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The series follows the lives of the children living in the fictional children's care home of Stowey House, nicknamed by them "The Dumping Ground". It consists of twenty-six, fifteen-minute episodes. It is the first series in The Story of Tracy Beaker franchise. Stephen Crossley guest stars as Justine's father, Steve. Tracy returns to the Dumping Ground but finds new girl Justine Littlewood has taken her room, and the two girls become enemies after Tracy breaks Justine's alarm clock.

Tracy beaker swimming

Tracy beaker swimming

Tracy beaker swimming

Tracy beaker swimming

Floss spreads the news to the young people when she overhears a conversation and Fiona allows Mike to investigate for a while off the Traxy. It did swim,ing me that the only way to make a success of yourself is to become a celebrity. Sasha is grounded again when Taz breaks a picture again with the football. It's Tracy's parents' evening and she has to put up with Elaine the Pain seeing her teacher. Jody insists they are no more than friends, but is advised b Sasha and Candi-Rose to take the risk as it could beakrr her last chance. Jacqueline Wilson Fiction features. Charlie is caught by Mike and when Jay buys a toy car, Bird is annoyed that Jay will not listen to him, so they return to their former home and Bird tells him the Chat rooms free teen safe about Jay's memories as well as digging up their toy cars that were buried in a Tracy beaker swimming. Candi-Rose and Bird secretly arrange to meet by using the chessboard, but they are warned away from each other, despite their being no veaker, however, it turns out Floss and Jay were recruited by Steven. Tracy beaker swimming Sasha wakes up again on the same day, she uses the bathroom first and decides to do what she wants as well as refusing to help Joseph with his project and TTracy Candi-Rose's dress, but is grounded again when the photo breaks.

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Similar to Wilson's other characters, Tracy Beaker is a child from a Tracy beaker swimming background, dealing with her issues in a cynical manner and with lots of yelling. Tracy sleeps overnight at the DG then the next morning says goodbye to Mike and leaves for good. But Chantal is feeling rather emotional swimmnig Jackie's feelings for her. After this incident, Tracy refuses to bwaker to Cam, so Elaine Nisha Nayar resolves to get them talking with a series of role-play and trust exercises. Tracy helps when Bouncer has feelings over care worker Jane. Fortunately, after the other kids form an alliance to all leave if Tracy does, Shelley postpones the idea. The Four: Battle for Stardom. Tracy beaker swimming also criticised the complexity of the emotions expressed by Tracy, as they were being repeated by other children who cannot understand them; for example, the suggestion that they are deprived because Sexual devients do not have enough sweets. Left school at 16 to go to secretarial college. Harmer first took on the role at the age of 12 and has maintained it for 10 years. She understood their point. Archived from the original on 25 January And then everybody is swapping chores with everybody else. Episode Discussion. The Independent.

Now, 27 years after The Story of Tracy Beaker was published, Tracy is back, a single mum in her late 20s, living on the Duke estate, between jobs and dating a former footballer.

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  • Tracy is now in her 30s and with a daughter of her own.
  • Tracy Beaker is the lead character in the Tracy Beaker franchise.

The series follows the lives of the children living in the fictional children's care home of Stowey House, nicknamed by them "The Dumping Ground". It consists of twenty-six, fifteen-minute episodes. It is the first series in The Story of Tracy Beaker franchise. Stephen Crossley guest stars as Justine's father, Steve. Tracy returns to the Dumping Ground but finds new girl Justine Littlewood has taken her room, and the two girls become enemies after Tracy breaks Justine's alarm clock. Tracy tries to escape the Dumping Ground and makes friends with a boy called Ben who claims he's living on the streets.

Tracy goes head-to-head with Justine in a game of dares so that she can win back her old bedroom. Writer Cam Lawson visits the DG, and everyone is excited, especially Tracy, who wants to become a writer. But unfortunately, her attempts to make a good impression backfire and she fights with Justine when she provokes her.

Meanwhile, Mike is tricked into giving older girl Adele a late night pass. Tracy is delighted when she is chosen for "Child of the Week", an advertisement in the local paper.

But she is horrified when Louise is also chosen and they hatch a plan to get them fostered. Meanwhile, Duke starts a new healthy eating regime, but his new ideas don't go down well with the kids. Everyone attends his party, except Tracy, who is secretly looking after two giant African land snails for the weekend. Later that night, the snails escape and everyone is secretly roaming the corridors of the DG - including Peter, who has run away from his new life before it has even begun.

Mike announces that he is leaving to work at another care home. Tracy's heartbroken by this and gets angry with him. Can Mike repair his relationship with Tracy before his last day? When Cam begins flat hunting, Tracy is convinced she will be moving in with her. But when Cam once again becomes doubtful over the idea, the pair have a huge argument and Tracy storms off. Back at the DG, it's make or break time as Cam makes her final decision.

Meanwhile the DG residents and carers are busy creating a wall mural of residents and carers past and present after Jenny hosted a discussion with the other residents about something to remember residents and carers by when they come and go.

Cas Lester was the executive producer and Jane Dauncey was the producer for this series. Filming took place in Susan Tully and David Skynner directed an equal thirteen episodes each. Elly Brewer wrote nine episodes, Mary Morris wrote five episodes and Laura Summers wrote four episodes. Brewer continued to write for Tracy Beaker franchise for another nine series, until the second series of The Dumping Ground , which is the second spin-off of The Story of Tracy Beaker.

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Note : First appearance of Elaine. Meanwhile, Duke is having problems with mice in his kitchen and plots to hunt in down, whilst Zac and Ryan try to stop him. Note : First appearance of Cam. Absent: Lisa Coleman- Cam. Tracy is filled with jealousy when Justine's dad gives her money to decorate her room and leaves the DG to join Ben on the streets. However, when Ben injures himself and Mike is called out, she discovers her friend has lied to her about being homeless.

Meanwhile, all the kids bar Adele are forced to help Justine decorate her room but she ends up alienating the whole house with her demands. It's Tracy's birthday, and also unfortunately for her, young Peter's. He's extremely excited, but Tracy is not best pleased especially as Peter is fond of her. On the day of their birthday, Tracy discovers her mum has sent a birthday card but Mike soon discovers everything isn't what it seems.

Meanwhile, when the birthday party is ruined, Ben spots an opportunity to reconcile with Tracy. Cam makes a return visit to the home to interview Tracy for her article.

As Tracy and Cam talk, Tracy tries to talk Cam into looking for her mum for her. Cam agrees, but she soon discovers it's not that simple.

Meanwhile, Cam asks Justine and Louise to make a documentary about life in the home. They start to make one, until Ryan points out that they could make a more interesting film and make money from it. Soon, it's Girls V Boys, which causes both chaos and embarrassment for the staff.

Tracy is excitedly waiting to be taken out for the day. However, when Tracy sees who's going to be taking her out — Terry and Jill Brown — she's horrified to see they are old.

On the other hand, Peter likes the look of them. The day out doesn't go well, as Tracy is too lively for Terry and Jill to cope with. But a vengeful Tracy persuades Peter to become bad so that the Browns will not foster him, bringing chaos to the DG and completely shattering her friendship with Peter.

It's a busy Saturday at the DG: Tracy is going out with Cam, Louise with an aunt, Justine is waiting for her dad and the boys are waiting for a football match to start. When everyone at the DG is struck down with the bug, Elaine has been, unfortunately, alerted and arrives to take control.

Tracy has been made editor of the Dumping Ground newsletter, and is determined to find an exciting story. When she learns that Elaine has given Justine permission to have a television in her room, even though it is against the house rules, she starts a campaign to get Elaine sacked.

Meanwhile, the kids begin paying Justine to allow them to watch her TV at night, but chaos occurs when she finds out that she is double booked by Adele and the boys. Tracy is becoming increasingly frustrated with Cam, who has still not decided whether or not to foster her. Banned from phoning her, Tracy enlists Ben's help to go to see Cam in person. When they arrive at her flat, Cam is out, so Tracy and Ben rearrange the furniture, play music and eat her food.

Meanwhile, Justine and Louise go head-to-head with Zac and Ryan when they begin washing cars for money, leading to a big waterfight outside the DG. Tracy, Justine and Louise have been invited to a sleepover, but the rules of the care home don't allow them to go. The three of them unite in their determination to go anyway. But can Tracy and Justine work together? Meanwhile, the boys are camping outside in the back garden but Duke decides to camp with them, much to their disappointment.

It's Tracy's parents' evening and she has to put up with Elaine the Pain seeing her teacher. Elaines worried about Tracy's schooling and is expecting a bad report — if she gets to see Tracy's teacher that is. Meanwhile, Peter has trouble with a bully, so the boys pitch in to change his clothing style. Justine is giving her dad a hard time for not visiting when he said he would.

He said he left a message — and he did. Tracy took the message, but just forgot to pass it on, causing tension between the two of them. Meanwhile, a postcard arrives to the DG addressed to Tracy — from her mother.

But can its genuinity be proven? Tracy tries to become clean and tidy at the DG, believing Cam doesn't want to foster her for her bad behavior. Meanwhile, it's Maxy's clothing allowance day and it nearly ends in disaster when Maxy locks himself, Jenny's minivan keys and Mike's spare keys in the van all over a pair of trainers that Jenny liked but Maxy didn't.

Meanwhile, Peter is trying to improve his football skills and accidentally hits Cam. Tracy will not hand in her homework. She claims a dog ran off with her book, but not even Elaine The Pain will fall for that one. She insists that Tracy is lying to cover up for not doing the homework and makes Tracy stay in the 'Quiet Room' until Tracy can account for the missing homework. Samantha is an eleven-year-old girl whose life is dominated by her mother.

When her mother is rushed to hospital, Samantha must stay at the DG, where she strikes up a close bond with Tracy. Elaine's decided the best way to get everybody together will be a Treasure Hunt. Naturally, it doesn't go according to plan. Tracy and Jenny pair up and discover that the prize is packets of coloured pencils.

Tracy believes if Cam finds a man and get married, she will foster her. She sets her up with Mike, as she seems to like him. Meanwhile, at the DG, the tables are turned on Jenny and Duke when Justine and Louise decide to swap roles with them for the day following a bust up over each other's make-up.

It's clothing allowance day. Tracy has been saving up and wants Jenny to take her out to get a whole new wardrobe. What she gets is Leah, a temporary care worker who's filling in while Jenny's in hospital following an operation.

But when everyone takes a trip to town, Tracy ensures that Leah is about to experience a day from hell. Tracy has had enough of waiting for Cam after she cancels their afternoon of swimming. Tracy visits Ben and realises his parents would be perfect for her.

It is revealed that she has been placed in care not because she is an orphan but owing to her mother not being good at looking after her. If more care leavers became novelists, that might help, she says. In its description of Tracy, an article for the Herald Scotland states: "Though her life is bleak, Tracy is funny, imaginative, articulate and hopeful, like all Wilson's heroines. Liverpool Echo. Mike is almost sacked because of the protest, but he is thankfully let in. We are the Beaker Girls is her th book. But Tracy Beaker's taken back to save the day.

Tracy beaker swimming

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The Story of Tracy Beaker 1x24 "Need Armbands" -

She has been at the top of the Twitter trends since the middle of last night. Based on the book by Jacqueline Wilson, the hit series starring Dani Harmer, followed Tracy through her life at the dumping ground.

Despite it's success, the last episodes to air that weren't one off specials was back in However, today Tracy Beaker appears to be trending on Twitter, and it has got fans into a frenzy. Despite there being seemingly no reason for the trend, some fans have been left confused, assuming that Tracy Beaker may have passed away.

But fear not, Dani Harmer is indeed alive and well, and so far there doesn't seem to be any breaking news surrounding the show, or a reason as to why it is being tweeted about so much. Was there ever a more British pointless trend? TracyBeaker", one confused fan said. Another wrote: "Shoutout to Britain! The only place on the planet where Tracy Beaker can trend for no reason at all. Other fans used the trend to make jokes about the show: "Wakes up, Tracy Beaker is trending. WTF is happening, her mum arrived home to rescue her from the Dumping ground.

Bit late love. Tracy is an adult now. One thing is certain though, Tracy definitely has lots of fans who would love to see her return to our screens seven years later. By Jess Morcom Reporter. Image: BBC Get the biggest Daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice.

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Tracy beaker swimming

Tracy beaker swimming

Tracy beaker swimming