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Our 20 plus years of experience combined with a certified playground safety inspector on staff, a certified recreation installation specialist, and great customer service makes us the perfect choice for your next project. PlayNation of WNC keeping kids happy and safe since We strive to provide the safest and most durable products that are backed by the best warranties in the business. See how far our team will go to make sure your swing set is installed properly on our installation coverage map. Looking for Commercial Playground Equipment?

Purchase swing sets

Purchase swing sets

Purchase swing sets

Purchase swing sets

Subscribe Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. When you are buying a swing set for the first time, it Purchsae be a swung deciding on how you will use it. Put in your set first then decide after if you want to do a mulch pit. This will keep your set looking like new. It is designed for children between 3 and 11 years of age, Purchaxe the material used is absolutely sturdy and made to last for a long time. Models include the Dreamscape, the Dream and the Ultimate. If you would like a mulch Skipping rope buy, we would recommend installing your Purchase swing sets set FIRST, and then installing a mulch pit after. Installation Area It is important to know your installation area before buying a swing set. Best for young children. Purchase swing sets The most important factor to consider when buying an outdoor playset is the space you have available.

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I know you will enjoy! Here are some tips on that. If your kids like to play on a seesaw, then they will like this backyard sefs swing set that comes with one. Buy on Walmart. If the surface is not level, you may have to level it yourself before you install the set. Our Top Recommended Choices. From here, you will be able to determine which swing sets best fit your family. Best Swing Sets Updated October Overall Best. Wooden swing sets. Best of the Best. Final Thoughts There are obviously a number of considerations you will have to take when making a choice Purchase swing sets all factors considered, I would recommend the Step 2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge which seems setss Purchase swing sets of the best swing sets for the money. But you have so many things to do or watch that TV show, have that glass of wine, and get more of that sleep you need! What is Purhcase price? It is made from a combination Endurance motor bike riding tips raisin and wood ssts adds to its beauty in your backyard.

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  • These days it can be a struggle to get the kids to leave the house and go and play outside, but if you have any of the best swing sets outside, you probably will be struggling to get them to come in.
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The backyard can host a wide range of equipment from grills to swimming pools. In small yards, there is room for an outdoor swing set, but the amount of space is limited. The best swing sets for small yards are found in the homes of people who did their research.

Make the effort to select the right playground equipment for your small yard. My First Metal Swing Set by Sportspower is a small yet sturdy swing set that fits well in any small backyard, whether you own an apartment, townhouse or single family home. Even if your yard is covered with a patio deck or overrun by a garden, this swing set will fit into any corner or empty space that measures only 89 inches in length.

There should be a few extra feet of space so that the kids have enough room to swing freely. The metal framework and foam-padded legs ensure that the swing set does not break down easily.

The maximum weight limit is pounds per swing seat, and the total limit is pounds. An average of 4 children are encouraged to use the set at one time. As long as kids and parents follow the recommendations, they will continue to use this swing set for years without any problems. Check Price and Reviews on Amazon. The Movement God Metal Swing Set fits into any small to large backyard with 10 or more feet of space.

The swings are specially made for children 8 years or younger and their companions to enjoy for hours. The steel structure is damage resistant and lasts for years through any kind of weather.

A two-year warranty is included to provide additional peace of mind to the buyer. Some people think that the basic design is a turn off. Few swing sets are very detailed and intricately designed. If kids want other forms of play, parents can always buy other types of equipment separately. Ideally, a swing set should be simple for kids who love to swing more than anything else. Most kids go straight for the swings on the playground, and at some elementary schools, the swings get filled up first before the monkey bars or merry-go-round do.

Overall, this is a good starter set for those who do not want a more elaborate and more expensive play set. Like every other swing set, there are two swings attached. In addition to the regular swings, there is a Fun Glider that accommodates two riders who either sit down or stand up as they ride.

Having the glider is especially helpful when two kids are already using the swings. In addition, there is a large disc swing that seats one child at a time. Last, find a wavy slide on the side. The weight is pounds for each user of the play equipment. Adults should not use the set and neither should multiple children who want to pile on top of it at the same time.

The swing set has steel frames and foamed legs for additional safety and comfort. The blow molded material is made of polyethylene plastic that does not crack, bend or break under the weather. The Camo Commander Swing Set makes a good first impression by looking stylish, safe and resilient.

Six kids can play at the same time without it feeling too crowded. The swing set is also easy to assemble despite its elaborate design. There are 4 stations to enjoy on the Fun Time Swing Set. Find a small wavy slide along with two swings that hold pounds per child. Also attached is a trapeze bar for kids to try acrobatics and a seesaw that is provided separately. The recommended ages are 3 to 12 years old.

The main benefits are the two swing seats that promote hours of fun swinging. Even preteen kids like to swing and will enjoy using this swing set. Younger kids with shorter legs will enjoy trying to reach high heights on their own. For toddlers, parents can attach baby swing seats with leg openings. This swing set is small and designed with safety in mind first.

The swings do not swing out too far or cover a long distance, so children always remain safe and parents never worry about dangers. The swing chains are covered in vinyl and adjustable to change the height. The Fun Time Swing Set is starter equipment for growing kids and parents on a budget until they can make a bigger upgrade. The simple design of only two swings and one trapeze bar is designed for kids who mostly love swinging.

Three kids can use two types of equipment at one time. The trapeze bar has a horizontal bar and two rings attached to chains that allow kids to swing back and forth. The equipment can be adjusted at different heights above ground to suit different body sizes. The swings of the Swing-N-Slide Orbiter hold pounds each and are designed for children up to 11 years old. The Orbiter is not another complex playground because it is guaranteed to be safe. The set has been manufactured and tested to meet ASTM standards for playground safety.

The A-frame construction is sturdy and easy to assemble in a few hours. The wooden guard posts will not rust or decay for as long as the set is left outdoors. No maintenance is required because the wood is sealed, so no cracks or splinters appear. The posts are said to be stronger and longer lasting than steel poles that are typically used in play sets. It takes some preparation to design a small space in your home. You have to think about downsizing the equipment that you want or using less equipment that fits into the space.

If making your yard bigger is not an option, you need to make accommodations for this small area. First, determine the maximum amount of space available for your swing set.

Draw straight lines using chalk or tape to make measuring easier. Include the farthest point that a person can swing without having his or her feet hit another person or object. Test the swing and see how close it stops from an obstacle. Then, have someone test the swing and swing out with the legs fully outstretched. Consider the average height of the children who will use your swing set and the average length of their legs.

Consider adding a few extra feet to allow people to walk around the patio table freely. Once you know the maximum amount of space allowed, measure its length, width and height.

The length is the most important measurement that determines the maximum length of the swing. Height also affects how far the swing can go.

Next, use the measurements of your yard to figure out how big the swing set should be. If the maximum length and width available are ten feet and six feet, you can choose a swing set that is ten feet long and six feet wide. Review the dimensions that are listed in the product description, and do not choose any set that exceeds these measurements. Consider the height of the swing set because this affects how far the swing can go.

The higher the height is, the farther the person can swing and the more enjoyable it is. Review the weight because some small sets break down easily. Know the maximum amount of body weight that is allowed on each swing.

If the weight is only pounds per child, you risk breaking the swing seat if you allow adults to use it. Some swing sets are designed for certain ages and weights. There are baby swings that swing out only one or two feet. Then, there are swing sets found on elementary school playgrounds that are made for kids from ages 6 to Older kids with long legs will not enjoy swinging on sets that swing out only a couple of feet. Likewise, younger kids will not be safe or feel comfortable on oversized swings that their legs are not strong enough to handle.

Choose from different styles of swing sets that vary in size and design. There are basic sets that consist of metal poles with one or two swings attached. More advanced sets have two to four swings with a slide, playhouse, ladder, sandbox or other features attached. Some parents find it more reasonable to buy an all-in-one play set that is the same size, but more expensive, than a basic swing set that has one or two swings.

Decide if you have enough room for an elaborate play set or need to add a few additional feet of space. Many buyers want to know the biggest complaints about swing sets and playground equipment. Injuries are minimal, and if they exist, the manufacturer is rarely at fault. Not being able to install or set up a swing set is not a common problem either.

Most companies provide step-by-step instructional manuals to help anyone assemble a play set in a few hours. Some parts are assembled beforehand, while others require only snapping and locking them into place. Instead, a major complaint is play equipment that breaks down after a few years. That is why warranties are often included in the purchase of play sets. These breakdowns are caused by either poor manufacturing or the misuse of equipment.

There are ways to avoid buying unreliable play equipment. The first step is to review the types of materials that were used to build your play set. Most companies devote two or three sentences to mentioning the materials used, such as steel, plastic or fortified wood, and the benefits of each one.

Cedar and redwood naturally repel insects and are highly resistant to disease and rot, making them the best for wooden swing sets. Zero products received from manufacturers. The structure is made from cedar wood which has been treated to ensure it is durable and able to withstand different outdoor elements. Shop at Sears to get everything you want—including great gifts for yourself or others. The set has a climbing rope which will make good practice for gym class. On the ground level there is a picnic table where the kids can sit to have snacks or just have a chat.

Purchase swing sets

Purchase swing sets

Purchase swing sets. An outdoor activity that the whole family will love

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Google Adsense. Earn points, get exclusive coupons and save. Member-only deals Earn more points Personalized savings get more benefits. When it comes to durability, metal swing sets, when finished correctly, are hard to beat. Metal swing sets easily withstand rough play and extreme weather conditions.

If your aim is to create an exciting adventure zone for your children, this is the swing set to buy. The all-cedar Backyard Discovery Skyfort II comes with a clubhouse and balcony that will make your kids the envy of the neighborhood.

This swing set is deluxe in every sense of the word, and it gives many public park sets a run for their money. Plastic swing sets tend to be the easiest to set up. They also have a toddler-friendly design that parents of small children will appreciate.

Most plastic swing sets are designed with smaller children in mind, making them more toddler-friendly than other options. Keep the following points in mind when shopping for a swing set to not only save time and money but also ensure that your kids are safe and happy.

Safely setting up an elaborate swing set can take days if you decide to do it yourself. Hiring a professional may be necessary to ensure the correct assembly of some swing sets. Larger swing sets can be notoriously difficult to set up. For those who need a little help, assembly service companies are available at a fee. If you have more than two children, a swing set with multiple swings is a must for avoiding squabbles during playtime. For babies and toddlers, a suitable swing seat is essential.

Type of wood: For wooden swing sets, cedar and redwood are the most sought after for their resistance to disease, rot, and insects. Protection for metal: When it comes to metal swing sets, corrosion and rust are the top concerns. Before buying a metal swing set, make sure the metal is galvanized or powder-coated to help it withstand the elements. Plastic weight limits: Plastic swing swing sets are almost exclusively designed for smaller children and will have lower weight limits.

Always check the weight restrictions on plastic swing sets to ensure safe play. Cedar and redwood naturally repel insects and are highly resistant to disease and rot, making them the best for wooden swing sets. A good swing set is durable enough to weather a range of outdoor conditions and provide years of use. A swing set crafted from the highest-quality materials may come at a higher initial cost, but these swing sets will outlast cheaper sets.

While it may not be the most feature-packed swing set available, the Swing-N-Slide Orbiter can accommodate up to three children at once with two swing seats plus a ring-and-trapeze combo for variation. Many swing sets come with extras such as slides, tunnels, monkey bars, climbing ropes, and forts.

Some swing sets have customizable features that can grow with your children, adding to the overall value of your set.

Your swing set will need to fit in your yard with room to spare. Measure your available space and don't forget to take pathways, pools, and other obstructions into account.

Common swing set extras like slides require additional open space to be used safely. The front and back of your swing set requires an unobstructed area double that of its height. This means that if a swing set stands nine feet tall, there should be 18 feet of clear space both in front and behind the set.

Also, avoid metal slides as they can become dangerously hot and may pose a cutting risk if not finished correctly. Laying down a soft base of mulch, sand, wood chips, or pea gravel before setting up your swing set will help prevent injuries caused by falls. With any swing set, inspections should be done regularly to ensure safe use. Wood grain may lift from time to time and require sanding to prevent splinters. We recommend monthly checks for any uneven or rough areas.

You will also need to apply a fresh stain at least once a year, and cleaning your swing set beforehand is necessary for the best results. Some areas of my wooden swing set seem to be cracking.

Should I be concerned? While cracks in your wooden swing set frame can be alarming, these are a normal occurrence and in most cases do not affect the strength of the wood. Still concerned? Insert a piece of paper in the crack. All swing sets require frequent safety checks.

Keep a close eye on chains, ropes, and cables for signs of wear and tear, replacing these as necessary. Moving metal parts can be oiled once a month for optimal performance. Ensure that there are no loose bolts and replace where needed. For a softer landing, loose fill such as wood chips, mulch, or sand should be used as a base beneath and around the swing set.

The best swing set available. On par with the equipment you see in public parks and school playgrounds in terms of quality and fun. Has fewer bells and whistles than some other products, but it's still a great buy if you're looking for an all-cedar play set with a clubhouse. A low-priced swing set that can entertain up to nine kids at a time. For the money, the variety this set offers is exceptional.

A tough swing set with fun features and craftsmanship that's likely to last through childhood and beyond.

A feature-packed metal swing set that may not stand up to many years of use, but provides a lot of fun for youngsters and a low price. BestReviews wants to be better. Please take our 3-minute survey, and give us feedback about your visit today.

Take Survey. Best Swing Sets Updated October BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.

Read more. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Bottom Line. Best of the Best.

Backyard Discovery.

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Our 20 plus years of experience combined with a certified playground safety inspector on staff, a certified recreation installation specialist, and great customer service makes us the perfect choice for your next project. PlayNation of WNC keeping kids happy and safe since We strive to provide the safest and most durable products that are backed by the best warranties in the business.

See how far our team will go to make sure your swing set is installed properly on our installation coverage map. Looking for Commercial Playground Equipment? PlayNation of WNC has a full line of playground equipment including traditional swings and slides to the coolest climbers and spinners on the planet.

Our turn-key approach to commercial projects means we will handle everything: Playground design, site preparation, delivery, installation, playground surfacing, and finally a safety audit. Contact us today to get started with your commercial playground. With so many choices, how do you even begin to shopping for a swing set? We put together a comprehensive Swing Set Buyers Guide to help you understand all the options, materials and accessories that are available to choose from.

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Purchase swing sets