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I am not perfect okay, but I know how to treat and help my family. My wife is a stay at home mom and also a pessimistic lazy asshole. She constantly complains about her day no matter what. There is. Always something wrong.

Bitch about wife

Bitch about wife

Bitch about wife

Now I am paying for that. Strictly Come Dancing: Catherine Tyldesley becomes fifth contestant to be voted off ballroom show Bitch about wife Fireworks Mum 'could smell daughter's burning flesh' after gang threw firework at her. I work 50 hours a week and come home to a frat-house kitchen and constant complaining about how dirty our house is, how we don't have a hot tub, how we wkfe travel, etc etc etc. What the fuck is she doing all day. Wonderful--I have to say, Lesbien stickers you for reading these things so that we don't have to! I snickered again! Twerp Bitcg I!!! Jump to navigation.

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  • Husband gets obsessed with spanking girls after hitting wife with belt.
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Bitch about wife

Bitch about wife

Bitch about wife

Bitch about wife.


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Jump to navigation. What a title, eh? Sadly it isn't quite the full-on male chauvinist rant one might hope for: rather, Herter comes across as a cranky old geezer, possessed of numerous largely reactionary opinions which he unfortunately feels driven to express. One of the eternal follies of old age is the delusion that you have a duty to record your insights into the nature of humanity before you perish, overlooking the fact that they are already common currency in every bar or taxicab in the world.

In this respect, Herter is somewhat out of the common in that one might have to visit as many as three drinking establishments in a large town before finding his equal. On the evidence of this volume, in Herter's own marriage this difficulty may be intensified if at home he is as prone to enunciate his strong ideas - on such subjects as sex education good , birth control bad , psychiatry very bad , the national debt bad , God very good , opinion polls bad - as often and at such length as in the book.

As well as these fascinating byways, Herter stays on topic long enough to give us two whole chapters on the subject of marriage, in which we learn, for example, that:. A girl more intelligent than yourself that will not play the role of being equally or less intelligent than you is a loser for the long pull. In Asia or the East as it is sometimes referred to, women are for the most part brought up to be submissive to men.

Divorce is rare, I have talked to many of these women and in no case have found them unhappy with their lot. His chapter on how to prevent divorce also informs us that nuclear reactors are very dangerous, and that men should not wear long hair. It also supplies this insight:. I am for progress to a degree but as yet have not become used to automobiles. I still prefer horses, say nothing about travelling in space ships.

The book is capped off nicely with an example of a form popular with self-published authors, a political allegory which demonstrates how simply the world could be put to rights if only humanity would come to recognise the sheer common sense of the author's views. In Herter's story a war hero with the transparent name of Paul Neetriht becomes President and establishes a supposedly benevolent form of dictatorship, with low taxes, no foreign aid and an interesting approach to dissent:.

Paul quietly got the athiests and birth selectors out of public office and government control. No one was hurt, they were just gotten out and they knew better than to make a fuss. We are not given any indication of what Herter's wife might have thought about his writings, though I doubt she was flattered by its title.

Scribbled by Alfred Armstrong 10 years 6 months ago. Who said anything about harm? But it's not going to set the world alight, is it? Is that the best you can do? All that and you come up with "nice one"???? Nice one what? Would you are to at least try to add some substance to that limp and useless comment? Some small meager content for those of us out here in E-land who at least try to get some meaning for the meaninglessness of the internet population liek you who seem to think a few words meaningless words actually adds something to the vast nothingness?

Twit says you? Twerp say I!!! From my reading of the internet it is just electronic hokum. No one says anything new, had any real insight - they just repeat tired worn out phrases from every other not wit they have read. And they do it with anonymity far removed from any repercussions. At least I put my real name on my writing and was available in person fro anyone who wanted to call me out on anything I wrote.

Get yourself a vibrator. There are many women who don't seem to be able to snicker without some help Or like Anonymous and a brain With the thoughts you'd be thinkin' you could be another Lincoln, if you only had a brain. Do YOU really think this sort of thing makes some sense?

Because it doesn't. With comments like these, I'd hide behind a moniker like anonymous too You hurt my feelings you mean person I would do as you apparently would do - Run away!

Hide under the bed! Move out. But I'm afraid you would have already taken all the good places Far safer to live with the bitch What's not to love in that? Except perhaps yourself for wanting a slave and not a companion Alaha be praised! I thought you had moved on. Why are you still here annoying us with your incomprehensibly idiotic comments? Have you no decency? How an earth could any woman be unhappy when she has you to share her life with with, what with you being so generous, good-hearted and witty to boot?

If you had my book you wouldn't have this problem! Sorry there Anon, but being more retarded than Muslim men is simply no a physical possible. Because on the retarded scale there are no negative numbers that would allow American men to go any lower. Except maybe for you. Jeannie, whatever you or anyone else thinks of Herter, this book is a collection of unremarkable ramblings of little interest apart from its provocative title.

He comes across as something of a character, but being a character doesn't make you an author, sadly. It's not the worst book I've ever read, but if you look around the site you'll see that's a long way from being a compliment.

No, writing books and selling them makes one an author. Herter did that. He sold many books and built an empire.

Just because you don't agree with him doesn't make his books devoid of value. The NYT homage to him is proof of that. The guy started his business in the 30s. He smoked around his kids, threw trash out the car window, tossed his kids in the bed of a pick up, and drank from a garden hose. Guess what? Herter was often wrong but never in doubt. In a sanitized, PC world, his ludicrous rantings are to be savored.

I notice that those who preach celebrating diversity only do so when it doesn't collide with their own beliefs. In your own way you are just as narrow-minded as Herter, and just as dogmatic e. What "sanitized, PC world"? Have you been on that internet thing? And do you really think Herter's ramblings are other than unremarkable? This is nothing to do with his beliefs: if you look around this site you'll find plenty of examples of right-wing writing that are quite extraordinary, and I say so.

The Great and Powerful Alfred has spoken!!! WRONG he says!!! So there!!!! So let it be done! The all mighty has spoken. No more can be said. Alfred, where are your books?

Provocative titles not withstanding? Where are your remarkable ramblings? That's where. How abut you take another try at it me boy and see if you can actually say something this time? Thank God for that! There is still some hope then that she'll find someone else to make miserable and run off with him and destroy his life?

I sincerely hoe some. Any volunteers out there? What can't a woman be more like a man. Take a look between your legs and then between a man's and maybe you'll figure it out. What drugs are you taking? We really want to know? Kata: All that bitching and complaining and all she get's is a crummy little tee shirt???? Didn't I see that on a crummy little tee shirt somewhere? It's funny how nowadays everything that people dislike is somehow the responsibility of the government.

Governments do a lot of terrible things but they aren't behind every social ill.

Bitch about wife