Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade-Pin on western themed lampshades

This is a cute retro cowboy lampshade that we have in the kids farm guest room. Oh my goodness, that must be why I was drawn to it. I knew I had seen that material before. Now I love it even more! Weekend Cowgirl Cowgirl Loving Life!

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

I think that sheer white curtains fluttering lampsjade breeze, teamed with a gingham valence provides a stunning effect. January 24, at pm. This look is most appealing to younger girls Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade Dream twins an equestrian feel to the room. Return to top of page. I did this for my own children, and was very happy with the result. Mabel Times Two.

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Mica vintage lamp shades offer lampwhade unique look for your restoration project, and they are particularly ,ampshade for use in Silicone ear jewelry spaces. Go with too big of a vintage lamp shade and it can dwarf your lamp, while going too small can make your lamp look like a big fish in a little pond. Even if it's Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade to your taste, you can resell it for a profit. Save the pleats for uber-traditional spaces, as they can sometimes read as a bit stodgy. All rights reserved. Continue to 4 of 21 below. Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade to 17 of 21 below. Upcycling wine bottles as pendant lights isn't a new idea, but there's a reason people keep doing it. The word rodeo comes from Spain, traveling through Mexico into the United States, means to surround or go around and originally referred to seasonal roundups of cattle. Our softback vintage lampshades are available in several different sizes, fabrics, colors, and styles.

When I was growing up, I dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina.

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When I was growing up, I dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina. Not a dentist, like my father, or a homemaker, like my mother — and certainly not a writer, although I always loved to read. Judy Blume. Not a dentist like my father, or a home maker like my mother and certainly not a writer, although I always loved to read.

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Continue to 13 of 21 below. The cowboy era was from around to Regardless, if you decide to make your own, either will work, percolator or coffeepot. It's easier to put together than it looks and it's a great and fun way to go green at home. Among our favorite lamp shade materials is parchment.

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade. Вы находитесь здесь


39 Best 50's cowboy lamp shades images | Lamp shades, Shades, Western lamps

A cowgirl bedroom theme is simple to create, and the possibilities are endless. This design can easily be achieved through several different approaches. One by incorporating the look and feel of the old west with a rustic flare, or by creating an environment that lends itself to soft pastels, pastures, meadows, butterflies, flowers, and whimsical objects depicting a farm- like atmosphere.

Before beginning a cowgirl theme bedroom, it is a good idea to choose the bedding prior to the colour of paint and accessories that will be included. There are many horse and pony quilts, comforters and bedding sets available, in a wide variety of patterns. These colours work well in creating a pony pasture room. Another option is to purchase a solid comforter or quilt set, and add giant western pillows with sheets and shams in cowgirl prints. Cowgirl bedding is also available in earth tones, such as shades of brown and beige to darker rustic and rich tones which are perfect for a south-western feel.

Indigo blue or bright red can provide a bold look, and brings in a real cowgirl feel as they are both colours of standard bandanas.

Blue tones provide a denim look. You simply need to figure out the approach you would like to take, and build from there. I suggest bringing a pillow sham or the complete bedding set into the paint store with you when viewing samples. Once the walls are painted, a cowgirl, western, south-western or horse theme wallpaper border can be added. Other options include pony wall stencils, murals, or hand-painted pasture scenes with horses, barns, flowers, and a picket fence.

For those not wanting to paint, you can also purchase stick on wall decals or wallpaper murals. A creative idea is to paint or apply a purchased mural of an outdoor scene and add a wood frame with shutters around it to depict a window.

For this approach, think of subtle pinks, greens and lavenders. Fabric choices can include white lace, ginghams, checks, plaids, pink and white stripes, soft green meadows tones, with sweet little ponies.

This look is most appealing to younger girls and incorporates an equestrian feel to the room. Use the colour of the bedding for inspiration for wall paint. A great way to add artwork is by browsing through pictures of horses, farms and ponies in pastures online and in magazines. Another option, is to simply print photos found online, and purchase simple frames to put them in.

I did this for my own children, and was very happy with the result. I used photos from www. Again, here is another fun way to include your child in the design process. If they are looking for ponies, rolling meadows or equestrian events, simply type this in, and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Vector images are great for cartoon type characters, such as simply drawn ponies.

If you are handy with Adobe Photoshop or a similar program, you can change colours in the images, add text such as their name or inspiring quote , or put a collage together using several photos. I usually purchase the frames from Ikea, and often paint the frames to match a colour in the bedding or image. Paint by number kits readily available, and are another fun option that allows your child to be directly involved in the design process.

Get creative with championship ribbons. Incorporate a white picket fence with flowers and butterflies. A picket fence really compliments the pony pasture theme, creating a country inspired look to the room.

There are several options available in creating a picket fence. You can use real fence posts painted white, hand paint a picket fence onto the wall, or apply a WALLIES pre-pasted, vinyl cut-out of a fence. Real fence posts can be painted white, and attached section by section to the wall. A soft rose colour wall paint goes beautifully behind the fence section with a soft yellow or neutral colour above. Large paper flowers can be wound around the posts. Faux-painted grass, butterflies and ladybugs can then be painted randomly.

It creates a very whimsical and soft look to the room. Classic white furniture looks wonderful with this theme. You can decoupage ponies, horseshoes, and cowgirl hats onto a dresser — or border around a mirror. Try hand painting a dresser letting the fabrics, artwork and bedding inspire you. Log or wood furniture can be a perfect addition. A carpet in a soft grass green colour or rosy pink that compliments the walls and bedding is a nice touch. You can purchase pony curtains and holdbacks.

I think that sheer white curtains fluttering the breeze, teamed with a gingham valence provides a stunning effect. Create a barn feel with wood grain or log wallpaper to create the look and feel of a stable. Paint the closet to look like a barn door. Add old saddles, real horse tackle, and other equestrian related objects throughout the room. Use decorative accents such as horse themed clocks, novelty pony or horseshoe drawer knobs and pulls, models of horses, little cowgirl boots and horseshoes hanging on the wall.

Add hats, spurs and bandanas to shelves. Bookends can be made from cowboy boots. Paisley Ponies Bedding. Purple Heart Pony Western Bedding. Rustic Cowgirl Western Design 1. For a south-western rustic approach, purchase or paint a wall mural of a western scene with wild horses.

Create a western feel through the use of western, south-western, Native American, or Navaho area rugs. Use western blankets and throws over a chair or bed. Use two western blankets or throws, and convert them into curtains. Another option is standard wood furniture, in a natural stain or white.

You can purchase twisted wire or western drawer pulls to dress it up. Search for rustic, rugged unpainted wood basics for bedroom furniture, and apply a simple varnish or stain.

Use a rustic country shelf as a wall accent. You can purchase wooden shelves at crafts stores. The shelf can be painted in a coordinating colour to the room. Lightly sand edges to create a worn rugged look. Replace light switch covers with western style covers, in cow or horse prints. Find western scenes, cowboys, horses, in magazines and books. They can be cut out and framed and hung on the walls, or clustered in small groups on dressers.

Think wild horses, old worn out saddles, teepees, horseshoes, and old west and rodeo scenes. Include horse tackle, riding equipment, an old leather riding helmet and riding crop, boots with spurs etc. Some accessories to consider: vintage western boxes, western clocks, cowboy and cowgirl light switch covers, rustic hardware, rustic mirrors, western and rustic lighting, rustic throw rugs, a lasso, saddles, spurs, vintage or rustic picture frames, old guitars, sheriff badges, lanterns, cowgirl hats, faux animal hide.

Take an old lamp, and apply rope to the base, keeping rope well away from light source, and add a bandana fabric lampshade in blue or red. Apply glue, and glue a twisted rope onto the lettering. Giddy Up Quilted Bedding Collection. Cowgirl Theme Bedrooms: Design Ideas. How to Create Cowgirl Theme Bedrooms. JoJo Cowgirl Collection. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade

Vintage cowgirl photo lampshade