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CNM is practised in all sorts of forms, such as polyamory having multiple romantic partners and swinging swapping sexual partners with other couples. There are variations in how cuckolding plays out for different couples—some cuckolds enjoy being verbally and sexually humiliated—but cuckolds are generally involved with watching their partner have sex. All varieties of cuckolding can be practised by anyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Nonetheless, there seems to be a high proportion of straight men who are interested in it—and yes, if you sleep with men, you might be familiar with a version of dirty talk that involves you recounting past hookups. When she does, she's always told me about the experiences.

See my wife sex

See my wife sex

See my wife sex

See my wife sex

I also found it more of a turn on because ym was See my wife sex wife and my After a 6month courtship I married what I thought was my Prince Charming but the first time we had sex Christian beliefs was after we married. She is an amazing person who everyone that has met her loves. But after it we talked and she enjoyed it which made me feel better because I had done it for her and because I was curious because we did have a good sex life and she was small and sexy. Anyway she forgave me but our relationship was never the same after that. It was an wief part of me.

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Hentai Porn. You're obviously entitled to your opinion but you should consider not judging every single man who may want to do this while voicing your own thoughts. The first letter he answered was from a woman whose husband wanted to watch her have sex with another man, a request she fulfilled. There seems to have always been the question that my wife may have "missed out" by only knowing oneunderendowed man her whole life. It's just determining the best course of action to Streamng porn tube this shared desire. While the wives by and large were happy with things as they were, the husbands often felt their wife's loss of sexual satisfaction more strongly than the wife themselves, and were motivated to encourage the wife to sleep with See my wife sex men. After getting him over the moon with a fantastic See my wife sex, watch her getting on his desk, and spread leg legs out, showing off her pink pussy and inviting him inside. Its like loosing someone to death Watch this horny wife fucking herself with that big toy! Slutty euro exchange student starts an orgy in her hotel room Mofos. It's not always about the money. Financial reasons. I would like to see my wife fuck in our bedRecently I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which means that yesas with Lord Chatterly the tongue and fingers may become more useful than the usual "tool". A few early examples of some portrait work near Myrtle Beach, SC.

Thank you for your very honest question.

  • It was the end of the day and my incredible wife, Carrie, had spent hours riding around with me as I photographed every ruin, temple, and wat in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
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I get turned on by this as well. I watch and masturbate. Many emotions flood me at the same time. It can actually become confusing. But still very exciting. I think most marriages cannot allow this to successfully happen. But for my wife and me; it has brought us closer together. Seeing her with a lover makes me want her in a really intense way. My wife more enjoys a larger penis than I can offer.

I will even feel envious of his more well endowed package; and, I will be embarrassed by my small size. She has not just been with one guy; but rather, with several men and she will rotate. In thi For almost 10 years, I was a single guy in the adult swinging world. I played with plenty of married women that had husbands who liked to watch their wives have intercourse with other men.

I met these folks at sex clubs, hotel parties, apartment parties, house parties, adult book stores with rooms for sex and sex toy shops with rooms for sex. Some men were into cuckoldry. But most men were not cuckolds. A sex club in Nashville, Tennessee had gang bang nights mostly for married women who wanted lots of action.

Their husbands loved to see their wives being pleasured. Yes definitely for me I think it is a huge turn on. The first time I felt weird because I thought I was going to be jealous but I actually found it a turn on which made me feel weird because I felt like I should be jealous or hurt.

But after it we talked and she enjoyed it which made me feel better because I had done it for her and because I was curious because we did have a good sex life and she was small and sexy. But yeah after the first time it got even better because I realized there was no need to be jealous or insecure. I also found it more of a turn on because she was my wife and my After 10 years of marriage I'm in love with my wife more than ever.

Porn doesn't do much for me so I have some old naked and sex photos of us from 8 years ago. I've been thinking the best material for me for masterbating would be a video or my wife being slammed real good by some other man that we don't know.

She is the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world to me. It's exciting to think of her being rocked good by someone else. I want to see her get screwed but I think it would be interesting to not be a participant in the sex. I worry about bringing it up to her, she may not like it. Some couples have an open understanding that another person is invited into the bedroom to have sex with their spouse, such as another man with your wife.

Providing that you are all fully comfortable, practice safe sex, and that there is no jealousy, whatever you chose to do as consenting adults within your relationship, is entirely up to you. Yes I do also. My wife and I have been in cuckold relationship for 4 years and it has brought us closer together. Seeing her with a hung bull is very exciting to me. For me I get to watch and enjoy the erotic scene.

Being in a female led relationship took sometime to get used too. Sign In. I get turned on by watching my wife have sex with other guys. Are there other people like me? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Answered Jun 8, What is it like for a man to watch his wife have sex with another man? Why does the thought of my wife having sex with another man turn me on? We have good sex and have been married a long time. Why did I like seeing my wife having sex with another guy?

Has anyone ever watched their wife or girlfriend have sex with another man? Originally Answered: I get turned on by watching my wife have sex with other guys. Is there other people like me? They exist. You are definitely Answered Aug 23, Answered May 13, Why do i want my wife to have sex with another man? Should I let my wife have sex with another man? She says that it would just be sex. Would you allow your wife to have sex with another man? Quora User , Former sex worker and full time lesbian.

Originally Answered: I get extremely excited watching my wife have sex with another guy. Answered Jan 18, View more.

Related Questions How do I get my wife to sleep with another guy? What is it like to watch your wife have sex with two men? How do I get my wife to let me watch her suck and have sex with another man? When men fantasize about their wife having sex with someone else, what turns them on? Would my wife enjoy me watching her making love to another man? I get turned on beyond reason at the thought of my wife with another man. How common is this? My wife wants me to watch her having sex with other men, is that normal?

Would watching your wife have sex with another man turn you on? Why or why not? Related Questions What is it like for a man to watch his wife have sex with another man? How do I get my wife to sleep with another guy?

I have no desire to mix semen , watch or meet the other man. Lovely Wife by Mark. And as the previous commenter said, loved watching him cum in her twice. I'm just an artist who studies Peter D. Financial reasons. Login or sign up. I have done it and I hate it.

See my wife sex

See my wife sex

See my wife sex

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Thank you for your very honest question. This is, obviously, a sensitive topic. But you might take heart in the fact it is not all that uncommon an issue among couples.

In this case, it sounds like you have great respect for your wife but something is getting in the way of your enjoying physical intimacy. In other words, you have a difficulty and then bad feelings about the difficulty. Try to give yourself a break with the latter, at least. It does sound as though there is some unconscious obstacle to enjoying closeness with your wife, whom you obviously love very much.

Again, this frequently happens with married couples , who discover a difference in sexual preferences or desires or level of intensity, etc.

What is edgy or exciting to one may be frightening or alienating to the other, and so on. Were you aware of this before marriage? Is it possible that, as with many young men, sex was too important in earlier relationships, so that you consciously decided to put sexual attractiveness or compatibility on the backburner with this relationship? That too much emphasis on sex or something else about you might turn her off?

Do you compensate in the marriage with use of pornography or other self-satisfying methods? If so, what would happen if you took a break? Would sex with your wife become more viable or enticing? Did or do you struggle with sexual insecurities , as many people do but are reluctant to talk about , which makes sexuality difficult or anxiety-provoking, even emotionally dangerous? Was there guilt, possibly, over making sex a priority earlier on, or guilt or shame now about sexual enjoyment?

They may be ashamed of their sexual interests. Or they have developed a habit with porn this may not apply to you that they are ashamed of. Again, you are the one faking orgasm—so that, I surmise, your wife will not be disappointed or unhappy. I wonder, in other words, about your sexual pleasure and happiness, which from what I gather is not as important as the other factors that make you crazy about your gal. If so, why? Perhaps your pleasure would also make her happy.

Is it that she is initiating them? Is there something emotionally or symbolically uncomfortable about it? Some assertive people like to be more submissive or remain assertive in bed, and vice versa. Our choices come in so many different shapes and colors, choices that can mean very different things to a partner.

What is enticing to some may be threatening to others, which can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings if not looked at in an empathic way.

To my mind, the most important thing is finding a way to communicate some of this—after your own self-examination and reflection, probably—with your wife, to avoid build-up of resentment , anxiety , or other emotional distancing. I might also take a look to see if there are other habits or methods of self-care that create distance between you and her. You might even want to seek out a couples counselor to help with this; even a few sessions can be helpful in assisting the communication and compromises necessary in this area, as with so many others.

It sounds like you care about your wife very much, which I found touching. I can only imagine she will be equally touched by your sincere effort to maintain or even build upon your connection with her, as she obviously means a great deal to you. Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. How sad- this is usually the opposite with the wife not wanting to have sex, so to hear this from the male perspective is pretty eye opening.

Its the same with my wife, I would rather ejaculate to porn until the time comes when i do desire her, or someone els. Think about it. I could have written that letter… My wife is none of the things that make up my type: tall, athletic, blue eyed, etc.

I just saw the film Shallow Hal on TV and wished I could be hypnotized to see my wife as hot as others might…. Same here. Will I ever be able to go past this? Maybe you should seek The Light rather than accepting your fate in the darkness. Jesus Christ is the answer. God bless.

It sounds like you are living in darkness in the here and now! You are keeping her from finding someone who can love her completely and desire her the way she deserves. Have the two of you tried to sit down and talk this through? Couples have differences all the time in every department imaginable. I am sure that this is one that could be worked through if you both took the time and effort to work on it together.

So sad. Hi, Dana… I was reading comments and saw yours. I wanted to try to explain why I married my wife, despite not being all that into her physically. It was a bit like those ideas that seemed like the right move at first, but after the whirlwind of planning and seeing the happiness it brought to her and her family, I felt as if there was no turning back.

Before she proposed I would just cheat with girls that were curvy or filthy in bed. I thought I needed a good girl at home but wanted a freak in the sheets not the streets. I really messed up. I met my current relationship online. I fell for her before we physically met. Weve been together for ten years. I feel I have to explain this a little.

I am not now, nor have I ever been attracted to cellulite. I cant see it or touch it without the urge to gag. I had a best friend when I was younger,on an emotional level a boyfriend. I probably got along with him better than anyone in my life. He was amazing! I miss him. I have been in relationships where I am physically attracted… None of them compared to him. Sex lasts for at best 5 minutes, then its done, but an emotional affair can last a lifetime!

Sex is not everything and I understand that but how could you ever have real and lasting happiness with someone that you are not even physically attracted to? Sex is not the glue that holds a relationship together… but it sure can help at times!

Rowena, you are right; sex is not everything, unless you are not getting any! You say… why did they even get married? There are still some of us that wait to have sex after marriage and then find out they are not sexually compatible. Then What??? Three solutions: 1.

You cheat, 2. You stay, deal with it and be unhappy, or 3. You divorce. I agree, some of us do wait and I understand. I waited till I married my husband to sleep with him. It was good when we would make love but just not enough for me. He is a sweet, soft guy and I like it a little more on the wild side. I have tried to communicate this to him and he tries to do a little more; however, it scares him and makes him feel I may one day stray..

I love everything about him and would not leave him for anyone else; however, I do have to figure out how to fix our sex life. He is completely satisfied in the bedroom and has no complaints. Maybe your the problem!! I know that my wife loves me so much and I lover too. I have an affair with a nice man from Michigan and I also want to be with him.

I also want to be happy. I want to be with a man. Very nice to keep your wife and your friend together within one bed, with an enjoyed lifestyle. Lucky you-be happy. I know a couple who went through this. They stayed together and his wife is a huge LGBT activist. People get older, their bodies change, their preferences change, their physiologies change with hormonal cha gets occurring throughout your lifetime. If you believe in marriage and truly love each other you can overcome anything.

I also believe this is true for my friend whose husband is transgendered. To the gaining weight, she looks old, her hair turned gray, whatever guys, my husband went through this. I have had yo-yo weight problems over the course of our decades long relationship.

See my wife sex

See my wife sex