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Written as a lighter and more story involved version of the Rejuve Universe. There would also be small home computers, portable data-pads, and a galactic-net uplink. Even if her bottom hurt from the morning's spanking she was sure to stay as still as possible as she sat on her school seat. Chronostatic Radiation, and Other Radiation Poisonings that Affect Cells : Various radiation exposure can be held onto by Cameron diez sex and their DNA during the process of rejuvenation, though the rapid wiping and restructuring of their cells and the Penitatas bottom blistering effects to DNA does remove large chunks of it. They had. All the kids had to 'play nice' or face expusion, confiscation of their eggs, and an automatic triple-swat penalty.

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Hives are triggered by an allergic reaction. But Jane had learned a thing or two about self-discipline, despite herself. It wasn't because of the itching of the nano machines working at her tender behind. This condition Massive mature breasts also known Henti ami urticaria and it is characterized by skin rash on the affected area. They can have consentual sexual relations without first signing consent papers in their adulthood, as they did not Penitatas bottom blistering the opportunity. And her assignments weren't being forwarded, either!! But Jane bit her little lip and listened Climate is tropical in most places; very wet with thick jungle. A power addict, drunk on the abuse of the helpless. The gravity is only 0. An atypical Roferian could go farther if they worked hard enough, or may not be able to sense anything at all, if they never had any training or practice and let the sense "atrophy". Seek medical assistance if the blisters become Penitatas bottom blistering painful, too large, or start to spread to other parts of the body.

The Rejuve Universe is a fictional future world which was invented by Lurking Dragon in his girl spanking novel Melody's Stories.

  • The concept of the 'Rejuve Universe' is of his own creation, as are his characters.
  • Today was Yom Kippur, and it was the holiest day in Judaism.
  • What could be causing the bumps, pimples or blister on buttocks, are this bumps common?
  • In the fictional spanking stories of Lurking Dragon and other authors set in Rejuve Universe , such as Melody's Stories , a Penitatas or Penitent one colloquially a penny or a bad penny is a convicted criminal who has been rejuvenated as a punishment for a crime.
  • The Rejuve Universe is a fictional future world which was invented by Lurking Dragon in his girl spanking novel Melody's Stories.
  • Background: This story is set in the 28th century.

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle s in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a physically six year old girl.

Sunday night, after taking her medicine, Melody found herself on her Mommy's lap in an unusual position--face up. Mommy felt that Melody needed some cuddling after her ordeal, and Mel had spent more time being held quietly and hugged than being spanked.

In fact, after her spanking in the car on the way home, she hadn't gotten a real spanking at all, just a couple of 'reminder' swats when she'd made too much fuss about taking her medicine. After a long cuddle, Mommy had quietly suggested that they go over to her bedroom window and look in on Janie And so Melody had watched through the window as Janie got her evening dose of the 'helper' paddle from her Daddy.

He had seated himself on the straight-backed chair in her room, turned her over his left knee, and pinned her legs before tucking up her pink nightgown well past her waist. Melody had a clear view of her tiny bare bottom as Jane's Mom knelt by her head and held her little hands.

Janie was so small, her little bottom barely covered half of Mr. Smythe's thigh, which provided plenty of support for her slim form.

Melody could see the complex pattern of dark bruises all over Janie's bare bottom. And, thoroughly covering her entire prime spank-spot, two or three dozen bright white blisters. Even touching those blisters must hurt, be intolerable under the influence of Firebottom Three. But Mr. Smythe began to spank Janie's blistered bottom with the light little paddle.

Melody could hear her holler clearly. And that was just the first swat. By the time it was over, all of Janie's blisters had been broken and were weeping clear fluid. She was clearly howling her head off in pain. Afterwards, as Melody watched and her Daddy held her still keeping her hands away from her bottom , Janie's Mommy rubbed some antiseptic cream into the poor child's tiny rump, which made her howl even harder.

Then Janie was put into a big, soft diaper right before Melody's eyes. She knew that the diaper was to protect the opened blisters, to allow them some relief during the night. Then both Melody and Janie had been put to bed. But Melody had to get up and go to school The day went fairly normally until noon.

Right after lunch Melody had to visit the Nurse for her medicine. It tasted terrible, as usual. Melody had to lie down in the infirmary for an hour, missing both her brief recess and her class's nap. Recess she missed; one nap was much like another. Since she had a real bed, she was probably more comfortable When she returned to class Melody again wasn't really feeling too good. She didn't realize it, but the effect had been growing after each dose.

Melody had a lot of trouble concentrating on her Japanese. She had a brief respite when, of all people, MARI was called up to the teacher's desk. And according to your system, you haven't even made an entry for five. But it was so hard to concentrate, my mind kept daydreaming But, do you remember what you asked me the very first day??

By your own request. I guess you were right. But Mrs. Jackson had her by the wrist, and was guiding the lazy little first grader up and over her lap. As they were behind the teacher's desk, the rest of the children's view was strictly limited, but they all got occasional flashes of Mari, and of course Mrs. Jackson was clearly visible. And was clearly pulling up Mari's pleated skirt and petticoat. Her next actions were clearly identifiable, as Mari howled "Noooo!

Please Teacher, not my panties! Pleease, not bare, Don't spank me like that! No, I'm giving you a nice little spanking on your bare bottom to encourage you to work harder, and that's that! And that's what Mari got.

Jackson's hand rose and fell onto the poor Voluntaras's bare bottom a dozen times, but the sound of the spanks told the experienced Penitatas in the room that Mari was getting spanked with a lot more sound than fury. Despite her request, Mrs. Jackson wasn't giving her anything like what THEY would've gotten. Of course, this could well be the first spanking she'd ever had.

And a Voluntaras was expected to know how to behave, and was punished when they didn't. But after that distraction, Melody was having a hard time with her own lessons. To the point where she actually fell asleep right in the middle of comprehension. An angry Mrs. Jackson was shaking her shoulder. Maybe sitting on a sore bottom will help keep you awake, little girl!! For about three steps. Then she paused and turned back to Melody, an odd look on her face.

To Mel's surprise, she reached back with her left hand and firmly placed it against Melody's forehead. Melody, I want you to know that, Penitatas or not, I DO trust you and would normally let you go by yourself, but you are looking sicker by the minute. I'm not sure you'd make it. Mari, I think you'd better go with Johnny. Yes, I know, Johnny, but you aren't as strong as you were. Melody was feeling vaguer and vaguer as her fellow students led her into the hall.

Johnny and Mari were the obvious choices; as neither was a Penitatas, they were naturally assumed to be more reliable than any of the other kids.

And Johnny Devine was, well, Johnny Devine. As they rounded the first turn, they were intercepted by the vice- principal, Mrs. Where is your hall pass, young man Johnny simply held up the back of his hand, showing the 'M' of a Medicalos rejuve.

Far better than any hall pass!! Garrett's entire demeanor changed. She almost snapped to attention and saluted. I mean, Master Devine. Very honored. I'm Mrs. Garrett, the vice principal. Let me have her Now to the infirmary. But I'm not a Commander any more, and won't be again for a long time. YOU are my superior, well, not officer, but my superior. And I am very much at your orders. Suddenly the vice-principal relaxed, and said "So you are, young man.

I guess I'm just not used to taking care of a little hero. No more false modesty, laddie, or I'll paddle it out of you. That's part of my job, Johnny, so if you misbehave, hero or no hero, I'll turn you over my knee and give you enough to make YOU howl.

You're right; I AM in charge here. And its past time I started behaving like it. We're there, now, and you've fulfilled your teacher's instructions. I'll take Melody in to the nurse, The two of you get back to class. The nurse was quite concerned, and ran a quick scan to see what was wrong. But the readings reassured her, and she turned Melody over onto her tummy as she told Mrs.

The vehicle was different, too, a mild irritant that was designed to burn and sting until it was worked into the muscles of the bottom. This pseudo-psychic sense allows an aware Roferian to pick up on the electrical fields generated by living, biological things, in order to note their presence, distance, location, and how they are currently feeling. Under this classification they are no longer considered to be criminals, and the base regulations for Penitatas no longer apply. Very vocalized sounds, void of accents. To have their spankings filmed and saved for later watching or "enjoyment" was just a fact of their Penitatas sentence, and a privledge of their parents.

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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Jane is a man who was convicted of using his authority as JAMES to force accused criminals to service him sexually or face penalties illegally added to their sentences. For that, he was sentenced to 8 cycles of 4-to-8, with Y repression, and was rejuvenated into a four year old girl a year ago. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle s in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a physically five year old girl.

Jane had had a terrible Saturday. The burning welts of her Birthday Spankings had been left alone by her Mommy and Daddy — no nano-lotion for a naughty little Penitatas like her, who couldn't even stay out of trouble AS a Penitatas. She'd been kept in bed all day long, not allowed up even to eat or 'go potty'; she'd had to ASK, and then her Mommy or Daddy would carry her into the toilet to 'go'—like a very sick little girl. Not that Jane was sick — just very, very sore!! Johnny's choice of the nursery cane to punish her had left her poor bottom in even worse condition than usual after a 'Special Punishment Day', and Jane had spent her entire day crying or sleeping — and not too much of the latter.

Jane was beginning to wonder if 'getting back' was really worth all the pain and trouble it brought. And Jane's Mommy was awakening her little daughter for the first of the many, many spankings she'd be getting today. Severe, Special Punishment spankings. Smythe awakened Jane by grasping her little hand firmly; there would be no chance for her to try to escape her fate this time.

And her Daddy was standing in the door waiting, just in case she tried. So Jane was quickly pulled over her Mommy's lap as the slightly plump woman seated herself on her five-year-old daughter's bed. And her Mommy quickly began turning up the hem of her knee-length nightie, rolling the green-polkadotted white cotton up to expose the seat of the nightie's matching panties.

Rebecca gently patted the thin cotton covering her little girl's bottom, knowing how much Jane HATED that sort of sympathetic, juvenile treatment. Then the woman grinned at her husband as she slo-o-w-w-ly tugged the panties well down her little girl's legs, right down to her knees. Jane began to sniffle as her bruised and still sore bottom was exposed to her parent's gaze. The blisters left by her severe spanking and paddling had mostly healed; there were only seven or eight little blisters left.

But these were right on her 'spank-spot' where little Jane's weight fell when she sat down. Right where a naughty little girl could expect most of the swats from a good spanking to land.

I wouldn't want to have to repeat any. Especially since that would add to your base count. And you wouldn't want THAT to happen, would you dear?? Smythe began to spank little Jane's bare bottom. No More Is it OVER?? Let it be OVER!! Jane's hard spanking continued. The poor state of her bare bottom to start with made each swat an even more terrible, blazingly painful test of her endurance. But Jane had learned a thing or two about self-discipline, despite herself.

And she was still counting each hard spank as her Mommy called out the twenty-first good, sound spank onto her tiny bare rump. Her little bladder had let go all over her Mommy's dressing gown on spank eighteen, much to everybody's disgust, but the naughty little five-year-old kept calling out numbers through the last swat!!

The eight blisters on her bare fanny had been totally re-ignited into eight little spikes of unendurable pain driving into her poor, bruised rump. But now it was JB's turn. Smythe quickly sponged off Jane's belly and legs, where she'd peed herself during the spanking, then helped her daughter over her Daddy's lap. Smythe hated his given names. He could have changed them, easily at any rejuve, but he'd just decided to go with his initials instead. And J. Smythe knew JUST how much his little girl's bare bottom was burning, and he was looking forward to increasing the pain in her posterior with another twenty-one good, hard bare-bottom spanks, this time from his much larger and stronger hand.

Meanwhile, Rebecca went off to the bathroom to run water over her red and sore hand, and to clean herself up. But there would be no cooling water for Janey's bottom. And that's just what Jane got. But it had been Melody's first Easter as a Penitatas; this was Jane's second.

And Melody certainly hadn't had a session in Penitatas court!! Her Daddy had been kind enough to keep the count for his little girl; over her bruised and blistered bottom, his hard spanks left her with no concentration or breath to count with.

She just cried. After she'd finally finished ber bawling under threats of further spanking , it was time to get Jane ready for church.

On Easter, little Penitatas go to the early morning service, instead of Sunday School followed by the ten-o'clock service. This was so they could get to the Easter Egg hunt in time. While Rebecca went off to get ready herself, J. First he stripped off her little nightie, then, frowning, he decided to carry the little girl into the bathroom for a quick sponging off.

Jane had certainly sweated during her spanking. And her little bladder had let go again, too. Not as bad as the first time, but it looked like J.

Then he quickly got her into her Pain-ties. The level IV pair that covered both her full botton AND her little thighs with nasty biters, right down to her knees. And over this he put her new little Easter dress, a bright collection of pink taffeta and frilly, little girl lace. The skirt was terribly short — short enough that the legs of Jane's little Pain-ties could be clearly seen beneath the frilly lace.

Even a bit of the bright red, well-spanked bare bottom painted on the back of the Pain-ties could be clearly seen. A matching Easter bonnet, white socks and patent leather shoes completed the little girl's attire. And then Mr. Smythe escorted his little girl down to the kitchen, where she could wait for her Mommy to come get her breakfast ready. Even through the lace and frills, sitting on the Stool with such a well-spanked and blistered bottom was quite an ordeal.

But soon Rebecca Smythe came down and began to get breakfast together, while J. Jane had learned the hard way to sit still and pay attention during the Church service. Her parents had the habit of asking pertinent questions about the sermon — and being very upset when she couldn't answer.

This was terribly hard, as he blisters were planted directly onto the hard bench, and the biters constantly shot needles of bright pain into her bottom and thighs. But Jane bit her little lip and listened Where was Melody??

Surely they'd make her come back to Assville for the big Easter Egg hunt?? Melody HAD to come back. Jane had been looking forward to seeing her nemisis getting spanked for WEEKS, ever since she'd left!! And then it was time for the big Easter Egg hunt in the park, and Jane had to leave the church, still worried.

The Easter Egg hunt was no game. In the park were gathered all the Penitatas from three states around, almost a hundred and forty of them. All around the park were hidden the sealed plastic Easter Eggs. And in each egg was a coded chip containing a modifier for the finder's spankings of the day.

The modifiers could either add or subtract spanks from the finder's base. But the eggs were weighted toward reducing the spankings, so the more eggs you could find the better off you were. Most eggs yielded fairly small changes, plus two, minus four and so forth.

But some prized eggs contained modifiers like one half, or one quarter, or the very prized 'hand only', or the less-prized 'helper paddle'. Of course, there were also the feared 'double swats' eggs, and the single 'triple swats' egg The event was timed, one hour only, from ten to eleven. All the children hunted together, three year olds to teenagers. All the kids had to 'play nice' or face expusion, confiscation of their eggs, and an automatic triple-swat penalty.

Jane was too small to search the trees, and too slow to get to the 'easy' eggs before the other small ones. And to be honest, her red and sore bottom slowed her down. Other kids kept yanking eggs out from in front of her as she tried to get to them.

She ended up getting a pitiful two easter eggs in her little wicker basket. When time was called, Jane morosely carried her basket over to where the lines were forming in front of the officials. As Jane waited in line, she looked out over the park and saw the first good, sound hairbrush spankings getting under way on the folding chairs set up all over the park.

She winced as she realized that soon her own poor bottom would be undergoing public chastisement. Last year, her Mommy had spanked her with the lightweight hairbrush she usually carried in her purse. But as they'd left their house, her Mommy had shown her the oak hairbrush she'd gotten for Christmas. Egg 1 was a Minus Six egg!!