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Top definition. Paper bagging that hoe would be a good idea before banging her. The act of putting a paper bag over a girl's head during intercourse, in an attempt to preserve the attraction. Often used in the case of a girl with a nice figure but a hideous face. So, man what do you think about Erin?

Paperbag sex

Paperbag sex

Have you done this or asked someone to do this? Francisco d'Anconia said:. But I'm thinking she must Paeprbag hideous if she would actually let him do that. Then what about the smell? Wait, what? Putting a paper bag on her head Paperbag sex sex.

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That's some kinky stuff right there!

  • One mouth, many faces -- bagged and face fucked.
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I think I know what you're referring to. A guy asked about asking a girl to wear a brown paper bag on her head while having sex. I would never do it. I wouldn't have sex with someone I am not in a relationship with.

But,the funny thing is,he said the girl was ugly. I answered,ugly attracts ugly or something along the lines of that and the QA got butthurt and was telling me I think I'm all that yaddayadda. This is an interesting question. I've always thought the paper bag thing was a joke. God I couldn't ask a girl to cover her face. God knows that if for some reason I was that put off by her face I wouldn't be having sex with her. I've always assumed that it was a joke when I've heard people talk about that.

It's a mean joke but I never thought people actually did it. That is horrible thing to have to do. I would never, not for money, anthing. If my face isn't good enough, go find someone else. Sexual Health.

Some have meantioned this act on this site if they didn't like someones face but liked their body. Have you done this or asked someone to do this? Isn't turning the lights off enough? Share Facebook.

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Paperbag sex

Paperbag sex

Paperbag sex

Paperbag sex. Mahou Arms - Version 0.1.616(cen) + 0.1.525(uncen) (English) by Paperbag

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It's called paper bag because you metaphorically want to just a paper bag on the person's face. Guy 1: Woah, this babe in front of us has an awesome figure! Guy 2: Wish she'd turn around so we can see her face. Guy 2: What a paper bag! Common in rest stops and fitting rooms. Either she's taking a growler , or she's paperbagging the restroom attendant. Dolemite

Have you ever degrated yourself by wearing a paper bag on your head during sex? - GirlsAskGuys

When I was first asked to participate in paper bag speed dating yes, speed dating with a paper bag on your head , I thought it sounded funny and weird, and I'm usually game for anything, so I figured why not. I did not think it through.

With the rising popularity of dating sites like Tinder , most of the online dating platforms are based around "Would I sleep with you? Loveflutter started paper bag dating to focus on personality and interpersonal chemistry before deciding whether or not you would make out with someone's face, and that's actually super cool. Because as most of you know, I am not the world's biggest Tinder fan.

I got to the weird science building in a part of town that looked like only ghosts lived there and was directed toward the open bar and instructed to "Drink more. Keep drinking. But if I had been a big drinker, I would've absolutely understood why alcohol would make the process less detestable. After drinking my weight in water with bubbles in it, I was escorted to the paper bag decorating room, which was like an arts and crafts room for people trying to get laid.

I didn't really understand why we were designing the bags, since I thought the point was to be a faceless weirdo and let your personality speak for itself. But once I started the actual speed dating, I realized that having a way to express yourself on your paper bag, even in the simplest way possible, really gave us something to talk about right away, as opposed to just asking each other questions about work and similarly pointless garbage that's good to know, but doesn't give you a real sense of the person.

They gave you a half an hour to make your bag, but since I was pretty sure the love of my life was not in attendance — and even if they were, they would like my bag no matter what I put on it because that's how soul mates work — I drew some weird cat ears, question marks for eyebrows, and pizza cheeks and got out of that room as quickly as possible. We were told we'd be going on 30 dates in 60 minutes, averaging a new date every two minutes.

We were encouraged to take notes of the person's first name, date number, and their quirky fact. Wait, what? And even though it was hard to improve on perfection, I followed the rules and wrote "'I died in a war" because it was the first thing that came to me and if they got that weirdo joke on literally any level, we'd be aces. We all put the paper bags on our heads and sat down at a table while the male suitors walked around the room to talk to us.

I was psyched because any time I'm told I don't have to move my body if I don't want to, I'm happy. My first date brought a dog and kept talking about how this dog was "his girl" and I was already ready for the next date. I hate when dudes talk about their female dogs like they're human women. These are the types of guys who name their cars after their exes. I can't handle it. Still, he'd drawn a Spiderman mask on his bag, and it was actually really detailed and good, and he was a nice enough dude to talk to, even if I wasn't attracted to him in any way.

I was already making the most of it and he wasn't openly horrible, so I felt OK about meeting the next twenty-nine guys. I was really proud of myself for being so game to do this. Instead of sitting through each date bored and disinterested, I was actively engaged with every person I met. I wanted to know about their weirdo stuff. I wanted to see what they'd drawn on their bags. I wanted to hear how they'd ended up at paper bag dating the most predominant response being "a friend told me about it".

Surprisingly, I was actually able to not focus on what they actually looked like under the bag. You could get glimmers of things. You could see their eyes, their posture, the way they moved, the way they spoke, if they could banter with me, all the important things especially the last one.

Plus, a lot of the time, the bags wouldn't really stay on your head so it would show you more of their face, or it would kind of slip off and you'd see a different quadrant of it. I could see one guy's face pretty clearly because his bag kept moving and I noticed that it looked like he'd drawn his actual face on his paper bag.

When I asked him if he'd done that, he just said, "I have nothing to hide," and I became terrified because that's something you say only if you absolutely have something to hide. Sure, there were other weirdos and awkward moments, like when one guy just talked about his love of women's clothing for the whole two minutes, which I didn't mind in an "Oh, it's not OK to wear women's clothing," since almost every guy I've ever dated borrowed my jeans, but more in a "Wait, why are you talking about this?

We only have two minutes" kind of way. I imagine it was just nerves, and the fact that we only had two minutes and no clear view of their actual faces, making you actually want more than two minutes if you really liked someone because all you have to go on is their personality. I have to say I kind of loved dating with a paper bag on my head. For one thing, I'd come straight from work and was wearing no makeup at all because who cares? I'd have a paper bag on my head the whole time.

It'd be great to be on a date and not have to worry if my foundation was looking weird or if my eye makeup was smeared or if my lipstick was fading. Granted, even with the paper bag you could still see my eyes and my mouth. But somehow it still felt like hiding in kind of a cool way. I felt sort of faceless, like I could just be myself and they could go off that.

My personality, however, is something I have confidence in round the clock. Not because I thought they were my soul mate, because that paper bag could come off and they could have serial killer eyebrows or satanic symbols carved into their heads, but because they were people I wanted to talk to for longer than two minutes.

Here is the story I'll tell our children: "Yes, your father was wearing a paper bag on his head like a torture victim in the Middle East but at the end of our two minutes together, I had not written about any horrible personality traits I noticed. And then we had you. Follow Lane on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Behold: Kylie's First Halloween Costume of Peep Your Horoscope for This Week. The Best Young Adult Books of Caelynn and Dean's Costumes Are Katia Temkin.

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Paperbag sex