation that pulled them down but fixed them in place. Can you recommend a cage that might fit him? He is into total submission and orgasm denial, and he wants to experience long-term forced chastity and relinquish control of his dick to me. Hot, right?!

The penis slides into a cylinder that attaches to the top of the ring, and the cylinder prevents erections and can even punish erections. Some are lined with spikes. You may have to experiment with some other designs and an assortment of cock rings before you find the one that locks his cock down without choking his balls off.

The best chastity devices are ones that come with a cock ring that can be opened via a hinge or taken apart—then you can get a ring that might be too small to push his balls through using the one-ball-after-the-other method, but because the ring comes apart, getting it on and off is much easier while providing the safety and inescapability both parties are looking for.

But if your friend can handle some pressure on his balls, BALLSUP, a traditional style chastity device with a hinged or two-piece cock ring might work.

While some of the belts out there are incredibly sexy and completely secure, experience and client feedback tell me that in the long-term, these are not ideal for a guy who wants to be kept in chastity every day. Next summer, he will be moving back to his hometown in the Midwest. Anything could happen in the next six months. It could happen: youtu. So keep dating this guy because, hey, you never know. Dan Savage.

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