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Hey, who doesn't love cleavage? We certainly do. However there's a time and a place to show off the goods, and the following ten people might want to rethink their attire in certain situations. Read on and decide for yourself if these ladies should have concealed or revealed! Yet anyone who has read Meghan's blogs or books knows that she tends to be very liberal about certain issues.

Slutty cleavage

Slutty cleavage

Slutty cleavage

By Slutty cleavage Started October 9. What do I know I have size A cup lol but I do find myself attracted to Sluttty breasts lol meaning. How do I know how much cleavage is too much and makes me look slutty and not sexy? Learn more. Why dating a friend was a lot more surprising than I thought it would be.

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Tied Slut. The phrase, "We have more to offer" is written in German underneath. Published by drippingwetbby. More Slutty cleavage. Amateur Milf. Real-life cum slut sucking and swallowing. Puta con tetas grandes!! Thanks to the power of the internet, however, Sexy experienced can watch it here:. Please tell me the name of the movie. Malavika Mohanan mouthwatering cleavage 40 sec Saifkhan - 1. Bodywriting Sluts. By admin Also posted in amateurassbabebabesbeachbeautybig titsbikiniblogBlogrollblogsboobiesboobsbootybreastsbuttscandidcoedfemaleflashinggirlshot Slutty cleavage, hottieslatinalegsmodelRenee skyler breast cancerphotophotoblogphotobucketphotospicssexyswimsuittangateentetasthongwomanwomen Comments 0. The producers of Sesame Street yielded to the public outcry and decided not to air the clip on the show. More Girls Chat with x Hamster Live girls now!

And there are things that are made for skinny people—like a lot of embroidery, or it covers a lot—and those make me look fat.

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Hey, who doesn't love cleavage? We certainly do. However there's a time and a place to show off the goods, and the following ten people might want to rethink their attire in certain situations. Read on and decide for yourself if these ladies should have concealed or revealed! Yet anyone who has read Meghan's blogs or books knows that she tends to be very liberal about certain issues. Still, when she showed off her enviable cleavage to her , Twitter followers in , she was shocked when the photo circulated around the internet and she was called everything from "slut" to a disgrace to the Republican party.

Instantly outraged, McCain threatened to leave Twitter over the media melee, but eventually she decided to simply acknowledge that posting the photo was not her smartest moment, and move on. In the video Katy and Elmo sang and danced in typical Sesame fashion, but it wasn't Katy's singing skills that ended up drawing the ire of outraged fans, it was her outfit.

The producers of Sesame Street yielded to the public outcry and decided not to air the clip on the show. When Florida mother Laura Campanello arrived to pick up her teenage son from school she became irate after spotting a woman with exposed cleavage. In fact, after Campanello and the woman had a heated argument over whether the woman's low-cut blouse was appropriate attire for a school, she took matters into her own hands -- literally.

Campanello reportedly reached into the other woman's shirt, pulled out her breasts and squeezed them together. The police were called and Campanello was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. At a wedding, it's customary for guests and family members to dress conservatively so as not to upstage the bride. This rule is definitely in play at a British royal wedding, yet when Lord Freddie Windsor and Sophie Winkleman were married in , all eyes were not on the lovely lady-to-be, but on the groom's mother instead.

Princess Michael of Kent was determined not to be out-shined by her new daughter-in-law. She turned up at the wedding in a low-cut gown with her royal jubblies on display, causing a collective raising of the eyebrows amongst her people. For years Clinton had been in the public eye, and she seldom deviated from her ultra-conservative pant suits and chaste evening gowns.

Yet here she stood, wearing a V-necked tank top under a pink blazer Though hardly scandalous, this peek at Clinton's feminine assets was as well-noted as it was fleeting; she has never displayed even a hint of cleavage in the Senate since. Every year the Soulard Oktoberfest in St. Louis, MO, draws thousands of revelers who come for the German music, games, food, and beer.

The photos had previously been approved by the Metro advertising company until suddenly a "nameless, faceless bureaucrat" interfered and put the kibosh on displaying the busty photos throughout the city. Avenue Q is a subversive musical in which all but three of the characters are puppets. One character is called Lucy the Slut, and it was Lucy's pink, fuzzy ta-tas that lead a Colorado Springs, CO, advertising company to publicly reject a series of posters designed to promote the traveling version of Avenue Q.

Just this month, beautiful actress Salma Hayek showed up at the 10th anniversary of Nickelodeon's Dora The Explorer wearing a plunging low-cut black dress. As she read to the children gathered around her, she repeatedly leaned over to speak with them, showing off her fabulous rack in the process.

Some said she showed a bit too much skin to all of those preschoolers, but quite frankly In the picture above appeared on more than billboards; the photo shows both of the powerful women with their cleavage on full display. The phrase, "We have more to offer" is written in German underneath. Candidate Vera Lengsfeld was behind the ad campaign. Chancellor Merkel, who had been criticized by the media previously in for the same photo used in this campaign, did not approve the use of her image and said the billboards were "embarrassing," and "shameful.

The shiny blue ruffled top did show a healthy amount of skin, causing the media to poke fun at Drury by implying that even anchorwomen were being negatively-impacted by the textile shortage. Reportedly, the big wigs at CNBC asked that Drury ditch the low necklines and she now dresses conservatively on the air.

No word yet on whether her ratings have dropped exponentially. Skip to content. Source Photo. Thanks to the power of the internet, however, you can watch it here:. Instead of Lucy's lovely lady lumps, promoters opted to show the face of another puppet instead.

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Slutty cleavage

Slutty cleavage

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I guess it depends on how much cleavage, what kind of event will there be a lot of kids present , age of the person, etc. A lot of variables. I'd say it can go either way. I think it depends on your motive for dressing that way. If people stare at you either way you forfeit your right to complain, if you are showing cleavage.

At a PTA meeting, probably a bit slutty. At an adults-only cocktail party I would expect most folks will know when they look in the mirror if they are projecting no pun intended the image they want! I am talking about on a cruise during the evening I've also recently lost some weight I still have a ways to go being where I want to be, but I guess I "feel good" about the weight that I have lost and I want to "dress differently" than what has always been "safe" for me.

Here is another shot at a different angle for the white dress I also have the same dress in a deep pink, black and a forest green color I have really large breasts F cup and no matter what I wear with any sort of neckline the cleavage is on show. I don't give a monkeys what anyone else thinks!

Let's face it no one really knows us on these ships and we are unlikely to ever meet them again so go for it! I think the white dress is fine, but then I have similar dresses so I guess that makes sense : I don't understand why people have such hang ups regarding showing skin.

Both dresses you posted are not at all slutty and you should enjoy your weight loss and wear them with confidence! Also, while people may say it is too much skin for their taste, that does not necessarily mean that it's offensive to them, does that make sense? Everybody has different comfort levels. I recently lost some weight also Thank you all There is another reason, or was when I first asked the question, not really sure I care anymore, but then again I am on such an emotional roller coaster right now it's hard to know what I care about right now.

There is a man that will be on the same cruise with whom I have shared quite a bit of "time" with. He is going on the cruise with 2 of his best friends who just happen to be female. As a surprise for him, I booked the same cruise I had been watching it for at least a month before he mentioned it I don't "do" holidays well since I am alone and this is during the thanksgiving holidays Then I ended up telling him about the cruise, and the surprise was on me.

He told me he was going to invite me to go with him and his 2 friends but then his ex wife she is friends with one of the other women and him and her are still friends since they were together 29 years So needless to say, the man that I care for will be on the cruise with his ex wife When I told him he needed to tell her he said no, that he doesn't want to listen to her b So I was thinking that no matter where I went on the ship, I was going to be "dressed" and if he sees other men looking then just maybe it will make him realize just what he let slip thu his fingers Thank you Zoey I am only 53 54 in Dec I'm not dead nor "old".

I'm not comfortable showing my little cleavage, but thats what I did for our recent cruise where we renewed our vows. Did it for hubby and he loved it, didn't care what others thought, I'll never see them again anyway, LOL.

I've never been one to "show off" either, but as you said You will never see these people again and if you should, who knows, maybe they will remember you. Haha, I love your way of thinking. As I said, I think the dresses are great. And if you feel confident in them, you will enjoy yourself, that will show and people will want to be around you.

Congratulations on your weight loss. I know exactly how you feel as I have recently lost over 40 pounds and feel great and LOVE trying on new clothes that my previous body wouldn't look good in.

High weight or low weight, there comes a time in a womans life when the 'ship has sailed' on certain styles of clothing and I think that may be the case with the white long dress.

Those skinny straps are for the young crowds with the perky breasts and no amount of spanx or push up bras will make someone of our age I'm around 50 too look good. Choose clothing that is elegant, sophisticated and classy that will make us look amazing!! A flowing gown that criss-crosses over the bust, slightly gathered, will be very elegant and give a tiny 'peak' of cleavage that is appropriate. Another option is a cowl or scoop neck that isn't TOO low. Spaghetti straps are not for our age group, or our size of chest and it would be difficult to find a push up bra that wont make our cleavage look 'puff' and 'squished' I am not trying to burst your bubble,honestly, but I don't want you to go on this cruise looking 'desperate' or having people shaking their heads at you.

The best revenge for Mr. Boyfriend is to look amazing, sophisticated and understated First off No overstepping at all That's what I don't want is to look desperate and have any woman talking about me or shaking their head but especially his 2 friends that knows that I am going to be on the cruise.

When or if they ask him to "point me out" I don't want them to ask him what in the h were you thinking I would rather them say I have lost about 20 pounds for a total at last weighing of 25 and about 15 inches total of 20 inches overall since these pictures were taken and hoping to lose at least another 15 pounds before the cruise. I need to come up with some way of wearing the 4 dresses that I have the cream colored and 3 more I am also a large busted woman and of that age where you want to dress age appropriate.

Like a lot of women I am not very comfortable showing much clevage and if you can see some from the front , think about what the waiters, etc will see from above you, so just keep that in mind. And as for the man you mentioned , he is already traveling with two women , don't wait around for him to notice you , Girl you go on this cruise and have a wonderful time , meet people enjoy your cruise. You lose your right to complain when you show cleavage.

There are a lot of variables into whether or not you should show cleavage. By LauraS Started October 9. By LauraS Started February Search In. Sexy or Slutty. Featured Forum: Theme Cruises. Recommended Posts. Posted October 31, Slutty looking, no matter how you "dress it up". Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 31, edited. Expose cleavage for who? Does the style of the dress make it unavoidable,e tc.

Isnt the purpose of it to show off? I thought it was.. Edited October 31, by cb at sea. IMHO, waaaaay too much in the white dress. Wear what you feel comfortable in my love, if you want to wear the white dress just wear it. You can always pull the shawl around a bit too if that would make you more comfortable.

Not quite age appropriate I think you look great. I am only 53 54 in Dec I'm not dead nor "old" Edited October 31, by arhillbilly. Girl, you go get yourself a pushup bra and some spanks and flaunt it. I'm not going to be 2nd fiddle to anyone, but esp an EX wife. I hope I haven't overstepped Northerncheapo - very, very well said. Here is something I found that might help you. You can adjust it however you wish. This topic is now closed to further replies.

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Slutty cleavage