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The Italian Republic Repubblica italiana came into being in , after the fall of the fascist regime in , and as a result of a referendum on the Monarchy in The Italian Constitution was approved by the Parliament in December and came into effect on 1 st January, In recent years a political debate took place, to change the form of the State into a Federal one. Some ordinary laws have already decentralized more power to the Regions. The Head of the State is the President of the Republic.

Sex laws in naples italy

Sex laws in naples italy

Sex laws in naples italy

Sex laws in naples italy

Sex laws in naples italy

Furthermore, members of workers' committees may not be dismissed or transferred for one year following the cessation of their duties on the committee without the authorization of the relevant Sex laws in naples italy trade union organization Sect. Impact Lab. Digital Workplace Messaging Specialist. However, in the case this week it is not accurate to say the ruling suggests rape is less serious if the victim voluntarily drank alcohol. If employment continues for ten Sexx beyond the expiry date, the employer is liable to pay 20 per cent extra remuneration; for 20 days beyond the end date, 40 per cent extra; and only then is the contract required to be converted into an indefinite one.

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However, gender identity is not mentioned in Italy's anti-discrimination law, meaning that transgender people may face discrimination in areas such as employment, access to goods and services, housing, education and health services. Some years ago, a company which sold legal pornography in digital media such as DVDs via the internet was investigated because somebody suspected that it was selling child pornography as well. The immigrants, most who barely speak Italian, usually work hour shifts, engaging in quick sexual encounters in clients' cars or behind bushes by the road. The Constitutional Court overturned the provisions regarding accommodations with respect to private homes and religious institutionsbut Goth girls small tits upheld most of the legislation. Archived from the original PDF on lawz January Itlay the Safety and Security section on the country information page. Let's separate fact from fantasy. In the centre-left government of Prodithe policy system was italh open, and the dominant approach matched that of the women's movement, in moving ahead with "protection". Migrants with work or residence permits may work in sex work, and police cannot revoke residence permits and begin deportation procedures, as they tried failing by the Italian laws. Work Sex laws in naples italy can be issued to migrant dancers in entertainment clubs for one year in a single workplace. Lxws Harassment Workers Compensation. Maybe Alfonso also Sex laws in naples italy that everywhere there are touts offering bootleg DVDs and CDs standing elbow-to-elbow with fish and vegetable sellers, and that there is visible lwas.

In a sentence on Monday, the Court of Cassation partially accepted the appeal of two men accused of rape, on the basis that their victim had drunk alcohol willingly.

  • Situated in the north of Italy and just 50km from the southern border of Switzerland, Milan is the second largest city in the country.
  • Scognamiglio International Law Firm covers the whole italian territory with its offices in Naples, Rome and Milan, representing foreign companies and individuals in their approach to the italian market.
  • Despite this, Italy is considered a gay-friendly country and public opinion on homosexuality is generally regarded as increasingly culturally liberal , although LGBT people in Italy still face cases of homophobia.

The Age of Consent in Italy is 14 years old. The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity. Individuals aged 13 or younger in Italy are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape or the equivalent local law. Italy statutory rape law is violated when an individual has consensual sexual contact with a person under age 14, or knowingly perform sexual acts in the presence of such a minor.

There is a close in age exemption, allowing 13 year olds to consent to partners less than 3 years older. The age of consent rises to age 16 when one of the partners has some kind of influence on the other priest, teacher, ect. If the minor is under age 10, no complaint is necessary.

Sexual activity with a prostitute is only legal if the prostitute is under age Italy has a close-in-age exemption. A close in age exemptions, commonly known as "Romeo and Juliet law" in the United States , is a law designed to prevent the prosecution of underage couples who engage in consensual sex when both participants are significantly close in age to each other, and one or both are below the age of consent.

Depending on the situation, the Italy close-in-age exemption may completely exempt qualifying close-in-age couples from the age of consent law, or merely provide a legal defence that can be used in the event of prosecution. The Age of Consent ranges from as low as 11 to as high as 20 years old across the world. Back to list of international ages of consent View state ages of consent in the USA. Toggle navigation AgeOfConsent.

What is Age of Consent? What is Statutory Rape? Age of Consent across the world The Age of Consent ranges from as low as 11 to as high as 20 years old across the world. Age of Consent Map:.

Giancarlo P. Altalex in Italian. One day, some people arrived at the store offering her work in Italy at a shoe factory, with assurances that soon she'd find a job as a hairdresser. Child Support. Because Italian law prohibits gender discrimination another legacy of Lina Merlin , the language was neutral, although not the effect. Consulate General for final review of the case, issuance of a U. Entry is for members only but you can arrange this in advance of your visit providing you bring along proof of ID when you first arrive.

Sex laws in naples italy

Sex laws in naples italy

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Maybe Alfonso also said that everywhere there are touts offering bootleg DVDs and CDs standing elbow-to-elbow with fish and vegetable sellers, and that there is visible prostitution. Travellers to this city in the Campania region of south western Italy are often warned by other tourists and some Italians to watch out for pickpockets, to not travel alone down certain streets at night, and.

Just a whole heap of cautions. And while cities in Italy have their character up-front in the form of Roman ruins and Renaissance grandeur, Naples can seem like little more than a mess of motorcycles usually coming right at you along the footpath , crumbling buildings, traffic jams and chaos.

Naples is, to my mind, the Bangkok of Italy. Alfonso, whom I met in nearby Pompeii one glorious afternoon, defends his city's bad reputation but admits it can be hard work.

The local Mafia -- the Camorra which dates back around years -- has a well-earned reputation for being murderous and secretive, and it controls much of the black economy as well as illegal gambling and prostitution. It's unlikely the casual tourist would be troubled by a Camorra thug, but the bag-snatchers on motorcycles are very real. Reality and fiction blur readily in Naples: it was to this city that Tony Soprano, Paulie and Christopher came to seal the deal selling stolen cars.

Naples -- with a population of one million and occupying a window seat above the glorious Bay of Naples with the Isle of Capri in the foreground, and with Pompeii and Sorrento just around the corner -- is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, yet its bad press has done the city a disservice.

He looked at me balefully through his wire-frames. Me, I take one to the banco some time and they make me fill out papers and keep me for a long time. They make me to be the criminal. They don't give you another money for it. But I think maybe everyone know the falso. It was mid-afternoon when we emerged from the central station into the mayhem that is Piazza Garibaldi, an area the size of a couple of football fields where buses and taxis do daily battle with pedestrians and Vespas.

I could feel the adrenalin course through my body as it tried to keep pace with the rowdy pandemonium. Tourists are usually advised in most major European cities not to find accommodation near the station -- lowlifes, bad trouble and so on -- but we took our chances at a tidy looking place on the opposite edge of the piazza.

Outside our door -- but mercifully not beneath our window -- there was a raucous open air market by day. At night the ill-lit place had a haunted, deserted and vaguely menacing air. It was from here, by day and night, we set out -- and the cautions notwithstanding never once felt unsafe. Naples, despite the maze of narrow streets and ruined nature of some roads, is remarkably easy to negotiate. From Piazza Garibaldi a number of key thoroughfares radiate, notably the crowded Corso Umberto I which is a main shopping street -- although quite how shops selling jeans and shoes survive when there are cut-price alternatives up the nearby lane, if not right outside their doors, is hard to fathom.

This multi-lane road -- in typical Neapolitan confusion the bus lanes come at you from unexpected directions -- runs parallel to the bay below and leads to Piazza Bovio which is but a few streets from the central Piazza Municipio. Municipio is a useful hub from which to explore this city which was founded around years ago by Phoenician merchants and Greeks. They called the place Neapolis New City and its clear skies, broad harbour and cool climate made it a favourite refuge for various Roman emperors.

Books tell of a volatile history: it was sacked a few times by invaders from the north, and the Germans then the Sicilians held sway for a few hundred years until the Spanish took over in the 15th century and kept it under their wing -- more or less -- until Italy was unified. Out of that melange of cultures came Naples, the wild child of Italy. The elements of those formative centuries remain in abundance. Piazza Municipio sits beneath the towering 13th century Castel Nuovo from where it is a short walk to the seafront and on to the suburb of Santa Lucia whose former beauty is celebrated in the famous Neapolitan song of the same name.

Its 19th century author might not recognise his quiet suburb now, the narrow streets and lanes pulsating with life and energy. From here west however, along the coast and up into the cooler hills behind the city from where the view back across the city and bay is spectacular, Naples really comes into it own.

The Villa Comunale -- a long public garden which hugs the shoreline -- allows the city to breathe more easily and by the time you reach the homes hillside castles in some cases of Posillipo the sheer beauty of Naples' location is evident. You can appreciate why the city was once a contender for the capital of the unified Italy.

Although it doesn't brag about it in the same way as Rome, Florence and Venice do, Naples is also chock full of art and artefacts, notably in the archaeological museum -- above a pivotal underground station -- which houses some of the loot acquired by Pope Paul III formerly Alessandro Farnese whose swag of classical treasures known as the Farnese Collection can be found here, and in the Museo di Capodimonte which sits in lovely gardens to the north of the city.

Some sex workers are employed by legitimate businesses like strip clubs and massage parlours but strict control by the authorities tends to ensure that any acts performed in such venues are done so discreetly. Each year, the global internet porn tube hosting site, Porn Hub, produces a report detailing the porn viewing trends in every country. Unusually, the top search for porn stars included a man. Second place was reserved for American-Lebansese star, Mia Khalifa.

Image via Porn Hub. The gender split of the viewing audience across Porn Hub for was in favour of the guys. As well as PornHub, which is the 27 th most visited site in Italy, the most popular adult websites in terms of traffic are:. Although the international tube sites PornHub, X Hamster and X Videos make an appearance in the top 50 websites by traffic, Amaporn is a local favourite and accounts for a lot of the countries most watched amateur porn. PornDoido and Voxed are also popular ways to search for free porn clips in Italy.

When it comes to porn exports, the adult studios of Defeated. However, it is vintage Italian porn which still seems to float our boats and the exploits of classic stars from the 70s and 80s can all be viewed on the Italian Porn , Retro Tube or Vintage Tube websites. All that we love about Italian porn comes from these classic films and include erotic set-ups, soft lens action and a natural vibe that is truly European which is sadly lacking from a lot of current porn productions. A famously Catholic country, the history of homosexuality and diversity of gender and sexuality has long been an issue when it comes to legalised rights.

The Catholic Church has long been an influence in matters relating to sexuality in Italy. Homosexuality in Italy has been legal since under unification of the states. Though not expressly legalised, punishment for engaging in same-sex activities was simply omitted from the penal code. With advent of fascism in the s the ruling authorities once again deferred the repression of such acts to the Catholic Church. Though not illegal, persecution of homosexuals during this era was rife.

Happily, the current situation is less grey and the Italian LGBTQ community enjoys good equality laws and a steadily improving, more culturally liberal attitude towards their lifestyles.

Same-sex partnerships have been legally recognised since ; marriage is still not an option for homosexuals. Transgendered persons may legally change their gender though there is no specific anti-discrimination laws to protect these members of the community. In fact, the only anti-discrimination laws that exist to protect LGBTQ persons are those that prevent discrimination on the grounds of sexuality within employment.

This same law extends to the military where gay and lesbian personnel may openly serve in the forces,. Overall the situation in Italy for LGBTQ rights has improved over the last thirty years and the general attitude towards diversity of lifestyle is very liberal.

Certainly there is still much to fight for when it comes to true equality for the LGBTQ community of Italy but there is also much to celebrate too.

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The Italian Republic Repubblica italiana came into being in , after the fall of the fascist regime in , and as a result of a referendum on the Monarchy in The Italian Constitution was approved by the Parliament in December and came into effect on 1 st January, In recent years a political debate took place, to change the form of the State into a Federal one.

Some ordinary laws have already decentralized more power to the Regions. The Head of the State is the President of the Republic. He or she is elected by the Parliament in joint session, for 7 years. Furthermore, anyone who has been President of the Republic is a senator by right and for life unless he renounces the nomination.

Also, the President of the Republic may nominate as senators for life five citizens who have brought honour to the Fatherland through their outstanding achievements in s ocial, scientific, artistic and literary fields art. Both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic are elected for five years.

The government must have the confidence of both houses of Parliament. All laws must be approved by both Chambers; but some less important laws can be approved by Commissions of both Chambers, not in plenary Assembly. According to Sect. Treaties must be ratified by Parliament. European Community Acts and Regulations, as well as European Court of Justice judgements, are applied directly in the Italian legal system. The Judiciary is a professional and pyramidal body, composed of three instances.

Normally there is one judge in first instance, three in the second, and five in the Supreme Court of Cassazione. The Constitution contains some declarations of principles e.

The contract of employment is considered indefinite except in cases specified by legislation Act of Fixed-term contracts of employment are permitted to the extent that they are justified on grounds such as seasonal work, replacement of employees on sick leave or maternity leave, and extraordinary and occasional work.

Pursuant to Act 56 of , collective agreements may authorize other cases of recourse to fixed-term contracts of employment. Until recently, a breach of legislative requirements on fixed-term contracts led to employers typically being required to employ the employee indefinitely.

If employment continues for ten days beyond the expiry date, the employer is liable to pay 20 per cent extra remuneration; for 20 days beyond the end date, 40 per cent extra; and only then is the contract required to be converted into an indefinite one.

A fixed-term contract will also be deemed to be indefinite if the employee is rehired in less than either ten or 20 days from its expiry ten days for contracts of less than six months' duration; 20 days for contracts of six months' duration or more. Suspension of the contract of employment is pemitted under Sect. As far as fixed-term contracts are concerned, termination is automatic at the end of the specified duration or on completion of the specified task Act of Nevertheless, the employer may terminate the contract earlier for "just cause" Sect.

The Civil Code provides that each contracting party the employer and the employee of a contract of indefinite duration can terminate it, provided the notice period is respected Sect. Collective agreements frequently list the grounds for dismissal. Termination without grounds is limited to trial periods, domestic workers, employees who have reached retirement age and directors.

Dismissals on the grounds of political opinion, trade union membership, sex, race, language or religious affiliation are null and void. Furthermore, members of workers' committees may not be dismissed or transferred for one year following the cessation of their duties on the committee without the authorization of the relevant regional trade union organization Sect. Dismissal on the grounds of pregnancy, if the dismissal takes place between the conception and the end of the female employee's statutory period of absence on confinement leave or unpaid leave, until the child reaches one year of age, is also expressly prohibited.

Dismissal on the grounds of marriage is also prohibited. Protection against unfair dismissal of managerial employees is regulated by collective agreements. In case of unjustified dismissal, remedies are different according to the size of the firm: employers employing more than 15 employees or five in the agricultural sector in anyone establishment, branch, office or autonomous department, and employers employing more than 60 workers, wherever located, are required to reinstate the dismissed employee, and to pay damages at a rate of not less than five months' pay.

Alternatively, the employee can refuse reinstatement and request payment of damages equal to 15 months' pay. If the employer invites the employee to return to work and the employee does not take up the offer within 30 days, the contract is automatically terminated. Where there are fewer than 15 employees in a unit or fewer than 60 employees in total, the employee unfairly dismissed has no right to reinstatement, but is entitled to compensation ranging from 2,5 to six times the monthly pay. The employees of charity, union or political organizations are not entitled to be reinstated Sect.

The contract of employment may also be terminated by the resignation of the employee, provided a notice period is respected. The trattamento di fine rapporto may be partially i. The old Act no. All these limitations are applicable for effective working time. Surveillance jobs and waiting time can have a different evaluation. Work performed in excess of 40 hours a week is overtime.

Under Act , of , still in force, overtime must be paid with an increase of not less than 10 per cent over the regular rate. Many collective agreements provide that overtime pay will be not less than 30 per cent, but they can also provide — and they often do — that this bonus will be calculated on the basis of a narrower definition that the above.

There are also extra costs e. Night work has been recently settled by Act no. For part-time work , the distribution of the working hours is established by an individually written contract which cannot be changed by the employer. Special provisions in favour of student workers are established by Sect. All workers have the right to rest one day a week art.

Workers are entitled to a compensatory rest. During these festive days, workers receive regular pay. The Civil Code provides for a statutory minimum leave of eight days, for domestic workers only. Minimum leave of all other workers is determined by collective agreements, which generally provide for paid annual leave of not less than four weeks per year. Some agreements foresee additional vacation on the ground of seniority.

The time at which the holiday is taken is in principle chosen by the employee. Maternity leave is compulsory for female workers, from two months before until three months after childbirth. On the other hand it is possible to postpone pre-childbirth leave in order to increase the leave granted after childbirth. Collective agreements usually oblige the employer to make up the difference to the regular wage.

For additional time there are different indemnities depending on the family income. Supplementary time is also foreseen in case of twins or multiple births. A recently approved law Act of 26 March has consolidated most of the above provisions into a single text. Act no. The average period is about one year.

During this time, the worker is fully paid by the employer or by the Social Security. Beyond this period an employee is usually entitled, under collective agreements, to a further period of unpaid leave.

Workers with a minimum of 5 years seniority can request a maximum of 11 months unpaid leave all together or at intervals to attend schools, universities or other educational training. Special leave with or without pay or unpaid absences are granted to workers by collective agreements on the occasion of important family events. Article 37, second paragraph, of the Constitution provides that the minimum age must be settled by Statutory Law.

It also draw guidance from ILO Recommendation no. The Italian Constitution art. This is a fundamental concept of the Italian legal system. Equality between men and women at work is specifically recognised and guaranteed by Act , 9 December Act , 10 April provides for affirmative action to encourage true equal opportunity for women in access to employment and during employment.

Act , 15 July prohibits dismissal for discriminatory reasons such as political and union views, religion, participation in union activities Sect. Act , 11 May invalidates dismissal for discriminatory reasons, such as race, sex, language, political and union views, religion, and requires always the reinstatement of the dismissed worker.

A law on sexual harassment at work does not exist; however, there is case law on unfair dismissal on this ground. The Constitutional Court has ruled that equality is a fundamental right of foreigners as well.

For citizens of European Union countries, Sect. Act 40, of 6 March affirms equality between other foreign workers legally resident in Italy and Italian workers. Legal procedure for individual labour disputes is applied to combat discrimination at work. There is a fast track procedure on following grounds: i discrimination for union views Sect. For other kinds of discrimination there is the general fast track procedure Sect.

Under Italian law there is not a statutory minimum wage. Yet most workers are actually covered by a minimum wage agreement, established through collective bargaining see no. Upon request, judges can also fix a minimum wage, though it would be binding only on the parties to an individual contract of employment.

While initially it covered only industrial enterprises, its scope was progressively enlarged, so that it now also covers small building enterprises as of , agricultural enterprises , the marketing sector of industrial enteprises in economic difficulties , contracting catering companies in industrial enterprises in economic difficulties , journalists in press and TV activities in economic difficulties , employees in commercial enterprises with more than employees , some categories of self-employed workers e.

The Cassa Integrazione Guadagni operates mostly in cases of suspension or temporary reduction of activity due to causes beyond the will of the enterprise or the workers, or market fluctuations, and includes suspension of activity in the building industry due to bad weather. This benefit can be paid for up to 13 weeks, with possible renewal for up to 12 months in some territorial areas it can be paid for up to 24 months.

In the event of insolvency of the enterprise, the employer-employee relationship is not interrupted due to bankruptcy provided the enterprise continues to operate. Only for employees of shipping and aviation companies the Navigation Code provides that shipping and flying personnel have priority even over mortgage creditors, after court fees Sect.

Such payment is, however, limited to three times the ceiling of the Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Straordinaria. The insolvency is defined as in the bankruptcy law, which calls for a formal declaration of insolvency being made by the competent judge. However, the Guarantee Fund also pays in case of non enforcement of a judgement for small enterprises that in Italian law cannot go bankrupt. Pursuant to Sect. The Italian Constitution recognises the right of citizens to associate freely Sect. This provision, however, has not been enforced because a bill regulating the registration of unions has never been adopted.

Sex laws in naples italy

Sex laws in naples italy