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This post has been a long time in the making. I had thought about gel staining my cabinets for months and finally jumped in this winter. Maybe it was the winter boredom that seems to happen around January, but whatever the case I set out to research this craze and update our bathroom vanities. I did. I watched YouTube videos, I read blogs and I realized that the results were spectacular and that very easily I could achieve this amazing dark java look.

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity

I really like the carpet going up your staircase! You can modify the color of the stain by Stain a bath vanity different stain colors together. Your cabinets vznity wonderful and I am ready to attack my oak cabinets. I currently have a darker stain, maybe walnut??? And how awesome does that stain look with that faux concrete?

Jess fox naked. How to Re-stain Bathroom Cabinets

I am sure it could work, but it may be easier just to use a stain specifically for flooring. I am honestly not sure how the stain would do on a painted surface, but I would think the surface should be stripped before application. How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors Last Updated on April 9, by admin Re-staining your bathroom cabinets is a pain-free way to update your bathroom. Now Playing. Safety goggles are Easy buffalo shrimp a good idea to protect your eyes. Bathroom Vanity Baty Get all the information you'll need on bathroom vanity accessories, and get ready to install an attractive and efficient vanity in your bath space. If the cabinetry is solid with wood that merely Stain a bath vanity a fresh look, then restaining bathroom cabinets will take care of the problem. The application was super easy and after two years, the product vaniity not even one scratch. Browse Tradewinds Imports for vainty faucets.

This blogging thing is really getting to me!

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  • If you're considering restaining bathroom cabinets, you should begin the process with a careful assessment of the existing cabinets.
  • Last Updated on April 9, by admin.
  • With outdated hardware and a yellow-ish finish, all of my bathroom vanities needed a makeover.
  • Get all the info you'll need on bathroom vanity colors and finishes, and get ready to install an attractive and efficient vanity in your bath space.
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This blogging thing is really getting to me! In a GOOD way, of course. I finally succumbed to the DIY bug and decided to tackle a somewhat significant project in my house.

I must have been a bit mental when I saw this tutorial by Monica at Monica Wants It and thought…that looks easy! I can do that! I must send out major props to Monica at Monica Wants It. Since I am such a neophyte at DIY projects…I pretty much followed her instructions to the letter…but I did end up doing a few things differently. I assume this is typical because no two projects are alike. Am I right?

So here are my TIPS for accomplishing this project in your own bathroom…. Miss Britta got the project ball rolling by taking off the doors and sanding. Thanks sweetie! Nesquik has been around for as long as I can remember. I remember drinking it as a kid and my kids drank it when they were small as well. It can be a Continue Reading. Was I right???

Third coat did the trick! Looking at these pictures…. SO pleased with how it turned out and would recommend the project to anyone! A definite confidence booster. I certainly have enough leftover stain to do it. I believe we should all love the place we call home and the life we live there. Since , I've been dedicated to making One Good Thing by Jillee a reliable and trustworthy resource for modern homemakers navigating the everyday challenges of running a household. Join me as I share homemaking and lifestyle solutions that make life easier so you can enjoy it more!

Every day I share creative homemaking and lifestyle solutions that make your life easier and more enjoyable! I noticed that you put a single pull on the cupboards where there was a handle with two holes. How did you cover the bottom hole that you no longer needed. Wood filler!

Sorry I forgot that detail! Great tutorial! I am looking forward to using this as a guide to stain my guest bath cabinets.

Looks Great..! Love the color. There are ways to remove the grain prior to enameling, with high build primer and sanding between coats. This fills the grain for a smooth finish! Did you use satin or semi-gloss polyacrylic?

The photo shows satin, but the link takes you to semi-gloss. I did a dresser and kitchen cabinets and they turned out fantastic. Amazing stuff! They look gorgeous. I have an oak mission style shelving unit and was thinking of painting it black. Thanks for the inspirtation.

Love the after. I wanted to redo my bathroom cabinets, but I wanted to paint them white. Would I basically follow everything, but use white paint instead of stain?

Your cabinets are beautiful and look rich! I know you are enjoying them. The hard work was well worth it I think. We now have painted woodwork throughout our house, a creamy off white on all cabinets, crown molding and baseboards, doors etc.

This is a first for us in 50 plus years of owning a home and we love it! Thanks for sharing. More Ideas You'll Love. DIY or Buy? That is the question! I may include affiliate links to products sold by others, but only when they are relevant and helpful. I always offer my own genuine recommendation.

Learn more. Fabric Coasters and something yummy to put on them! Quick and Easy Paper Easter Bags! Vote Up 1 Vote Down. Jill Nystul. Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Aaron A. Anita Faulkner. Shelana Ferris. We are in the process of buying a house. I am so excited to try this out. Looks really good…if you updated your faucets it would look fantastic! Load More Comments.

A good technique to follow when restaining bathroom cabinets is to apply a coat of the stain in an inconspicuous place to see what it will look like before applying it to the entire surface of the cabinets. When restaining bathroom cabinets, it is imperative that stain is applied evenly. Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom Get tips for transforming your bath into a peaceful retreat. Work carefully on the old finish, since many bathroom cabinets are made of wood with a very thin veneer which is easily damaged or stripped if sanded too vigorously. Specialty Features for Bathrooms From heated floors to a bidet, consider adding these elements to your bath remodel. You can physically remove the old finish with a combination of steel wool, a plastic scraper, and sandpaper.

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity. How to Re-stain Bathroom Cabinets

To read my hack for painting your cabinets or bathroom vanity the easiest way possible, click here to read the post. This type of paint is particularly useful if you cannot find the gel stain in your desired color or if you need a product that will go over cabinets that have already been painted.

Good luck, babes! I like the way your vanity turned out, was looking at it and was thinking the sink looks new, then I went on and realized you painted it. Is it holding up well?

I am definitely drawn to your taste, classic with a the pop of color. You have done some really nice work! Thank you so much Joan. So far the sink has held up, but then again we have not even been in our home for a year. We shall see how it does. I think the painting over the sink is really just a temporary fix until we can afford to replace the countertops, but it works for now.

Thank you so much for the kind feedback!!! Has this Gel stain been around for very long? The door and drawers ended up being from different types of wood.

I tried to stain them dark, but nothing worked. So I painted them. This would have been so much easier. Forgot to add that this looks great and thank you for sharing. Thank you so much, Jean. Honestly, I am not sure how long it has been around but I am pretty sure it is a relatively new product.

Hi Sue. I bought the quart, but it was enough to use on all three of my vanities and I still have some left over. OMG This was amazing. Such an inexpensive do it yourself project. Thank you so much, Dan. Yes, it is a very simple, inexpensive solution and I am thrilled with how it has held up. I love hearing you found this useful. It looks beautiful! I would like to redo my stairs which are hardwood, do you know if this would work?

I do realize I would need a harder finishing coat, any suggestions??? Thanks in advance. I am not sure, Lisa. If you choose to mirror the style of the rest of the space, you'll be able to pick out color and tone hints accordingly. But if you're looking for a bold focal point for the bath space, the color and finish of your vanity are great vehicles to create some visual interest.

Finishes for bathroom vanities range from stains and paints for wooden vanities to veneers for laminate ones. Depending on your surface and the style of the bathroom, an antiqued finish or a more traditional stain or paint color might be the right choice, or you might want to explore a veneer that approximates a surface like granite or concrete.

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Transforming Bathroom Vanity with Gel Stain- Java Gel Stain

I know, I know… where have I been?!?! Well, finishing up house projects. Lots and lots of them. We have put off finishing the last bits of the house for long enough. And now they are DONE. And wow, it feels good!!! Thanks to a new year and a goal to have them all completely finished.

Both upstairs bathrooms are stained, top coat applied, dried, and beautiful! Which is funny that all it took was a little stain that can be purchased online HERE to make these bathrooms look so much better. Because when we moved into the house almost 2 years ago, our plan was to tear out the cabinets and install new ones.

We also wanted to install a different shower and possibly change out the tile too. But, the budget never allowed it and we always found other things to spend any extra cash on. We actually love the clean dark look of this Java stain…. But the picture below gives you a pretty good idea.

Even with this really dark brown Java stain. And let me tell you, applying this gel stain is SO much easier than painting. It really is SO much easier to apply. And nope, not a single need to sand any of that wood before applying the stain.

All we stained were the doors and the front facing section of the cabinets. If you want to take your plain cabinetry up notches, add hardware. Please, oh please add hardware!! We also changed out the light fixtures above both sets of cabinetry, which made a huge difference. So, you better believe we trimmed out the 2 windows here in our bathroom too. Well, now you know, it totally works!!! The only additional info you may need than the banister post linked above is that you must take each of your doors and drawer fronts off and remove all hinges, knobs, etc.

Sand down any bumps or nicks in the wood. Then apply your stain with a sponge brush. Yep, we used the same Java Gel Stain as the banister…worked awesome! If you keep it light and really even, you may not even need to wipe any excess off which is what I was aiming for, to save time and mess. But if you have any clumps of stain, you can wipe that away with a soft lint-free cloth. Let your first coat dry completely and then add another coat or two if needed.

I only needed 2 coats for these cabinets because the color soaked in really well. This is after one coat. Just be sure to not get too sloppy and let any of the stain get onto the inside of the cabinet. However, you can see that my stain got a little messy along the side where it touches the wall.

To paint the doors, we put them out in the garage on top of these little plastic Pyramid Stands we found them here on Amazon. They made a huge difference to keep the doors off the ground, so that we could stain both sides even if one side was still a bit tacky. Buuuuuuut , we ran out of the little pyramids. So, we used the nail gun and shot a whole bunch of nails through an old piece of wood so that the doors could balance on something similar to the pyramids.

The rest of the process was identical to the Staining an Oak Banister tutorial. Including applying the polyurethane Top Coat, which really helps seal in the stain and protect from normal wear and tear. Looking for more home DIY projects?? DIY Board and Batten. Turn A Coat Closet into a Mudroom. Thank you for sharing! I also did the gel stain except I used the Georgia cherry..

I would love to see a photo of something done with the Georgia cherry. Thank you for making it easier for me. Is the gel stain a certain brand? Thinking of doing our kitchen cabinets so we would stain all wood exposed correct? Reallllly need to know….. Thank you for sharing this! Your cabinets looks wonderful and I am ready to attack my oak cabinets. Enjoy your creative day! Our bathrooms looks so similar in set up, but our cabinets are white without woodgrain does that make sense?

Do you think the gel stain would work on white glossy cabinets too? You can paint over stain and cover it up. Stain needs to soak into wood….. The stain would not go on well over that plastic. Can you share the name and brand of your paint color next to the banister?! It looks exactly what I want to put in my new house! Kind of a warmer grey!

Also, I just used a polyurethane top coat on some bedroom furniture and it had to be sanded afterward, did yours? BTW, it is beautiful, everything is so so pretty.

I would try the stain in an inconspicuous spot first, just to see how it covers. I hate oak and this is a good way to get rid of it. It looks great. I think a house looks so cheap without trim around the doors and windows. I did finally go ahead and stain my table a few weeks ago. It was SO easy and looked beautiful…until someone put a laptop on the table and the heat instantly literally within minutes left a white mark.

Then over the next week everything that touched the table that had moisture in it or heat left a mark. We left on vacation right after it happened so I have yet to follow up too see if that was the issue. It only took part of a pint of stain to do my table and chairs so I have plenty left to redo a coat if that helps. I too am so excited for this post! I used the Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations kit a few years ago to paint my kitchen cabinets.

It worked great and was also no sanding, but boy was it a lot of work. Looks so much easier. I also have the orange oak bannister rails and posts. But mine have the black iron rod ballisters. What color of gel stain would you recommend using? I did too! But- like Ashley said, it made a huge difference. Love the new look! And my house is full of those lovely, oak cabinets.

Thank you!! Such simple low cost solutions! Thank you so so much for sharing these tips! This looks absolutely amazing! I, too, have lots of orange woodwork. I have thought about painting it, but staining never occurred to me.

Do you have to use a very dark stain for this to work? Do you think I could get the same results with a somewhat lighter stain? My 2 cents is: Going lighter will require sanding. So this is just an educated guess from prior experience with regular oil base stains. Hey girl…. Need to ask another question…. I found a place that sells it but how much would I need…. I have 2 bathroom vanities and then my kitchen cabinets…. I could send you pics if you need to see…since I have to drive 30 min to get it I want to make sure I get enough.

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity

Stain a bath vanity