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Mary and Elaine are identical twins Meet Mary Holmes and Elaine Logan. The pair, who grew up in Chesterfield, are identical twins who were separated at birth. They lived apart for three decades. And yet each of them somehow had a feeling they were not totally unique in the world.

Merry twins are we

Merry twins are we

Merry twins are we

Merry twins are we

Merry twins are we

Bat Oreo Cookie Balls. A Union Jack covered her coffin. Choose file. Her body was transported down the Cross River to Duke Town for the colonial equivalent of a state funeral. Please help improve this article by adding ws to reliable sources. Forgot your details? Attendees included the provincial commissioner, along with other senior British officials in full uniform.

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Once in Nigeria, Slessor learned Efik , the local language, then began teaching.

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Once in Nigeria, Slessor learned Efik , the local language, then began teaching. Because of her understanding of the native language and her bold personality Slessor gained the trust and acceptance of the locals and was able to spread Christianity while promoting women's rights and protecting native children.

She is most famous for having stopped the common practice of infanticide of twins among the Ibibio people , an ethnic group in southeastern Nigeria. Mary Slessor was born on 2 December in Gilcomston , Aberdeen , Scotland to a poor working-class family. She was the second of seven children of Robert and Mary Slessor. Her father, originally from Buchan , was a shoemaker by trade.

In , the family moved to Dundee in search of work. Robert Slessor was an alcoholic and, unable to keep up shoemaking, took a job as a labourer in a mill. Her mother was a skilled weaver and went to work in the mills. The Slessors lived in the slums of Dundee. Mary's father and both brothers died of pneumonia, leaving behind only Mary, her mother, and two sisters. Her mother was a devout Presbyterian who read each issue of the Missionary Record , a monthly magazine published by the United Presbyterian Church later the United Free Church of Scotland to inform members of missionary activities and needs.

After training in Edinburgh, she set sail in the SS Ethiopia on 5 August , and arrived at her destination in West Africa just over a month later. Slessor, 28 years of age, red haired with bright blue eyes, [3] was first assigned to the Calabar region in the land of the Efik people. She was warned that they believed in traditional West African religion and had superstitions in relation to women giving birth to twins. Slessor lived in the missionary compound for three years, working first in the missions in Old Town and Creek Town.

She wanted to go deeper into Calabar, but she contracted malaria and was forced to return to Scotland to recover.

She left Calabar for Dundee in Her new assignment was three miles farther into Calabar, in Old Town. Since Slessor assigned a large portion of her salary to support her mother and sisters in Scotland, she economised by learning to eat the native food.

Issues Slessor confronted as a young missionary included the lack of Western education, as well as widespread human sacrifice at the death of a village elder, who, it was believed, required servants and retainers to accompany him into the next world. The birth of twins was considered a particularly evil curse.

Natives feared that the father of one of the infants was a 'devil child', and that the mother had been guilty of a great sin. Unable to determine which twin was fathered by the evil spirit, the natives often abandoned both babies in the bush.

Slessor adopted every child she found abandoned, and sent out twins' missioners to find, protect and care for them at the Mission House. Some mission compounds were alive with babies. Mary took the girl as her daughter and called her Janie.

According to W. Livingstone, when two deputies went out to inspect the Mission in —82, they were much impressed.

They stated, "… she enjoys the unreserved friendship and confidence of the people, and has much influence over them". This they attributed partly to the singular ease with which Slessor spoke the language. After only three more years, Slessor returned to Scotland on yet another health furlough.

This time, she took Janie with her. During the next three years, Slessor looked after her mother and sister who had also fallen ill , raised Janie, and spoke at many churches, sharing stories from Calabar. Once this was over, Slessor returned to Calabar. She saved hundreds of twins out of the bush, where they had been left either to starve to death or be eaten by animals. She helped heal the sick and stopped the practice of determining guilt by making the suspects drink poison.

As a missionary, she went to other tribes, spreading the word of Jesus Christ. During this third mission to Calabar, Slessor received news that her mother and sister had died. She was overcome with loneliness, writing, "There is no one to write and tell my stories and nonsense to. Slessor was a driving force behind the establishment of the Hope Waddell Training Institute in Calabar, which provided practical vocational training to Efiks. The superstitious threat against twins was not only in Calabar; but also spread to a town called Arochukwu on the far west of Calabar.

The people of Calabar belong to the Efik tribe though the popular Arochukwu town is at the Igbo tribe's region.

In August , Slessor travelled north to Okoyong , an area where male missionaries had been killed. She thought her teachings, and the fact she was a woman, would be less threatening to unreached tribes.

For 15 years, Slessor lived with the Okoyong and the Efik people. She learned to speak the native Efik language , and made close personal friendships wherever she went, becoming known for her pragmatism and humour.

Slessor lived a simple life in a traditional house with Efiks. Her insistence on lone stations often led her into conflict with the authorities and gained her a reputation for eccentricity. However, her exploits were heralded in Britain and she became known as the "white queen of Okoyong". Slessor continued her focus on evangelism, settling disputes, encouraging trade, establishing social changes and introducing Western education. It was the belief in Calabar that if a women had twins , one of them had to be a devil so the twins were left in the jungle in clay pots to die.

Mary Slessor successfully fought against this practice of infanticide of twins. In , Slessor became vice-consul in Okoyong, presiding over the native court. In she was named vice-president of Ikot Obong native court. In , she was awarded the Order of St John. Slessor's health began to suffer in her later years, but she remained in Calabar, where she died in For the last four decades of her life, Slessor suffered intermittent fevers from the malaria she contracted during her first station to Calabar.

However, she downplayed the personal costs, and never gave up her mission work to return permanently to Scotland. The fevers eventually weakened Slessor to the point she could no longer walk long distances in the rainforest, but had to be pushed along in a hand-cart.

In early January , while at her remote station near Use Ikot Oku, she suffered a particularly severe fever. Slessor died on 13 January Her body was transported down the Cross River to Duke Town for the colonial equivalent of a state funeral.

A Union Jack covered her coffin. Attendees included the provincial commissioner, along with other senior British officials in full uniform. Flags at government buildings were flown at half mast. Nigeria's Governor-General, Sir Frederick Lugard , telegraphed his "deepest regrets" from Lagos and published a warm eulogy in the government gazette. It states that "She and her four adopted African children were a centre of great attraction and helped to deepen the interest of the whole community in the Foreign Mission work of the Church.

This name is still used commonly to refer to her in Calabar. Several memorials in and around the Efik provinces of Calabar and Okoyong testify to the value placed on her work.

Some of these include:. In Aberdeen a memorial stands in the city's Union Terrace Gardens and in Dundee , a new city centre park is named 'Slessor Gardens' in her honour.

The note also features a map of Calabar, a lithographic vignette depicting her work with children, and a sailing ship emblem. Main-belt asteroid Slessor RR4 [13] named to mark her centenary celebrations on 13 January In , the anthropologist Charles Partridge , a friend of Slessor when both were in Nigeria, donated letters from her, along with a recording of her voice, now The Slessor Collection at Dundee Central Library [14] ; he said of her: "She was a very remarkable woman.

I look back on her friendship with reverence- one of the greatest honours that have befallen me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Aberdeen , Scotland U. Use Ikot Oku, Calabar, Nigeria. Mission to educate: a history of the educational work of the Scottish Presbyterian mission in East Nigeria, — The Daily Record.

Retrieved 6 September Journal of Religion in Africa. The Southern Reporter. This Day in Presbyterian History. Retrieved 5 August Retrieved 20 October The British Museum.

Retrieved 4 April Protestant missions to Africa. Christianity in Africa Timeline of Christian missions. Categories : births deaths People from Aberdeen People associated with Dundee Scottish Presbyterian missionaries Presbyterian missionaries in Nigeria Female Christian missionaries British expatriates in Nigeria People of colonial Nigeria Founders of Nigerian schools and colleges.

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Merry twins are we

Merry twins are we. Julie’s Christmas Home Tour

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I Love your music I also wish you a merry, merry Christmas and the best of life for the year Hola chicas espero tengan una hermosa Navidad Search Site.

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Mary and Elaine are identical twins Meet Mary Holmes and Elaine Logan. The pair, who grew up in Chesterfield, are identical twins who were separated at birth. They lived apart for three decades. And yet each of them somehow had a feeling they were not totally unique in the world.

At the age of five, Mary says she "discovered the existence of another me. She had been disowned by her family and was living in a Leeds boarding house. However, fate did not deal them the card of growing up in an orphanage, as might so easily have happened. Instead, Paddy Logan, a soldier staying at the boarding house fell in love with the baby girls and when he returned home to Chesterfield he and his wife Lavinia decided to adopt. Money was too tight to adopt both babies, but the authorities agreed they could take one as long as another family took the other twin.

Lavinia adopted Elaine while Mary went to another family on the understanding that there would be no contact between them. The girls were sent to different schools to make sure they didn't meet. Three years later, Mary was playing in the waiting room of her doctor's surgery when another child joined in. But Mary's playmate kept calling her Elaine - and Mary didn't know why. Soon after, Mary's adoptive mother, Doris Black, realised she had to come clean about what had happened and told her she had a twin sister.

Elaine, on the other hand, was completely aware of the fact she had a sister as her less strict parents had been open with her as soon as she was able to understand.

The twins continued to make their own way in life - Mary went to live in Singapore, Elaine in Surrey. The two had tried to make contact - but fate was working against them at that time. Eventually, Mary and her husband moved to Scotland. Mary knew by now that Elaine had been adopted by a family called Logan, that one of the Logans was called Vincent and that one of the family was a professional dancer. At the end of the show, the credits rolled - and Mary watched as the name Vince Logan scrolled up.

She recalls: "It kind of jumped out at me from the screen I was sure it was Elaine's brother's name. I wrote to him care of the BBC And it was! So from then, the twins were in touch. But still, distances, pregnancies and illnesses kept the pair apart. Letters and phone calls were exchanged regularly - but it was another two years before they could actually meet. We just chatted like we were the greatest friends ever. Now, Mary and Elaine have been together longer than they have been apart.

Together, they have taken part in twins research in America which in itself helped cement their relationship as it was the first time they had the chance to spend time alone - something the twins had missed out on in their formative years. Mary has since written about her life experiences and her reunion with her sister. Today's schedule. Help with BBC iPlayer. Home Explore the BBC. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. BBC Local.

Twins: Elaine Logan and Mary Holmes. The poster featuring young Elaine Logan front. Mary aged Elaine at the age of Elaine and Mary in America, Derbyshire resources Your history - get started In search of Kings. Explore the BBC. BBC Homepage. Contact Us. But destiny had other plans for the girls. But of course it wasn't - it was her sister.

But still, they weren't allowed to meet. Mary aged 20 The twins continued to make their own way in life - Mary went to live in Singapore, Elaine in Surrey. It felt very strange, very odd.

Merry twins are we