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I was well into the story of the Hunchback, I remember, when my clergyman grandfather a man we counted pretty stiff came up behind me. I grew blind with terror. But instead of ordering the book away, he said he envied me. As well he might! The stories are indeed delightful, but how innocent are they?

Rashid did as the Maghrabi bade; and instantly before him appeared a Marid. This edition is condensed, but the editing was done with great care to maintain story structure and content. Someone misled him into believing that the "Sinbad" was part of a larger collection known as Arabian night storiesand sex Thousand and One Nights. Cancel Delete comment. In July he was asked by Louis Lambert, while in a tour in the United States, which six books satisfied storiesanx most. Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. This is a very sad book, in the sense that it makes you think, "What the hell happened to Baghdad?

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In the caliph's palace, a girl is frying multi-coloured fish when a woman with a wand bursts through the wall and demands to know of the fish if they are true to their covenant. A young man mounts a flying horse. The horse strikes out one of his eyes with a lash of his tail and lands him on a building where the man will encounter ten more one-eyed men. The Caliph Harun al-Rashid, venturing out of his palace, goes to the Tigris from where he watches a barge sail by on which a young man sits enthroned, claiming to be Harun al-Rashid It was the wildness of the plotting and the freedom from classical constraints that appealed to the earliest Western readers of The Arabian Nights.

The earnest purpose of his translation, published in the years , was to instruct his readers in the manners and customs of the Orient and use the tales to provide improving lessons in morality.

Since ladies at the court of Versailles were his target readership and since the Arabic he was translating seemed to him somewhat barbarous, he took pains to render it into polished and courtly French. The publication was an instant success, and his French was rapidly translated into English, German and most European languages. In the first instance, it was courtiers and the intelligentsia who read the book.

The adaptation of a bowdlerised selection of the stories for children happened later, most notably in in The Oriental Moralist; or, the Beauties of the Arabian Nights Entertainments, by a hack pretending to be "the Rev'd Mr Cooper".

Galland had first published a translation of "Sinbad" and this had been well received. Someone misled him into believing that the "Sinbad" was part of a larger collection known as The Thousand and One Nights. More by luck than judgement, he went on to translate the oldest substantially surviving Arabic version of the Nights.

This probably dates from the 15th century, but it is clear that there were earlier, less elaborate versions of the story collection. There is also at least one Turkish manuscript that is older than the Arabic one Galland translated. Though the stories of the Nights as we have them are thoroughly Arabised and Islamicised, many seem to derive from much earlier Indian and Persian tales.

In the Nights, King Shahriyar, having been sexually betrayed by his wife, kills her and resolves to avoid any future betrayal by sleeping night after night with a virgin and having her killed in the morning. The slaughter went on until Shahrazad, his vizier's daughter, volunteers to be the next to be led to Shahriyar's bed. She takes her sister, Dunyazad, with her. That night, at the post-coital moment, Dunyazad who has presumably been lurking somewhere in the shadows of the bedroom , prompted by her sister, asks for a story.

Shahrazad starts a story, but does not finish it. Shahriyar, keen to hear the end, spares her until the next night. On following nights, Shahrazad tells story after story, talking for her life and always careful to leave a story unfinished before dawn. So the "nights" are story-breaks and there are not stories in the Nights. Besides translating the manuscript he had found, Galland added stories which, he claimed, he had heard from a Syrian visiting Paris.

These "orphan stories" are ones for which no original Arabic text survives, and they are some of the most famous, including "Aladdin" and "Ali Baba". Though some have suspected that Galland made these stories up, a Turkish original of "Ali Baba" has been identified. In the early 19th century, a series of printed editions in Arabic were published in Cairo, Breslau and Calcutta.

Because of the way some stories lead into other stories, and stories frame others, which contain yet others, it is difficult to say exactly how many stories are in Calcutta II, but over In the 18th century, English readers made do with what is known as the Grub Street translation of Galland's French.

Then, in the 19th century, English translations were made from the printed Arabic editions. The history of those translations is one of pedantry, pretension and plagiarism. In Edward William Lane published a translation of some of the Cairo version, but since he was pious and prudish, he cut out sexual scenes and omitted a lot of stories as unfit for gentlefolk.

Piety also led him to model his prose on that of the Authorised Version of the Bible, but he succeeded only in reproducing the archaism of his model without matching its eloquence. Also, since he earnestly intended his translation to serve as a guide to the manners and customs of the contemporary Egyptians, his text served as a pretext for hundreds of pages of ethnographic notes.

In John Payne published a much more literary translation of Calcutta II in which the sexual episodes were kept in, but played down. Payne was a self-taught polyglot and published translations from Latin, French and Portuguese.

He did his translation of the Nights riding around London on the top deck of a horse-drawn omnibus. Unfortunately, it is abominably affected and almost unreadable. When in that bold traveller and scoundrel, Sir Richard Burton, produced his version of the Nights, he plagiarised Lane and Payne.

His weird vocabulary makes him even more unreadable. Burton also exaggerated the eroticism and violence and added a mass of unnecessary footnotes, many dealing with race or sex or both together.

Lane's translation did not sell well. Burton's and Payne's editions were for private subscribers only. In the 19th century, most English readers stuck with the Grub Street Nights.

His translation was really a fraud. Where he was translating stories in the Nights, his renderings were deformed by obvious errors and eccentric translation strategies.

But he brought in stories from other collections and cultures and seems to have made up stories himself. Previous English translations have dated badly, and, insofar as British people know its stories, their knowledge mostly comes from pantomime and film. Versions of "Ali Baba" and "Sinbad" followed. Although these were strictly speaking classified as "Oriental spectacles", burlesque and pantomime versions evolved later in the 19th century. But Pasolini's Il fiore della Mille e una notte is the most faithful and intelligent adaptation, while the Disney Aladdin , with Robin Williams as the wisecracking genie, is perhaps the most enjoyable.

Pasolini's version apart, these films were aimed at children and a small selection of Nights stories suitable for children survive in the popular consciousness. Its aim is to reinstate the work as literature, to present it once again to an adult readership, and to make it once more a pleasure to read these marvellous stories. The tangled webs of yarn which ultimately come from the 'Nights' have inspired Rushdie's fiction from 'Midnight's Children' all the way to 'The Enchantress of Florence', published this year.

But the book in which he bows most deeply to the ancient sources is his children's tale, 'Haroun and the Sea of Stories'.

This fable of the magic of fiction, as a son and his father seek to recapture the storyteller's art, also owes much to a modern classic himself influenced by versions of the 'Nights': Italo Calvino.

One of the first European writers to like the 'Nights' so much that he re-wrote the ending was Edgar Allan Poe, whose contribution in offered the events of one more night, apparently discovered by the author in a forgotten manuscript of the original book. In it, Shahrazad is too clever for her own good and is finally killed by Shahriyar.

More recently, feminist critics have suggested that this amounted to an act of male vengeance upon women's better talent at storytelling. In her collection of essays, 'On Histories and Stories', published in , Byatt credited many sources, but named the Arabian Nights as the greatest of them all; it has sex, death, treachery, vengeance, wit, surprise and a happy ending. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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Pounded muslim babe jizzed in mouth 7 min Robertthepot - 5M Views -. That's probably what really made us click. I tried to swallow, but there was far too much. Live Cams. Plots from these stories also became stock elements in English Pantomime. News like that from the outside world — El Sokkari works in London — changes the way people in the Arab world have access to information, not just directly, but indirectly. He held hands with me behind his back, and this time he would be doing the work.

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Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. From the stories of wives and their lovers to those of kings and their conquests, to the overarching story of Shahrazad and Shahryar, the tales of the Arabian Nights have offered countless audiences entertainment and enjoyment as well as serving as cautionary stories.

An outstanding piece of world literature, the Arabian Nights provide a lively and interesting way of exploring aspects of sexuality, romance, gender, culture, wealth, and politics.

Looking at a wide range of the tales, David Ghanim offers a rigorous exploration of their profound sexuality: looking at both the context in which they were written and organised, as well as their legacy. By including accounts of heterosexuality, homosexuality, cuckoldry, insatiable lust, promiscuity, rape, incest, bestiality, demonic sexuality, and erotica, Ghanim highlights the complexity and dynamism of medieval sexuality, the active role of women in sexual activities, and the prevailing positive outlook on sexual liaison and gender mixing.

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