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Call escort utopia

Call escort utopia

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This is the Building Utopia podcast. Last time we witnessed the fiery battle between the Rajneeshees and their neighbors during their first year in Oregon. They took over the Antelope city government and incorporated their own city on their square-mile ranch.

Bhagwan had entered into a silent phase before leaving India. To do this, the commune needed a steady supply of smart, hard-working disciples who could apply their education and skills to the task.

Take Deva Wadud, for example. He started out on a traditional path, earning an architecture degree from the University of Michigan, a masters in design from Harvard, and then doing city planning in California. This became his job for a couple years before he learned about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and took sannyas in India.

Beyond his impressive resume, he was a true believer. He told a reporter that he felt blessed to have an enlightened being driving down his street every day, as a daily reminder of his highest human potential.

The way Deva Wadud articulated his vision for Rajneeshpuram aligned nicely with the vision Bhagwan had espoused while still in India. The new commune would allow his disciples to get closer to God. And the more people will be there, the more is the possibility for happenings, for miracles — because more God will be available. The sky will come more close to you.

In his new commune, men and women would casually join together and then separate freely. They will have more opportunities to grow with many more kinds of people. If a hundred people live together in a commune there will be many male members, many female members; the child need not get fixed and obsessed with one pattern of life.

He can learn from his father, he can learn from his uncles, he can learn from all the men in the community. He will have a bigger soul. There would be no churches, no rituals, no societal strictures. Politics would be forbidden, since he said they made people neurotic. To me, her comments often sound more shallow. A city — one which has never existed in the universe, where people live in harmony, live in love.

Beautiful city. Example for the universe. Or was it always doomed to failure, before a single sannyasin arrived on the property? But people like Deva Wadud had to get down to nuts and bolts, and so will we. The process formally started with the three-volume Comprehensive Plan for Rajneeshpuram, a document required by state law. It must have been a massive undertaking to prepare it.

The plan is about pages, with maps, charts, population projections, soil studies, and a proposed development code. Basically, the Rajneeshees proposed creating a acre city on the 64,acre ranch.

The city would actually be three distinct areas, miles apart from each other, connected only by the county highway that meandered through the ranch.

The main area was called Jesus Grove, where the original ranch buildings were sited and where most of the early development had taken place. At the time of the Comprehensive Plan, Jesus Grove already had 27 double-wide trailers, an office building, a warehouse, a machine shop, an airstrip, the massive Rajneesh Mandir assembly hall, and the Magdalena Cafeteria. The other two proposed areas comprising the city of Rajneeshpuram were called Gautam the Buddha Grove and Desiderata Canyon.

They had grand plans for these areas, including a religious retreat center and conference facilities. But none of that really came to pass, and nearly all new development continued in Jesus Grove.

Deva Wadud presented the Comprehensive Plan to the Rajneeshpuram City Council on September 7, , receiving enthusiastic applause from the large group of Rajneeshees who attended. Leading up to this meeting, Friends had sought injunctions to stop the city council from adopting the plan, but the local circuit court smacked them down.

After the city council formally adopted the plan, it was in the hands of the commune members to build what they could, as quickly as they could, to satisfy their eager Master. For this, they would need a well-oiled machine — an army of laborers, really, to get it done. And the machine would need to be up and running at all times. As luck would have it, Sheela had for years been grooming the perfect person to oversee it all.

Who decides? Right there, would you identify yourself please? And people come in to work at the ranch and first we find out whatever their skills are, and wherever their skills are needed. Then what? Ma Yoga Vidya was a tall, sturdy blonde from South Africa, with a pointed chin and a fierce look in her eyes. With her sharp analytical mind and her corporate background, Vidya received an invitation from Ma Yoga Laxmi to work in the Krishna House administration.

Laxmi put Vidya in charge of people at the ashram. In particular, she was responsible for ensuring that everybody who worked for the ashram had a job and that everything that needed doing was getting done. It was essentially human resources. She was the one you went to if you hated your job or your coworkers. She might help you find something else. Or she might snap at you, question your surrender to Bhagwan, and send you on your way.

Vidya developed a reputation for being a cold, tough manager. But she did warm up to one of her Krishna House co-workers: Sheela. At Rajneeshpuram, Sheela made Vidya the president of the commune — the person in charge of everyone living there. But getting invited to be a commune member was no small feat, especially in the first couple years.

Remember, there were probably tens of thousands of sannyasins in the early s, but only a couple hundred were allowed to live at the ranch. At Rajneeshpuram, if you were there — you had been selected to be a commune member. And that meant you worked, doing whatever the commune told you to do. You were really there by the grace of Sheela, Vidya, and other commune coordinators. She selected who came to New Jersey and lived at the castle with Bhagwan.

This allowed her to carve off some of the Poona old guard who had been loyal to Laxmi. At Rajneeshpuram, her control extended to every detail, down to each person who was allowed to live there. She and Vidya would review questionnaires submitted by interested sannyasins and select people based on the skills they needed, among other things.

Men vastly outnumbered women at the ranch for the first couple years, presumably because men at the time were more likely to have the engineering and construction skills they needed.

But you were more likely to find them in the laundries, the kitchens, and doing administrative work. Men who had been quiet meditators in Poona became rowdy beer drinkers in Oregon, as if the rugged environment and the hard labor had transformed them. Some men aggressively pursued sex with the women there, and made known to Sheela that if she wanted to keep them happy, she had to bring in more women as soon as possible.

They might get half a day off every other week. But, again, work was worship to the Rajneeshees. Bhagwan had said that labor should be joyful, filled with laughter, a way to move along their spiritual path. And according to firsthand accounts of people who did this for years, many Rajneeshees really felt that. There are like different meditations that are available to do. And for us now at this point on the ranch, work is our meditation. They describe a sense of joy doing the most mundane tasks.

Satya Bharti, the famous sannyasin author we met in our first minisode, describes in her memoir how much she loved working in the laundry room for months on end. She had to surrender. That was the whole point of the place. Years later, after she had left Rajneeshpuram, Satya wrote that the commune leaders used guilt as a tool to keep sannyasins in their places.

Sheela and Vidya often reminded commune members how lucky they were to be living at Rajneeshpuram. There were thousands of people who were begging to be close to Bhagwan, who would gladly take their spots.

The quickest way to get kicked out of Rajneeshpuram was to be negative. You were expected to be positive and work through it. Bhagwan would just leave them all behind, taking only 7 or 8 special disciples with him.

Everyone else would be left on their own. Is that true of everybody here? Is that correct Sheela? Here the question is not of payment. What we are doing is of a meditation. And meditation is always out of abundance. It is an overflow. And for overflow, you do not require to be paid. To ensure that people remained grateful, remained positive, Sheela installed a network of coordinators — essentially middle managers, loyal to her — who policed the commune for negativity.

Since she was busy doing PR and politics and managing the international Rajneesh movement, Sheela deputized Ma Yoga Vidya, the stern South African, to be the chief enforcer on the ranch. Vidya used an iron fist to get this done. Satya remembers Vidya laying on her office floor, since she had a bad back, surrounded by terrified sannyasins who had been summoned for a dressing down.

Call escort utopia

Call escort utopia