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I find any sort of physical discipline to be inexcusable. I've always said I will not raise my children the same way my father did. I was 3 or 4 when my family and I were eating dinner, we were all in a pretty good mood eating a pretty standard dinner. I decided to make an astronomical mistake when my dad suggested that I start eating my broccoli otherwise I would not be allowed to leave the table until all of it was gone. I replied to him saying, "mom's broccoli sucks!

Spanking at home stories

Spanking at home stories

Spanking at home stories

December 7th, I cannot imagine. I am Spanking at home stories not Spwnking when she Spajking finished spanking but Hairy hoes loss says that I have to stop because it is school time and that I will have to finish them during the next meal time. I bent towards the TV and gave the politician in question a huge two-fingered salute. She had buckled down, studied hard, and was sure that she had done well on the tests. I don't even wanna hear it! If she had a choice, she would rather have his bare hand. May you one day let all of this go and truly move forward, dear girl. The rules say that when you change out of your school clothes, you are supposed to hang Bucharest shemale blouses ands skirts up, place your socks in the hamper and put your shoes under your bed. Holding his bear-paw of a hand, she Spanking at home stories his long fingers to gain access to his palm.

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Just send me an email. Sherry dressed carefully for the party that night. It was for this reason that we regularly seemed to find some trouble to get into. Someone once called her the Clit nipple pump brat in the world. This story has stkries to do with the other Alice stories. Well I didn't have enough money and I just thought I'd storiez some from my someone. He then added that I could expect to drop my panties for The simple bare necessities strap right up until I was twenty-one; and even beyond that, if I was still living homr home! Why don't you go to the kitchen and bring back a chair. Got it from an old board way back when. However, the punishment turned out well because a class mate of mine, Jo, Spanking at home stories also stripped and she was punished at the same time. I had talked with Cherly ta few times when I went Spanking at home stories to my Mom's work. With a deep breath she got out of the car and walked to the door and entered.

During that strange interlude between finishing my Highers, as A Levels are called in Scotland, and going to university, I answered an ad for a house cleaner in the community newspaper.

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Content note: This article contains descriptions of domestic violence and traumatic assault. When my ex-spouse and I were dating, we had the the usual getting-to-know-each-other talks — with a deeper dimension, since we had known each other as kids and had reconnected as adults. As we delved deeply into our personal histories, each providing individual perspectives on our shared childhoods, she said something that would forever change the context of my life:. My dad was clean and sober, stern but loving, the very model of a Baptist preacher.

He never raised a hand to my mother, and he certainly, it seemed obvious to me, did not beat his kids. The distinction seemed so obvious and significant when I was young, but as an adult I find it impossible to explain. Parent-child violence in one context was clearly abuse, while parent-child violence in another context was clearly discipline.

One was unconscionable, the other justified, even morally mandated. One was hate, and the other, love. My parents both believed in spanking. When my father spanked, it was in anger. It was an ordeal of indeterminate length, often with my two brothers and me shut up in a room, my father spanking the three of us in turn, ranting and raving between rounds of furious swats. It continued for however long he felt like it.

They were a blur of terror and pain. And so, in my early thirties, I found myself explaining the trauma of that frequent ordeal to my partner, without situating myself as an abuse survivor, because to admit that was unthinkable. When that partner who grew up in the same community and was no stranger to its values and practices helped lead me to the courage to name my abuse for what it was, it felt gruesomely freeing, releasing decades of lies and denial in a tear-filled flood.

It also seemed witheringly obvious. In what possible world could this behavior toward a child, toward any loved one, be anything other than grievous mistreatment? And yet, my family lived in such a world. Once, when the older of my brothers and I were adults, still living at home, a petty argument escalated until he assaulted me, utilizing his military training to inflict maximum pain and terror while avoiding serious injury.

We were not alone. My mother watched, ignoring my pleas for help, later stating that she thought I needed the beating as a lesson in controlling my temper. When I tried to tell my father what had happened, he lectured me on respecting my mother and chided me for using profanity in expressing my anger.

He had bullied me in minor ways throughout our childhood. Sometimes, Dad would be furious with him, even standing between us protectively, daring my brother to fight him instead. The violence he had enacted in our home was passed on to him from his father, and he had passed it on to his son in turn. Remember, as I was beaten by my brother, my mother watched and considered it a valuable teaching tool.

Pippi Longstocking author Astrid Lindgren once told this anecdote :. But one day when her son was 4 or 5, he did something that she felt warranted a spanking — the first in his life. And she told him he would have to go outside and find a switch for her to hit him with.

The boy was gone a long time. And when he came back in, he was crying. The mother took the boy onto her lap, and they both cried. Then she laid the rock on a shelf in the kitchen to remind herself forever: never violence. And that is something I think everyone should keep in mind. Because violence begins in the nursery, one can raise children into violence.

My parents certainly raised my brother into violence. They may have seemed disapproving of his bullying, but in the end, his abuse of me was entirely, explicitly sanctioned by them and their values. In fact, it was identical in nature to their own abuse of me and of him. In truth, the seed of that violence germinates in me as well. Every time I feel silenced or shut down, the trapped panic sets in — the panic of a girl whose feelings were never allowed a fair hearing.

Every day, as a parent, as a friend, as a lover, I struggle to avoid becoming the raging beast of my father or the cold spectre of my mother. Every day, I try to live in open-hearted empathy. Some days, I fail. Others, I succeed. I survived a household of religious violence by looking it in the eye. Its heat and hurt will probably always be with me.

It is not possible to fail to teach children. They will always, always learn their lessons well. I certainly did. All I can do is to work, day by day, to set those lessons aside and teach my own child different ones. The child has a serious expression. You must be logged in to post a comment. Mental Health. Share with your friends. Share your thoughts Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Get Involved: Join the Community! Get Email Updates Contact Us.

Phi Kappa Psi was one of the most exclusive sororities on campus. Latest from OTD memories. Watching Susy Ch. It was for this reason that we regularly seemed to find some trouble to get into. Simply being a member was to be in the limelight of the college. Sean did not foresee the consequences of being caught when he feigned sickness while his sweet and supportive wife cared for him: she completed his farm chores, made dinner for all including a houseguest and cleaned up afterwards. It was autumn and so both wore dresses with hems down to their

Spanking at home stories

Spanking at home stories

Spanking at home stories

Spanking at home stories. Top Authors


How I Survived a Spanking Household

The following series is an original non-fiction story that spans 33 pages of single-spaced sentences. It will be divided into 10 parts. At each stage the author writes according to the age she is at.

Tonight is bath night. Mom sends Abby and I to take our baths and we hurry to obey. We love taking baths together and we have fun together. I love getting in the warm water because it feels so good on my sore feet and bottom from all the spankings. We get in and start playing. We brought our Barbies in with us because we love playing with them in the tub.

Abby has a special Barbie that has a bathing suit that changes color when you put it in the water. We are having so much fun that we lose track of time. All of a sudden we hear stomping down the hall way and we know that Mom is coming to get us. I am terrified because I know we are in big trouble. We have still not washed our hair yet. Mom storms into the bathroom with the belt and screams at us why we are not out yet.

When she is finally finished spanking she tells us to drain the water. I try not to cry because I know that this means we will be getting an ice cold bath. When the water finishes draining she starts running all cold water then stomps out of the bathroom to go get ice from the kitchen. She fills up the tub with ice and tells us that we have 10 minutes to get all washed and rinsed and that she will come check to make sure we did it right.

We hurry as best as we can to wash and rinse our hair in the freezing water and then wait for Mom. We are so cold. I cannot make my teeth stop chattering. Mom walks back in and starts checking our hair. She starts screaming that we did not rinse it properly and pulls us down under the water by our hair and holds us there while she rinses it correctly. She says that we have ten minutes to be dried off and dressed, with the bathroom cleaned up and our towels hung in their place, or we are in more trouble.

She finally leaves the bathroom but says that we are not allowed to close the door because we took too long.

I hold my towel for Abby so she can get dressed without anybody seeing her naked and then she holds her towel for me. We clean the bathroom as fast as we can and get done right before the timer goes off. Mom still gives us more spankings and tells us that we get cold water baths for a week because we took too long in the tub. It is now after lunch and all of us are doing our school work at the kitchen table.

I am trying to concentrate on my work but Mom is mad again and stomping all over the house. I am worried that she will find something else to make her even more mad. She is stomping down the hallway now and I hear her stop at the hall bathroom. I groan because I know that she has found something. I know we are in trouble. She stomps to the kitchen and says that we all have a five page paper because she found the bathroom light on again. I ask her if we can go clean it up and she says no because we are in the middle of school time.

We cannot go clean it up until our lunch break. Before lunch break she passes the bathroom ten times. Nobody got their chores done before the timer went off and we are all lined up outside her door for our turn to get spankings. I go in for my turn and she tells me to pull down my pants. I start counting to try to help keep my mind off the pain. I think she is at sixty right now. I think I may have lost count.

She finally stops at one hundred and I can no longer feel my bottom. I get out of her room as fast as I can and go to finish my chores. I am still not done when she is finished spanking but she says that I have to stop because it is school time and that I will have to finish them during the next meal time. Mom and Dad are in a fight. They are screaming at each other and I am scared. I run and hide under my bed to try to get as far away as I can.

I hear Mom scream that she is leaving and never coming back. She says this all the time and she never does. I hear her stomp out of the house and I pray that she never comes home.

I can make up my stories and I know that Dad will not bother me. I pretend that I am a princess and that I am in hiding because someone is trying to kill me. Mom is still not home and it is dark outside now. I think of another story. Now I am Mary again but I have been kidnapped. The man that kidnapped me is evil and he rapes me. I am scared of him but I know that Dad is going to come save me because he has to save his daughter.

When he saves me then I will know that he loves me. Mom and Dad said that I am not getting her back this time. I am fourteen and they say I am a baby to still love a baby doll so much. She is mine and I sleep with her every night when I have her. She catches almost all of my tears. I hear Mom tell John to go get some wood and make a pile in the backyard garden.

After a few minutes Mom yells for us all to go outside in the backyard. Mom and Dad say that they are going to burn some of our things. Dad has started a bonfire and we have to sit there. The lunch box my Uncle Tommy gave me and it has my name sewn on it. The art kit Grammy gave me. I watch as Dad puts my art kit and lunch box on the fire.

I watch in horror next as Dad takes Rita and walks toward the fire. He puts her on and Mom tells me I have to watch as she burns. I cannot make myself look away. I am frozen. Hope is sobbing on the other side and Mom is screaming at her to shut up. She looks at me waiting for me to cry. My heart is broken and torn. I hurt deeper than I ever have before. Mom looks very satisfied at what she has done. Mom yells at us to go back inside and get back to work.

I am in a trance. I lay in the dark and cannot sleep. My mind finally starts to work and I know that I hate them. I hate Mom and Dad and I want to them dead. The tears come and I cannot stop them. I do not go sleep for hours but I just keep crying. I finally cry myself to sleep.

The next morning I wake up and I know that I will never let Mom or Dad see me cry about this or anything else in my life.

I surely hope that if there were younger children still in this home that they have been removed. I could not finish reading this. God bless you. I pray you find a way to forgive your mentally ill parents. Forgive but never allow them close to you again. I pray for healing in your heart. May you one day let all of this go and truly move forward, dear girl.

God bless you and all of your siblings. I can understand this pain on a deep level; but I did not have to watch my dolls be burned.

Spanking at home stories

Spanking at home stories