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That was just plain brilliant. This little film had everything. He absolutely tore my heart out. All of the kids were amazing. All of the acting was just spot-on.

Young girl spanked in movies

Young girl spanked in movies

Young girl spanked in movies

Young girl spanked in movies

Mark S. Kramer vs. Crazy Credits. A doctor accidentally ingests his experimental sex serum, wrecking havoc on the community. Dottie Frank Robert Pall Or if your daughter lied to you about her Paris vacation and got kidnapped? Karen Carpenter's battle with anorexia nervosa and the cultural influence of the Carpenters in the 70s.

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How would you react if your son ambushed you with a radio show phone call after telling the hosts you were lonely?

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How would you react if your son ambushed you with a radio show phone call after telling the hosts you were lonely? Or if your daughter lied to you about her Paris vacation and got kidnapped? When watching movies like Sleepless In Seattle or Taken it is only natural to wonder what we would do under similar circumstances. If you handle those situations as Sam Baldwin or Bryan Mills did, you are likely on your way to that happy ending.

Sometimes they are flawed characters. Other times they are outright villains. No matter where they fall on the scale, you can learn a lot from poor parenting on the big screen. Knickerbocker helps us rank and analyze a few memorable moments of movie discipline.

ELF Buddy the Elf looks might have the body of an adult, but it is clear that he has the temperament of a child. Parents are allowed to lose their tempers, it happens, but what is important is that the parent takes the time after to repair. If they go about that correctly, they can possible get some positive experience from that mistake. Tom Sawyer There are a lot of things out of date in this classic film, including punishing the rambunctious younger Sawyer by withholding his meal.

The ability to eat should not be used as a weapon. Matilda Mr. Wormwood is one seriously verbally abusive dad. This hard-to-watch scene, where he berates his daughter Matilda for criticizing his business tactics, is all the evidence you need. Here he is trying to hurt her verbally. That is completely unproductive. Home Alone Mr.

McCallister are in the bad movie parenting history history books for stranding their Kevin on Christmas, but before that even happened they make some serious missteps — sending him to his room without giving any clear reason, and no meal. Kramer vs. You have to be clear with where the line is, and then follow through when it is crossed. That being said the door should never be locked, that is where you can start to do harm psychologically.

Joe the King Bob Henry has a big part in sending his son Joe into a life of crime through his bad temper and harsh punishments. Nowhere is he showing that he acknowledges that this is a separate person from him. Then he becomes violent, which is also a terrible reaction. Historically, that kind of treatment of children has backfired. On top of that, this is less about discipline and more about his own ego. An American Crime Corporal punishment of children is problematic enough — but in the hands of a psychopath, it becomes the thing of nightmares.

Of course in the short term it can have the right result, as in the child begins to comply, but in the long run it usually has a boomerang effect. There is also resentment that can build up and lead to bigger problems down the road. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content.

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Young girl spanked in movies

Young girl spanked in movies

Young girl spanked in movies. Caning - Full Archive

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That was just plain brilliant. This little film had everything. He absolutely tore my heart out. All of the kids were amazing. All of the acting was just spot-on. And the imagination of the filmmakers here is heroic. Read More. I'm reminded of the song, "Stuck In The Middle With You", which is where Stevie seems to be in his relationship with himself and with the character, Dottie. Reality bites, though, when he wins a contest and finally meets up with his frenetic, ciggabutt-puffing heroine on the set of his favorite show, only to find out that things are never really as they seem, and people even less so.

He never did get what he thought he really wanted. So, like many others, he buries his shame, but always in a place where only he can readily find it. Excellent film. This may be my favorite short film ever. Very specific in its queerness, but damn near universal in its handling of longing, fantasy, and deferral. Simply adorable little film! You really find yourself pulling for the little guy.

The dream sequences are a bit avant-guard. This is one that i will watch over and over. Touching piece of work. This film packs a lot into a short duration of time.

I enjoyed all the minute details. Well done! Excellent short film. Tremendously entertaining and thoughtful; well worth a watch. Well directed and written. A little gem about a boy whose art makes him stable and gives him the armor to survive the taunts and giggles of children, and his fathers doubts about his son's artistic nature. It takes us beyond heredity and shows how children have to survive and grow in ways that have a sexual aspect but are related to becoming a person.

Todd Haynes' first effort was a short about a little boy and his obsession with a wiry-wigged soap diva, his social isolation and the parents that just don't get it.

Lots to admire, and very memorable scenes. With the "it" I refer to being subtle ingenious devices. One could easily teach a number of different film courses from this potent little vignette. I recall seeing it years ago, but after teaching about Superstar many times, it takes on a new brilliance. The collision of a media and fantasy with a child's need for escape, bourgeoning sexual identity 'my mom says you're a feminino' and coming of age is touching and beautifully meshed.

The fantasy sequences and 'taboo' lite elements push it even further. The boy buries his secret, but it is his own private treasure and will resurface because he already has an artists sensibility. The analogy to Haynes creative life is logical. Shot by Maryse Alberti, who has done so many amazing films, this is a mini-masterpiece. Deeply moving and disturbing film tracing a young boys fascination with a "family" show e..

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Click here to take a look at our newly redesigned movie page. What makes this film worth watching? See All Reviews. Comedy Black Comedy. Drama Coming of Age. Drama Dramedy. Drama Dysfunctional Family. Independent Narrative. International Americas North American American. Short Narrative. Related Articles information not available. American 7m. Real men hide in the closet to talk their problems over with telephone psychics. David Zellner wrote and stars in this shrewdly calibrated portrayal of the male ego.

There's Nothing You Can Do American 3m. American 1hr 25m. American 14m. A social group is determined to help a friend no matter how much it will hurt him. American 1hr 10m. With no place to call home, nineteen year old Elena takes a job as a live-in aide. She finds herself thrust into the middle of a family in crisis. Cork's Cattlebaron American 15m. Mark S. Robert C. Kevin Z. Nick G. Mondo Kino. Michael B. Hugh C. The young girls in the school bus talk with Valley Girl accents. Big anachronism there.

Laura C. Holly C. Good stuff. Ended a little abruptly. But it was an acceptable ending. Enjoy the movie. Really liked it. Great acting but found it very confusing especially the ending. Many will probably relate to this film.

Sad, funny, and sometimes very touching. Charles Duesler. Interesting, but disturbing film. I enjoyed watching it. Follow fandor.

Young girl spanked in movies