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Please use the navigational links on your left to explore our website. Never do remember what I got beat for,but I sure do remember the bruises' and welts all over the back of my legs. I've got 3 adult sons and none of them have ever been in trouble with the law and I never whipped any of them. It was in the 8th grade.. I got caught doing something, cant remember what it was.

Whipped with a strap

Whipped with a strap

Whipped with a strap

Whipped with a strap

However, this day he proved his point. Royse Report to Divas gon wild. No one knew this better than the convicts who had felt Black Annie's clout. Whipping had a long history in the South, of course, and not only on the slave plantations. I witg even remember why I got whipped, but I never forgave her for it.

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Back in the s and 50s when I was growing up, folks still used corporal punishment as a corrective discipline with their children. It was a common form of discipline, widely accepted by most parents. Most folks of my generation, however, probably remember getting a whipping from time to time.

Grandmother was the disciplinarian in our house. Thus, giving discipline and correction to a young boy fell to my grandmother. Lying, talking back, saying unkind words, or refusing to do an assigned chore were all good grounds for a whipping.

The punishment was several strokes of the switch against the lower legs and buttocks. The stinging bite of the switch was sure to get my attention and remind me of my transgression. As I got older, the method changed from switches to a leather belt.

She never failed to remind me it was her love for me that prompted her to apply this punishment and that this whole act of discipline hurt her more than it did me.

My memory circuits have long forgotten most of the whippings I got, but the one I do remember was also the last whipping my grandmother gave me. I was 12 years old and getting to be a good sized boy, finally taller than my grandmother who stood just under 5 feet.

The bathroom, being small, had no place to hide; it also afforded privacy. She had me bend over the side of the old cast iron tub, which elevated me to the perfect position for a good level swing. Grandmother came into the bathroom with the belt in hand and sat down on the commode seat for what I thought would be the usual pre-whipping talk. I will take the whipping in your place.

She had cared for me all of my life, cooked my meals, taught me how to do many things, and was my strongest advocate. I loved her and would never have wanted to hurt her.

But despite my objections, she said I had to give her three licks with the belt. After some agonizing minutes, I delivered three feeble swats with the belt and the deed was done. I cried, Grandmother cried, and we hugged each other. That was the last whipping Grandmother ever had to give me. On that day I learned a valuable truth. When a parent or a grandparent disciplines a child out of love, the discipline does in fact hurt the parent more than it hurts the child.

Discipline that originates out of love builds a bond. Phil Kindred achieved full-time retirement in He and his wife, Becky, have two children and four grandchildren. Phil enjoys working in the yard and garden, hiking, traveling, camping, and writing. This article first appeared in the August, issue of Mature Living. The print was so small on the first part of the article I could not read it!

Hi Anna! So sorry you were having a hard time reading the article. However, I wanted to make sure you knew that the text underneath the image from the magazine spread is the article. Read it in the blog post itself. Does that make sense? This story is so true, you see I was also raised by my grand parents and my grand mother was my teacher and guide until I was thirteen and see taught me in the same way as this grand mother taught her grand son.

Yes I am also sure that today I would be arrested for trying to correct in this manner even though Gods word says this way is the proper manner to give correction, but in love not harshness. I can relate to this story being raised by my grandmother who was a God- fearing lady and disciplinarian.

I learned very quickly as she grabbed the switch and gave me a few swats, the welts will stay on my bottom for a day or two, such was her wrath. I miss and love my grandmother she raised me and I know she cared.

I will never forget hearing her pray for me many times. Your email address will not be published. Skip to main content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Whipped with a strap

Whipped with a strap

Whipped with a strap

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Ch. 18, Twin Hells by John N. Reynolds

There was more. The true symbol of authority and discipline at Parchman was a leather strap, three feet long and six inches wide, known as "Black Annie," which hung from the driver's belt. Whipping had a long history in the South, of course, and not only on the slave plantations.

It had been legally, often publicly, employed against white criminals for a host of minor crimes, and it had survived long after other forms of corporal punishment, such as branding and ear cropping, had been abolished. Yet whipping had strong racial overtones because it had been used so frequently against slaves. And the lash "was the correctional instrument of all purpose.

One ex-slave remembered the whipping of his mother and the retribution he had planned: "I sed to myself 'iffen I eber get free I wus gwine to whup dat overseer. His name wus Silas Jacobs. But he died not long afte' de war an' I neber got to whup him.

By , corporal punishment for prisoners had been abandoned -- in law, if not in practice -- by most states outside the South. The glaring exception was Delaware, a border state, where thousands of public whippings were inflicted upon lawbreakers well into the s. Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and Louisiana all used the lash on their convicts without serious public opposition. It was part of the regional culture, and most prisoners were black.

At Parchman, formal punishment meant a whipping in front of the men. It was done by the sergeant, with the victim stripped to the waist and spread-eagled on the floor.

What convicts most remembered were the sounds of Black Annie: the "whistlin'" air, the crack on bare flesh, the convict's painful grunt. They whupped us with big wide strops. They didn't whup no clothes. They whupped your naked butt. And they had two men to hold you.

The most common offenses -- fighting, stealing, "disrespect" to an officer, and failure to meet work quotas -- were punishable by five to fifteen lashes.

Escape attempts carried an unspeakable penalty: a whipping without limits. One superintendent recalled a mass breakout in the s in which a trusty-shooter was killed. Before the young ringleader confessed, I had him lashed on the buttocks, calves, and palms, then gave him fifteen lashes on the soles of his feet.

This cleared his mind. The number and severity of whippings depended on the sergeant in charge. The sergeants worked in relative isolation. Some of them were alcoholics; a few were sadists. There were sergeants who saved the lash for serious infractions, and sergeants who whipped all the time. There was little supervision, despite the pompous claims of the superintendents, because whippings were viewed as the best way to keep the men working -- and afraid.

It was not unusual for a convict to be lashed for breaking his shovel in the fields, or for several dozen convicts to be whipped for the theft of a single postage stamp. When asked to defend Black Annie, Parchman officials did so with pride. The lash was effective punishment, they insisted, and it did not keep men from the fields. There simply was no better way "of punishing [this] class of criminals," said Dr. M'Callum, Parchman's first physician, "and keeping them at the labor required of them.

Public opinion in Mississippi strongly supported the lash. Prison officials and sheriffs, politicians and judges, church groups and newspapers -- most seemed to favor its use.

It is retribution, and retribution hurts. No one knew this better than the convicts who had felt Black Annie's clout. Their fear and pain were heard across the fields. White convicts were said to work less and complain more than black convicts, and to consciously reject their lot.

Such methods don't work. I've tried them all. When persuasion fails, I order the rebel stripped and whipped. Then I give him a day to think it over.

The second morning. Perhaps the third day, the same program must be followed, but not often does the man hold out longer than that. Regulations, Descriptions and Official Documents.

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Whipped with a strap