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Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

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Seriously I hated her character in that film Apparently she'd been doing it for Wanna ride her time, but was able to get away with it because she was famous. The long hair highlights her age and her crazy eyes. Or are you talking about Mickey Rourke? Had I physically harmed someone or caused harm to a human yer, I think it would have been an Floor eye implant different experience. Back in the 90s, I literally bumped into Winona Ryder in Soho. Harrison described how when he when he first saw her, gide some celebrity function, she screamed Hollywood blonde bombshells her assistant to get some fucking ketchup for her fucking french fries. I'm Wanna ride her even gay. Winona hates Natalie with a fiery passion, and still feels ashamed that she was portrayed as "washed up ballerina" in her ballet movie. I feel like I shouldn't find that hot This thread should be read on a par with rive Personality Disorder thread. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. I saw her last night on Jimmy Fallon.

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  • He always seemed to bring out the worst in her.
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She noticed the light had changed; with a glance in his direction and a small smile on her lips, she moved the car forward. He often wondered if the heat that passed between them with one glance would also exist in the touch of her hand. It's disappointing to hear that she's such a bitch. I am truly saddened by his passing. She is uncertain over whether she is deluded or if there is a plot against her". His eyes darkened more just before he closed them; an almost imperceptible smile touched her lips as she watched him. Sounds like drug addict behaviour.

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her

Wanna ride her. Change picture

He never thought it was that serious, and eventually he broke up with her. For the next three weeks, she called his house more than times a day. You have no idea how that can drive you crazy. She'd leave these nasty messages, crying or yelling or threatening him. The only thing that finally got her to stop was when he threatened to call the police.

I started in this business when I was young, too, so I felt protective of her. I made a point to watch out for her on the set, making sure she always knew her lines and that everyone was treating her well.

But then one day, whenever I would try to talk to her on the set, she would walk away. A few days later, the producer called me into his office and told me that if I didn't leave the actress alone, they would have to replace me! I was absolutely speechless.

I found out that she had told them I was hitting on her and making her uncomfortable. I have hated her since that moment. For one reason or another, I was never able to cast her. I saw her at a restarant one night and went over to say hello. Usually actors are nice to me because they know that one day I'll get them a good part. But she acted like she didn't even know who I was. Some of her actor friends recognized me though and started talking to me.

The actress was so insulted that someone was taking the attention away from her that she threw a drink in my face! I almost died. Now whenever her name comes up during a casting session, I mention how evil she is, and they never bring her up again. I will do anything to make sure she does not get a good part. This was when we were both in our 20s and single, having the time of our lives.

I had just done a movie, and for the first time in my life, I had some money. I bought the two of us these matching butter-yellow leather jackets. I used to leave mine in the back of my Jeep, and one day, it disappeared.

I was really upset about it, but when I went to her place to whine, she just rolled her eyes. We ended up sort of growing apart, and a few months later, I ran into her while she was out with another friend. When I walked over to say hi, I immediately noticed that her new friend was wearing my jacket! I knew it was mine beause one of the sleeves had a weird rip in it from when I snagged it on something in my garage.

I called her the next day and accused her of taking the jacket, and SHE threatened to call the cops on ME. She's so nasty that I kept my mouth closed - I was afraid of what she mght do to me if I pursued it.

I think the shoplifting thing is so arrogant when you're rich. I'm sad to hear that Johnny Depp was involved. I guess we've all done dumb things when we were young and drunk, but he just never struck me as someone who would be so nasty. I love the one about her stealing her assistant's pain medication for some reason.

You know she must have pulled that one a hundred times or so. Why, R5 because you find him attractive? He is a prick for christ's sake. Knowing how truly awful and insane she is really helps me enjoy her performance in "The Crucible" though Hey at least it's something!

Actually I don't. He's way too greasy looking for my taste. He just doesn't seem to court the press like most celebrities do. I didn't realize he was so abusive to Kate Moss.

I knew they were disfuctional trashing hotel rooms, etc. Sounds like drug addict behaviour. Wonder if she's clean now? Directed by Daniel Petrie. Gemma is 13 years old lives with her grandpa in the country, she has for many years.

One day her mother shows up, and wants to take Gemma to the city. Her mother is married now, and can provide for Gemma. Gemma goes with her mother. In the city she gets to know Rory, an mentally disabled boy. They play together, imagining that they are married.

She actually sounds like a friend of mine I used to have. She thought everyone, everywhere was hitting on her, stole pain meds from a friend's terminally ill mother, stole shit from friends or stores. Would occasionally get drunk and thro things including beer mugs at people. And we believe these items because? I highly doubt that this is Winona if these items are true in the first place, these could fit any number of young actresses in Hollywood. OP has terrible taste.

And her career was on the downswing before the shoplifting arrest. Saying Lindsay Lohan was treated better by Hollywood makes no sense, either, since Lindsay's career is in worse shape now than Winona's has ever been in.

She was in all my favorite movies when I was growing up Heathers, Mermaids, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice , so I will always have a soft spot for her. Thank you for the blind item recap, r1. I find her a terribly limited actress, but in the right parts, she is incredibly effective. It's funny how people don't like her in period roles--those of what has gotten her two Oscar nominations and, currently, a SAG nomination.

Was it the shoplifting that kept her from working OR the problems that caused the shoplifting that were the problem?

I doubt a little stealing could really ruin a career. She was a youthful favorite. I was a fan for a short while when she was first starting out in Beetlejuice and Heathers. Her acting is flat and one note with a stilted delivery. This was again obvious to me when I watched her in the Star Trek reboot as Spock's mother. I guess J. Abrams had a crush on her too when he was younger.

She's not exactly going to rouse Barbara Stanwyck from the grave. But within her area of expertise, she was pretty close to perfect, and most performers can't say the same. She seemed really tentative and nervous in that Pippa something movie she did with Robin Wright. I think she has lost some of her confidence. My guess is that she'd already pissed off a lot of people, but she was popular with the public, so they had to put up with it.

Once the shoplifting thing broke, it gave studios the excuse they needed to dump her. If she'd been more well liked within the industry, they would have ignored the shoplifting entirely. I liked her open, vulnerable face. I liked her semi-ethnic look too. Maybe not the most exciting actress but more accessible than the plastic pop tarts of today. I think she has always had a drug problem I'd say her career is pretty much kaput.

Her forte was playing neurotic, twitchy teenage girls and that phase has long been over. She's not very convincing as any other type of character. I think she'll be doing cameo roles or minor supporting roles from now on, if that. I's a pretty revealing article: the interviewer obviously has no idea what to make of her, she just seems so unstable and immature.

R38, just this week received a group SAG nomination for "Black Swan" and an individual nomination for a television movie she did even though the reviews were lukewarm when it aired.

I saw her last night on Jimmy Fallon. I realized it's probably the first time I've ever seen her interviewed. She comes across as a bit odd.

I can't figure it out. I do think she is a good actress. It must be tough to go from 'it' girl to 'nobody wants to work with me. An actor gains confidence from working and getting praise and getting work offers. It's all about the attention. She just did a cameo in it. And the tv movie where she played the long-suffering wife of Bill W. It's not like she's been nominated for an Oscar. Her career is still stagnant. Well, I want to watch her as she gets older. I saw her in Pippa Lee and she was very good I've seen her do a good job in different films.

Could she be the next Meryl Streep? I don't know. From "Heathers" to "Girl Interrupted", from "The Age Of Innocence" to her guest appearance in "Friends", it was all about a girl who appeared to deal, but couldn't. It certainly wasn't because of her faux-turn-of-the-century accent The above bull crap is just that, bull crap. Unsubstantiated claims made by people who were most likely angry that Winona didn't do what they wanted her to do to make their careers better, or people who were obsessed with her, and found out that she wasn't into them.

You will note that not a SINGLE SOLITARY claim made by the above persons has a video to back it up, or a photo, or a corroborating witness of any consequence; they are all made by individuals who didn't get something they wanted from Winona, and who were likely some of the same trolls who dis Winona on other web sites because of her "outing" of Mel Gibson as if he was still in. Grow up you unbelievably immature dorks. That blind item refering to Brittany Muprhy is bogus. I saw them personally, hanging out, like chums.

I even saw pics of them in magazines walking around Melrose smiling and laughing, this was after Girl Interupted. So thats way off, They were good friends. So her career is a thing of the past, you dumbass. If all you can do really well is play weird teenage girls, then what do you do when you're in your twenties and thirties? When she did "Girl, Interrupted" she was playing a teenager and she was almost thirty.

She no longer can get leading roles in major movies. Her career is in the dumpster. The comparison to Kristin Stewart is beyond idiotic. Ryder gave you the full dimension of the character she was playing. Stewart always looks like she's holding in gas and can't wait for the scene to be over. But what can she really play now? I wouldn't buy her as anyone's wife or mother or as a cop or a lawyer; I'd buy her as a bar fly who maybe keeps applying for a job at the last record shop in town and never gets hired so sells friendship bracelets out of her van.

I give her that. Kristen Stewart is like a very bad high school drama club reject. She's in a whole other league of awful. But the comparison is apt in that Stewart is another IT girl who can only play twitchy teenage girls, and while that can get you by when you're 21 and conventionally attractive in Hollywood, it doesn't age well.

I thought she was so pretty when she was younger but the pictures from the Black Swan premiere showed she hasn't aged well. She looked a tad bit crazy and over weight. R58, I actually think Kristen Stewart place her one note well too. She was fine in The Runaways and Adventureland. I remember Square Dance!

It was a made for t. I just remember he kept wandering into different places and asking for tuna casserole. It was shit-tastic. I loved her in "Age of Innocence" wonderful how she becomes so controlling.

I also loved her " Little Women". I have to say I always liked her. That voice, that godawful voice. She still sounds like a kid. At least she doesn't lisp like so many of the young crop of actresses now.

I think she's gorgeous and it'd be nice if she made comeback, but people are delusional if they don't think her arrest has had a lasting impact on her career. The fact that she hasn't been able to pull a Robert Downey, Jr. The Oscar loss always seemed like a real big personal snub sort of like Eddie Murphy's She was the odds of favorite and had won the Golden Globe. Winona stunk up "Bram Stoker's Dracula" but good.

That would have been a better movie with another actress. To commemorate Winona Ryder's fortieth birthday, WonderWall did a piece about her love life. It began like this:. In fact, Winona has hooked up with most of the biggest names in music and movies. So in honor of her 40th birthday on Oct. Winona is Cher's little daughter is a woman at last.

Happy birthday to a great star - the Marilyn Monroe of Generation X. Oh he did them, alright. Bijou Phillips said she lost her virginity to him. And supposedly he also fucked Courtney Love. He's a hopeless druggie loser; he probably fucks anything.

That clip at R82 sums up Ryder's dilemma; she's playing an adult woman, but comes across as a nervy teenager. She looks like a teenager playing dress-up in that clip, a teenager dressed up in old clothes. When did Noni fuck around with Daniel Day-Lewis? On the set of that Scorsese movie? The title of which escapes me at the moment. The Scorsese movie was "The Age of Innocence. Add another name to that list at R Bono.

I wouldn't say she's aging better. She has a very strange look about her: she looks both old and young at the same time. I agree. There's something And she looks out of shape and slightly chubby, which makes her look matronly. I can see why she's not getting any parts. What kind of confirmation is there for that list? I had no clue about a lot of those names. I think it's more appropriate to compare her to other women in her age group.

Who gives a fuck about Matthew Perry? I definitely remember the rumors about Duchovney. He was quoted as saying "Winona is my friend and I adore her. She denied the Dodi Fayed rumors but there were others who said that they did date.

Fayed had a thing about actresses; he also dated Brooke Shields. Is she really 40? I am 40 and I remember seeing her in movies in the late 80s and I swear she was older than me back then early 20s? Winona basically stalked Paul Westerberg for a while.

She was always dropping his name in interviews and calling him her personal Jesus etc. I don't know whether she managed to have a fling with him. When a reporter asked Paul a few years back if Winona had ever stolen anything from him, Paul replied "Yeah, my time. I do think it's fair to mention that Winona probably wasn't half the slut the married Westerberg or the other men on R81's list were. Matthew Sweet wrote a nice song named after her on Girlfriend.

Maybe he was hoping to get lucky. Part 1 of 3. What's your dick size? If you have a small dick, she won't be interested. Unless you have some drugs. She'd probably be okay with a small dick if it came with drugs. She is uncertain over whether she is deluded or if there is a plot against her". They will never let them forget any transgressions no matter how tame or typical of youth. God forbid they enjoy sex because then they are forever WHORES who must have slept their way into every role they ever got.

Male celebs get away with tons more stuff and worse antics and are welcomed back with open arms. Poor babies. Tell me about it - I watch them fawn over that narcissistic prick Robert Downey jr and give Mickey Rooney the grand treatment, and yet Winona is still treated like she was one of the terrorists, even though her shoplifting occured that December, not September.

Back in the 90s, I literally bumped into Winona Ryder in Soho. She was with the guy from Soul Asylum. I didn't recognize her at first and just did what a normal person would do and said "Excuse me.

One, she had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen on a person, and I immediately decided that she must have had some treatment to get it like that. It was gorgeous but unnatural. Secondly, when she realized I recognized her, she immediately retracted her body and looked away. She reminded me of a scared animal. I walked away feeling sorry for her and thinking being famous must kind of suck.

Vanessa Paradis sort of kind of denied that VaJohnny was over, but the rumor that she's staying home with the chirruns while he's out there being a drunk slut is still around. What's that really serious prescription medication you are supposed to take for serious acne only?

I can't remember the name. I heard that a lot of celebs take it, because it gives you really beautiful skin. Skin like glass is how someone described it. Sorry, but I don't believe most of these - these are not the responses that normal people have to these kinds of situations. It's disappointing to hear that she's such a bitch. I had a huge crush on her - as did many a babydyke - throughout the '90s.

Harrison described how when he when he first saw her, at some celebrity function, she screamed at her assistant to get some fucking ketchup for her fucking french fries. He said she cursed like a sailor and smoked like a chimney. He was let down that she was such a crazy bitch, because he had been a fan.

Strongly implied Christian and Winona were fucking each other on and off for awhile. R, I was on Accutane for 5 months last year April-August and it really cleared up my acne.

I haven't had one major breakout since then, usually a whitehead here and there, but before I used to have cystic acne, which was painful and bloody.

The scarring has diminished also. As for the side effects, I've had a history of depression and suicide attempts, but the worst I got was chapped lips and dry skin. Had to invest in a lot of lip balm and moisturizer, but it was a small price to pay. I suppose it differs with everyone, but after dreading the long list of side effects which also included IBS , I consider myself lucky that all I had to endure was dryness. Agreed, R Can't believe she was nominated for an Oscar for that, and she was seen as the frontrunner after having won the Golden Globe no SAGs yet then and other critics awards.

Maybe she was a victim of anti-Semitism. People might have been making up cruel stories about her simply because she's a Jewess.

Nothing, right? Think again. They're both sometimes brown. The chance to sink her teeth into a meaty role is one Winona is obviously taking seriously - she was pictured carrying a book, Meth And Method, about the drug. Even it's probably total bullshit, that sounds more like the younger, more intense Angelina Jolie doing method acting her character hates Murphy's character.

She's obviously stayed out of the sun, which is Rule 1 to preserve one's complexion. Doesn't look like a heavy smoker, either, so yes, good genes must have played a role as well. It's not total bullshit. It was common knowledge in the 90's that Winona was the biggest cunt in Hollywood. She was livid when Angelina Jolie got all the accolades for Girl, Interrupted I worked at Sony at the time and heard quite a few stories about her tempter tantrums. I know she's had a few issues but I just can't believe this biggest cunt in Hollywood thing, she's always seemed like a sweetheart to me though probably a bit on the reserved side in public.

For one thing there's a video of Brittany and Winona getting into her Mercedes and having a kiss to mess with the paparazzi. They were obviously friends. That blind item just isn't believable anyway, as are just about all of them, no matter who they're really about. Nice try R but I'm not going to give away personal details about what I did at Sony. Besides, I heard she was a cunt before I worked at Sony. As I said, it's common knowledge.

Ryder made a lot of noise at Sony since she had a producer credit on GI and basically thought it was her vehicle for an Oscar and then Angie got all the praise. I kind of assumed the fact that after she was busted for shop lifting and her career totally up-ended that she wasn't very well liked in Hollywood and they used the stealing as an excuse to run her out of town.

I noticed not too many people really stood up for her or offered a second chance. She probably burned too many bridges. It also did't help that she never really transitioned to adult roles very well. Speaking of Kristen Stewart seems like an even more unlikable, less pretty, less talented Winona. I didn't expect any really personal info, just something like you were a receptionist in one of their offices.

I watched a biography on her recently and the talking heads people said after her felony convictions she couldn't get insured to work on films, that's why she had trouble getting work.

A couple of years later they reduced the felonies to misdemeanours and she started getting roles again, like in A Scanner Darkly. R What does that mean? If is the name of some other user, it's not me, this is the first time I've posted on this site.

I don't know really. The Daily Mail article describes her as a drug dealer, sidekick to a drug dealer what does that mean? They also describe the Rolls-Royce she's leaning against as "late model" so it shows what they know, what does that mean, a Phantom? It seems to be an early s Silver Spur II. Anyone who treats service staff the way she does is clearly painfully insecure and must be insufferable to be around. She's not so great an actress that 'artistic temperament' is any sort of excuse for being a cunty bitch just because you can get away with it.

Gen-Xers will continue to have nostalgia-boners for her 'til the end I guess. Her best work, in my opinion, is probably "Heathers". There's a smart-yet-naive sweetness that keeps her on the same level as the great turns by Slater, Milford and even Doherty in the film. She wasn't overshadowed as she was in her later work. But is that true? The stories in at the beginning of this thread sound so ridiculous, I can't believe anyone would go on like that.

This thread should be read on a par with the Personality Disorder thread. I feel for her. Such beautiful eyes, blessed with a distinct look but not enough talent to succeed outside her limited range. She does look like a deer caught in the headlights now. She looks terrified. R Alright don't tell me what you did at Sony if you really feel there's some risk of affecting your career but what were these stories you heard?

I've heard that Winona fucked everyone from here to China, Bradley Cooper, and back. Is she really such a nympho? Black Swan was so fucking meta. Winona playing an over the hill star jealous of the young upstart who has replaced her. Yes, R! The whole movie as unoriginal and dull as it was had a creepy ritualistic feel to it - real life vs the film story, overlapping with the ballerina's psychosis. It bothered me to see W. Ryder in that role for the reason you stated. Not pleasant.

She looked slightly nervous in R, but nothing out of the ordinary Which one of her exes coined "Wanna Rideher? All of her conquests started calling her that. I remember hearing that one a few years ago. I've always really liked Winona, though she clearly has issues. My impression is that Girl, Interrupted was a drama-filled set. I know that Angelina Jolie hated the director, James Mangold, and never thanked him in any of her acceptance speeches that awards season. She seems to have a rep for clashing with directors -- she reportedly hated Doug Liman too.

She did make much mention of all the other actresses, though, including Winona, and how great it was to work with all of them. Has Whoopi ever talked about her experience making the film? She seems like she would tell tales out of school! Ryder practically transcended in Black Swan, if her role was bigger, she would have gotten her third Oscar nomination. I've had a big crush on Winona for ages. I know she had issues but I just find it very hard to believe she's a "cunt".

She seems like such a sensitive, gentle, feminine woman. She and Johnny Depp were a match made in heaven; both of them nutjobs. I remember when it was all over the news that they were "engaged" and he got that stupid "Winona Forever" tattoo.

What an idiot! She's always seemed weird and twitchy and mentally ill. I guess she kept her slutty, weird behavior under wraps until she got nabbed for shoplifting. Apparently she'd been doing it for some time, but was able to get away with it because she was famous. She was in her element: playing a mentally ill teenager she was 27 at the time. I think she thought she'd get an Oscar nom for it. As it turned out Angelina Jolie stole the entire movie and won the Oscar; Ryder didn't even get nominated.

A lot of people thought her role in "Black Swan" was cruelty. She played a has-been ballerina replaced by a younger, prettier girl. That's where her career is now; she's a has been and has been replaced by younger, prettier actresses. Winona Ryder is SO eighties. It's not very good the way you equate mental illness with sluttiness.

Winona may have experienced mental illness but that doesn't mean she was some kind of lunatic. I think her nasty, nutty, insufferable behavior while she was on top eventually done her in. Same old story. As high as one can fly in life, it can ll vanish in an instant, and then without loyal friends, and admiring co-workers, where does that leave one? She came into a restaurant I managed in Manhattan and wanted us to set up the patio for her in the middle of Winter so she could smoke.

We refused. She was nice about it and even had the decency to seem a little embarrassed that she had asked. She seemed very shy and timid. Her vibe was sweet but definitely weird. I doubt she banked her money so god only knows how she'll get by for the rest of her life. What a load of unfounded bullshit from a bunch of uber-bitchy fags. Richard Kuklinski is not your typical cult figure.

The serial killer monetized his behavior by working for the Mob for two decades, and he died in at age Being a public sex object when you're still practically a child generally isn't a recipe for good mental health, viz. Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears et al.

I just can't believe all this "she was a cunt" stuff. She's had issues but she doesn't seem like she'd have it in her to behave really badly or be a diva. And my belief about the reason for her career hiatus following the shoplifting debacle which I think was down to being on heavy prescription drugs and possibly the local courts throwing the book at her to make an example of her was because her career was going downhill a it anyway, her last 4 films were Autumn in NY, Lost Souls, S1m0ne and Mr Deeds 3 of which were turkeys, 1 only made money because it was an Adam Sandler film and scandal certainly would't have done her career any favours.

I also read somewhere she couldn't get insurance for working on films due to her felony conviction. Plus she broke up with Matt Damon around this time So it's understandable she may have wanted to lay low for a while. Can you imagine her as Jackie O. Her agent was sent an early script and angrily said he wasn't showing it to her and they were not interested. The GG creative team was a bit stunned and confused and then realized that in that version of the script a teenaged Jackie is introduced in the film shopping at Saks.

Lindsay Lohan has done ten times worse shit and is far less talented, and people are still willing to give her a chance to come back. It's interesting how desensitized to "irregular" behavior we have become as a society in less than two decades. Maybe it was because Winona hadn't done anything wrong before and was thought to be a good girl.

With the likes of Lohan and Paris Hilton it's really not surprising. Actually, the shoplifting incident simply brought out into the open the fact that she was very mentally disturbed and had a drug problem. Before that she'd maintained an image as a well-adjusted, smart, "edgy", original young actress. There were plenty of rumors about her thievery and promiscuity, but the shit really hit the fan when she got nabbed for shoplifting; that really brought all of her serious problems out into the open.

I think it's more a case than Ryder had enough banked not to have to resort to fare as low rent as "The Canyons". Her slutty thing wouldn't have been a big deal except that it was extreme, even by Hollywood standards. Her druggy thing was also extreme but not by Hollywood standards. She didn't shoplift because she was high, she'd been doing it for donkey's years and not just from stores - from everyone around her. It's a very particular psychological profile.

It had nothing to do with breaking up with Matt Damon and his sweet, sweet ass. She and Damon split right after the Oscars in March , almost two years before the Saks arrest Dec Ryder had been a klepto long before Goop introduced her to Damon in Is it true she and Christian Bale slept together?

I am wondering why they weren't in a relationship - two disturbed kids, a match made in grungy heaven. Gasteyer had a bowl of jolly ranchers in her office and Ryder asked if she could have some. Rather than taking a few, Ryder took several fistfuls - she basically emptied the bowl. Ana Gasteyer tends to be a little full in the face, so Winona's taking all her candy worked out very well for her. She's gorgeous and smart.

I would love to see her do a quality TV series, something like Damages. I never thought she was a great beauty. Her eyes were good, but that was before they got that crazy look. She also has no guilt about the shoplifting. Apparently she thinks stealing isn't something to feel guilty about:.

Had I physically harmed someone or caused harm to a human being, I think it would have been an entirely different experience. I think she looks stunning here. I don't think her comment is stupid, R - Sad, but not stupid. I think she was quite young when she apparently said that could be misquoted as well and it's no worse than things Natalie Portman is supposed to have said.

Do smart young people never ever say something dumb? I don't think it's that dumb, I don't think she really meant she suddenly decided to get messed up though to an extent she kind of did anyway. Apparently she thinks stealing isn't something to feel guilty about".

She looks good in the pic at r but dare I say a bit heavy? She's very thin these days. I remember liking her when I was young, but I do not miss her presence on the big screen at all. I see her now as a fraud, and compulsive liar. I think she fooled a lot of people into thinking she was this down to earth girl, but her true personality came out as a spoiled brat.

If she was going to make a true come back, it would have happened by now, no one wants to work with her. Her Age of Innocence co-star Michelle Pfeiffer never worked with Scorsese again either, was she also cunty with him? And as for her and Tim Burton, well isn't the answer to that one obvious? Because she split up with Johnny Depp!

And Burton did eventually use her again in Frankenweenie. I'm glad Winona lost that weight. It looks weird on her, just wrong and sad, like Vegas Elvis. What she needs to do is to cut her hair it's too long and lose the crazy eyes meditation? Winona hates Natalie with a fiery passion, and still feels ashamed that she was portrayed as "washed up ballerina" in her ballet movie. She gets drunk several times a week, screaming "Why did I take that role?

I feel so humiliated" and stuff like that. Very disturbing, dark stuff. R - Jennifer Connelly does not look better skinny. I think Winiona looks good at either weight. Well, that's certainly a major distinction. She doesn't have "no guilt", she just doesn't have "tremendous guilt.

You can end up in a jail a very long time because of it. But I guess she thought she'd been doing it so long she was immune to prosecution. Face it; your little Winona is a kleptomaniac, a drug addict and a slut. R I'm not saying it's OK to steal, but she didn't get away with it and she certainly paid the price for it no pun intended At the end of the day, no one suffered except her.

The seriousness of theft depends on what it is, we're hardly talking about Robert Maxwell here. It wasn't just prescription drugs. She was found on the nod in her car with a needle sticking out her arm. You guys do remember that she was dating or least fucking Courtney Love for a while after she got Britney Muphey all strung out?

R No that didn't happen, what it was was a police spokesman said "We don't want to find her slumped over in a car with a needle in her arm. You must be very new here. She's been very equal opportunity, sexually. Like I said, you haven't been long on DL.

This is a gay board, if you recall. We discuss sexual behavior of celebs especially bi or gay ones. Because of that one time she kissed Brittany Murphy in her car of front of paparazzi? That was a joke! R OK, fair enough. I'm not gay either I know this is supposed to be a gay site but I find celebrity gossip threads entertaining. But back to the main point Connelly and Ryder look better thin! Ryder's main problem is the crazy eyes. How does one develop crazy eyes?

Winona's eyes were normal for most of her life, and now boom - crazy eyes! I don't get this crazy eyes thing, she's just got big ethereal and incredibly beautiful eyes, she always has had. And when you're on a red carpet with millions of cameras flashing, that's bound to make your eyes a bit funny. Winona has always had Crazy Eyes. Check 'em out in Lucas or Beetle juice. As somebody else said, when she was young they passed for soulful, but with each passing year the truth becomes more apparent.

I think Winona is on low-dose Accutane Low-dose is when you take like 10 mg twice a week instead of the 60 mg per day. Wish I could find a doctor who would give me low dose Accutane! What about her exploits with Christian Bale's Wife Sibi? Molly Ringwald has developed "crazy eyes" recently. I'm beginning to think that it's the constant flash from photographers. Good lord, Molly Ringwald is unattractive. Hard to remember her magical moment in the 80s when lots of young girls emulated her look and style.

R Why should we believe she's bi? What evidence is there? Anyone could make up and spread "rumours". Considering her hippy upbringing and the fact her career is much more low key now, if she was bi, wouldn't she have admitted it by now? I think we would already know that she's bisexual by now. Winona did have a serious relationship with Depp.

R Somewhat, she's admitted sorry R to having insomnia, anxiety attacks, depression, briefly staying in a psychiatric unit, being mistaken for a gay boy and beaten up at grade school due to having a short haircut and unusual clothes and being home-schooled afterwards, her unconventional upbringing including the years living in a hippie commune.

Also she spent time in San Francisco growing and still has a house there. All in all, she probably has no problem whatsoever with gay or bi people and neither do her family and after the shoplifting scandal, coming out as bi surely couldn't affect her career, so if she was or had ever experimented, she probably would have said something by now.

No, lots of people do not say anything re gay or bi. I think the younger set doesn't realize what it was like 20 yrs ago. But now times have changed and it's perfectly OK even career-enhancing but Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore and Amber Heard to say they're bi, but hippie commune girl Winona Ryder hasn't come out as bi? It's because she isn't. Winona had a weird run.

She was a nightmare, but she had a hippie childhood, has all sorts of mood disorder problems and may have borderline personality disorder. She was such a monster by the time she fell that she deserved what happened to her, but I'm glad she's been making a comeback of sorts these last few years.

Times have changed, but doesn't mean people who didn't talk about it before suddenly will. Some do, some do not. Here's a link to an older DL thread about Noni. R1 is the infamous slew of blind items that Cosmopolitan collected and published about her. And more than a decade on, it seems the Reality Bites actress still likes the look of the designer's clothes. Have those of you saying these actually witnessed any of this alleged terrible behaviour or is it just malicious gossip?

She just doesn't seem like she'd have in her. Sure, she's not perfect, had issues with anxiety, insomnia, prescription drugs, maybe she even was a geniune klepto, and she's probably had bust-ups with boyfriends and people close to her like most of us do, but has she really ever been bad in public or treated anyone she's worked with badly?

She's admitted she doesn't like giving autographs, but in my book that's not being a total bitch. I really would like to know if there's anything truth to all bad things people are saying this thread. I imagine no one here has actually witnessed the bad behavior that's been mentioned, some people who say they've worked in the movie industry claim say they heard all the gossip.

I want to know because I've had a crush on her for a long time, to me she's a truly beautiful person. I know she's not the best actress in the world and I know she's had issues - insomnia, depression, painkillers, been engaged 2 or 3 times, had many boyfriends I see her as more of a serial monogamist than a slut She's clearly quite a fragile person, I'm not sure how she is now.

But all these alleged raging bitch antics Could this woman really be capable of such behaviour? For example this R What were the stories? It's frustrating when people drop in something like this and can't bothered to elaborate. When we first ran a story about the star many people in the business secretly considered to be the biggest bitch in Hollywood, we couldn't imagine a meaner, more backstabbing woman.

But now we've come across an actress who makes the first Bitchy Girl seem fairly tame by comparison. This crazy leading lady cheats, steals, lies-and, of course, sleeps with other girls' boyfriends.

Listen in as the people who know her best spill their most shocking stories about how she used and abused them. It's no surprise none of them would reveal their names-Bitchy Girl loves to seek revenge, and she's damn good at it too. I'm a couple of years older than she is, and I imagined that I would organize her office, read scripts, take care of her life We would often hang out after work with all of my friends because she didn't have many.

This for some reason didn't seem that weird to me back then-I just chalked it up to its being hard to make genuine friends as an actor. Anyway, I was taking her with me to parties, and she was really fun. We were the same size, and we shared clothes. She sometimes didn't return mine, but she always made sure that I put hers back in her closet the next day.

And then, practically overnight, she started getting jealous of my life and being weird around my friends. She'd put me down in front of them-and she even told my best friend behind my back that I'd better lose 15 pounds or I'd never get a boyfriend! I totally flipped out when I heard that. I only weighed ! She started calling me in the middle of the night and accusing me of stealing her BlackBerry or flirting with a guy she liked.

Each time, I would calm her down, but she'd always call back a minute later, screaming about something else. Then she told my mother that I was bulimic.

It was a lie, but my mother was so worried that she almost staged an intervention. The day I quit was seriously the happiest day of my life. Not-So-Sweet Revenge Victim: An Actor She was my girlfriend for a few months, and we had some good times, but she's so insecure and needy that we kept breaking up and then getting back together.

Over and over, night after night Or so I thought. Whenever I went anywhere with my new girlfriend, [Bitchy Girl] would be there-drunk, carrying on, and causing a huge scene.

My new girlfriend's also an actress, and she started hearing from casting directors that [Bitchy Girl] was telling them that my girlfriend had a coke problem and warning them not to hire her for jobs. This wasn't true at all. Finally she got psycho on someone else and left us alone. But my new girlfriend thought that if I was able to have had a relationship with someone as crazy as [Bitchy Girl], then I must be crazy too, so she dumped me. At first everyone loved her-she's always be at the bar really late, singing, telling jokes, flirting, and leaving big tips for the staff.

She started having some wild parties in her room and other guests would complain, but we would make allowances for her because the staff liked her. Then things spun out of control-she got into a fight with another guest in the lobby and took a swing at her. She got so drunk that she fell down in the bar a few times, and then she threw a plate of scrambled eggs at a waitress because she said the waitress was looking. Double oops. As for the reason her career went on hiatus after the shoplifting scandal, I reckon it was probably somewhat self-imposed because understandably she may have wanted to lay low for a while after being under the spotlight like that, her career was going a downhill a little flops Autumn in NY and Lost Souls, a Razzie for Mr Deeds and also she once said she couldn't get insurance for films because of her felony convictor.

Must be hard up for work, as he abused her terribly on film. Surprised she allowed such horrific, misogynist, and physically demeaning violence; she a lowly, contemptible stooge there. Past that, the highway opened into four lanes. As they waited for the light to change, Ryan became aware of the music coming from the speakers around them He glanced at her, one eyebrow raised.

Taylor tossed a look his way, a vixen smile on her lips. Her moment of female satisfaction lasted just as long as it took for him to lean over the console, without breaking eye contact, and say, "Surely you know enough about me to realize that when I notice the sounds of pleasure coming from a woman, it's because I'm the one creating them. One inch. Just one inch, and she would be able to taste him A moan began to rise in her throat, and she quickly swallowed it.

Pulling back, her eyes flickered toward his lap, the thick ridge of his obviously hard cock at once shocking and thrilling her. He does feel it! She noticed the light had changed; with a glance in his direction and a small smile on her lips, she moved the car forward. At first. And then she reached out to the radio, turning the volume up until they were surrounded by the throbbing jazz beat and the escalating moans and sighs of pleasure.

Little by little, she accelerated, until talking was no longer an option. The music, the roar of the engine, the wind whipping through the small car Taylor liked to feel It was an erotic rush, a sensory overload. She looked over at Ryan; finding that he was watching her, she smiled, this time not the smile of a vixen, but of a woman who truly seemed to feel she was where she belonged at the moment, a woman completely at ease with everything around her.

They drove for a while, conversation forgotten, but the sexual energy continued to rise. Taylor had the fleeting thought that it had been a good idea to remove the tops and roll down the windows; she was sure spontaneous combustion could do some damage. Ryan reached out a hand to capture a strand of her hair as it whipped in the wind, and that, combined with the blatant lust in his eyes, was all it took.

Taylor slowed the car, turned off the highway onto a road leading to an out-of-the-way park that few people knew of. She loved coming here; the solitude gave her opportunity to catch up on her reading, and quiet to write her stories she seldom allowed others to read.

There was a small pond, some benches, many flowers no matter the time of year She pulled to a stop, at once setting the emergency break and shifting into park. She turned to Ryan as he turned to her; his lips found hers with no effort, as if they'd kissed a million times before Her hands cupped his face; his sunk deep into her thick mane of hair and fisted tightly. He slid his tongue over her lips, seeking entry. Taylor parted her lips willingly and immediately caught his tongue, sucking deeply.

His deep moan only encouraged her, and she pushed forward, kissing him harder, her tongue matching his stroke for stroke. Ryan bit her lower lip, causing her to cry out, then suckled it, easing the pain he'd caused.

Her palms slid down his chest, her nails raking his flesh through his shirt. Reaching his waist, she tugged, pulling the hem free, her hands slipping underneath to feel his hot skin. He moaned again as her small, soft hands caressed him, sliding over his stomach, up his ribs, her fingers spread to touch as much of him at once as possible. Taylor found his nipples, lightly flicking them with her fingernails before taking them between her fingertips, gently twisting and tugging.

Another groan rumbled inside Ryan; Taylor could feel it in his chest, beneath her palms. Pulling away from his kiss, she lowered her head, her tongue hot and wet on his nipple. He tensed, the pleasure almost more than he could take. No woman had ever loved his body the way this one was doing right now.

He was going to completely come unglued if he didn't regain control. He took her face between his palms, raising her lips to his once more. He nibbled, he licked, he sucked on her lower lip as his hand found the hem of her skirt and slid underneath, seeking the heat he knew he'd find. His cock stiffened more, if possible, the moment his fingers touched her inner thighs.

Damn, this woman was hot! Taylor squeezed her thighs together for a moment, trapping his hand, and then released, parting them, allowing him to reach further. He took advantage of her submission, finding the edge of her panties and sliding underneath. Molten lava. That was all Ryan's mind registered as his fingers sank into the hottest, wettest pussy he'd ever had the pleasure to touch.

He'd heard women moan, he'd heard them whimper, he'd made more than one scream aloud at the peak of pleasure, but never before had he heard one purr. Until now. There was no other way to describe the low, feminine sound coming from her; he wanted to make her do it again. Slowly, he pulled his fingers out, working them in a circle as he did, caressing every inch of her that he could touch.

Taylor purred louder, sucking his tongue between her lips as his fingers slid in and out, whimpering when he slid out completely, moaning softly when he found her clit, his thumb brushing over it several times. Grasping her lips between his forefinger and ring finger, the back of his hand toward her, he slid his middle finger through her wet folds, his knuckle relentless on her clit, thrumming it, lifting it, until her hips were thrusting uncontrollably and her purrs turned into growls low in her throat.

His lips left hers, trailing kisses over her jaw to her neck, licking the hollow just below her throat. He found her pulse with his tongue and sucked, absorbing the pounding beat as he slid his long, thick finger deep inside of her. He felt her tighten around his finger, heard her gasp softly, and knew she was about to come apart in his arms. Oh, she was so close! Taylor almost begged him not to stop, he only had to keep it up ten seconds more, and she would have what she instinctively knew would be the best orgasm of her life.

Knowing this Ryan's head came up, the expression on his face one of surprise mixed with desire, his eyes dark with lust and full of questions. Before he could ask, she looked deep into his eyes and lifted his hand to her lips, her tongue tasting the tip of his middle finger. She nibbled, then drew it deep into her mouth, tasting herself. Ryan froze, watching her, and Taylor took the opportunity to hurl her body forward, over the console onto his lap, wedging her knees on either side of his thighs as she straddled him.

Her skirt rode high on her legs, resting at the top of her thighs. She lowered her hips until she could feel the thick ridge of his cock against her pussy, his jeans and her panties the only barrier. As close as she was to the edge, it would take only a quick upward thrust, maybe two, of his hips to make her come.

She held no illusions; she knew Ryan was allowing her to take control of the situation, knew that if he wanted to, he could easily have the upper hand no matter their current position. His hands rested on her hips, his fingers caressing just above her ass. Taylor leaned forward, the tip of her tongue tracing the shell of his ear.

He moaned as the heat washed over him, moaning again when she took the lobe between her lips, teeth lightly grazing. She pressed her face to his neck, taking a moment to inhale his scent, knowing it would be with her forever. She slid her ass backwards, sitting on his knees as she kissed her way down his throat and chest, finding his nipples through the material of his shirt, lightly biting them.

Ryan hissed. Taylor smiled. Her hands slid under his shirt, caressing his stomach, his chest. Lower, to his belt She held him there, not moving, just feeling. It pulsed in her palm, hot and ready. She looked into his eyes and slowly He liked it slow Her soft hand was almost more than Ryan could stand, and he locked his jaw for control.

He steadily held her gaze and wondered how something so soft could be so firm and gentle at once. Her thumb rolled across the tip, spreading the wetness seeping from him. She released him long enough to bring her thumb to her tongue, tasting him. His eyes darkened more just before he closed them; an almost imperceptible smile touched her lips as she watched him. She grasped his cock again, squeezing the base gently, twisting her palm around him on the upstroke, and again on the way down.

Slowly, she increased the pressure and the pace, then added her other hand, locking her fingers together, encasing him in soft velvet. Moisture seeped from the tip, and Taylor used it to coat her palms, spreading it over and around him. She watched his face, stroking faster, harder, his breathing ragged. One hand slid lower, cupping his balls, squeezing gently, scraping the sensitive skin below with the tips of her nails. His hips thrust upward once, a moan erupted from deep in his chest, and his body tensed as an orgasm started from deep within His lashes lifted, his eyes glazed.

I wanted to see how far you would let me go before you retook control. She quickly climbed out and walked to the rear of the car, taking a moment to try and calm her racing hormones, not wanting him to know that she'd been every bit as close as he had been. Taylor didn't hear him get out of the car, didn't know he was behind her until he wrapped his arms around her, hauling her back against his chest.

His breath was hot against her ear, his voice low, determined. No more pretending, no more one-upping. The games are over.

She Wanna Ride Lyrics

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A vehicle or mode of transportation. Usually belongs to someone else. A sexual position when the female is on top and the male is prone on his back. A sexually desirable male from a female point of view. Let's use jesse's ride.

We had sex all night honey. You'll have to ride me now, i'm beat. Look at him sarah! He's a ride! To hump someone. To ride until dawn. She's a good ride ; she lets me come over, we have some wine, she lets me mount her at least twice a week. She bucks, I cum, we part. She doesn't insist that I sleep over. I love when my baby lets me ride him. His ride is just about the hottest car i've ever seen. I could ride her all night! Man, will you guys quit ridin' me!

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