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Since I currently have the joy of being able to make posts without them showing up in their tags, the decision to post a somewhat long and rambling examination of a relationship dynamic in Mahou Sensei Negima has been made. And since I posted it on a forum ages ago I have to put no effort whatsoever into constructing this post. Alright then, onwards, into the explanation of why I seriously ship Sakurazaki Setsuna with her slightly very psychotic rival, Tsukuyomi. Keep reading. Someone talk to me about my favorite lesbian half-demon.

Negima lesbian

Negima lesbian

Forgot your login? Negima lesbian 7th at PM Isn't 13 the age of consent in Japan, anyway? You need to login to do this. Getting mana lsebian good. Chachazero is Evangeline's other servant. Posted: Mon Mar 12, am. This page is for the staff of Mahora, its associated characters and other miscellaneous characters. I just watched the anime, but is the manga really that different? Voiced Negima lesbian Masami Suzuki Negima! No, her hands were constantly at head level, on the mana can.

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Although it gives Yue only basic magical equipment, it also provides her with a complete magical encyclopedia that can instantly access any magic-related information that is updated in real time. Immediately afterwards, her memory returns, and she again feels guilty for loving her best friend's crush. Tosaka is a leading member of the arena team "Grancius Fortes". Kazumi Asakura. She is referred to as "Captain Tatsumiya" by Negi. Fate is much more like a human than the other two before him since his "creator" stated that he left all his parameters normal, and that he has no loyalty to his master. Views Read Edit View history. She is capable of using magic-powered weapons even without the presence of ambient magic in her area. She is the one who implants the idea in her classmates heads to groom the ten-year-old Negi as a future boyfriend, many of them basing the idea off seeing Negi using age changing pills and the illusion of Negima lesbian father. The reason she has been working with Cosmo Entelechheia has never been revealed. She is a Shinmeiryuu swordswoman, who acts as Setsuna's master. Albireo would not respond to a person, in fact he would completely ignore them, if they did not call him "Colonel Sanders". He can also Negima lesbian Eastern magic such as summoning demons. After Kotaro comes to the school for Negi, she forces him to live in their dorm under the identity of Natsumi's younger T a performance rear end girdle, although he lives in great fear of her home remedies, which invariably consist of spring onion suppositories.

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Today Sean Gaffney will catch us up to date on the Yuri in Negima! Magister Negi Magi. Take it away, Sean! The only Yuri couple with any subtext, Setsuna and Konoka, have remained pretty much at a stasis for about 20 volumes.

However, this new arc in the Magic World seems to be finally showing some character development. This will be in Volume 25, which should be released here in early She fears that she is unable to protect her, even as she unconsciously cuts a huge boulder heading towards Konoka without even stepping out of her self-loathing monologue.

She snaps Setsuna out of her funk, points out that true strength is the opposite of what she thinks, and asks Setsuna to be her partner forever. And then they Pactio kiss. It only ends due to lack of breath. And now Setsuna has a new Konoka-powered Pactio card, with who knows what new powers. Being as Negi is ten years old, this is the closest we get in the series to a real couple. And this scene is almost everything that the fans have been looking for — I found it rather startling, in fact, especially for a shounen fighting harem manga like Negima.

I now declare it canon. Even if, yes, Konoka is still teasing Setsuna shamelessly. Art — 6. Overuse of the computer CG and far too much busy background, distract from the cute girls that are the only reason people read Akamatsu. Story — 7.

Interesting things are being dished out at a decent shonen rate. Not as well-paced as One Piece , but far better paced than Bleach. Characters — 8. Likeable, flawed heroes, and Akamatsu has done pretty well at actually having Negi still act like a year-old. Yuri — 7. Service — 9. And Go Sean! And thanks again for bringing your unique perspective to the readers of Okazu. I mostly just skim through most of Negima now, since everything seems so drawn out lately, but I had to find this chapter once I heard about it.

Definitely an awesome kiss! I hope this new Pactio gives Setsuna a new boost, because she seems to be rapidly losing her edge in power compared to a lot of the characters. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter both this awesomeness as well as the other KonoSetsu kiss scene that just came out in Negima Neo Ch.

The world's oldest and most comprehensive blog on lesbian-themed Japanese cartoons, comics and related media. Yuri Manga: Negima! June 3rd, Ratings: Art — 6. Overall — 7. Go KonoSetsu! Send to Kindle. Mandy says:. June 7, at am. Sean Gaffney says:.

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Lesbian anal milk enema gangbang. Sign In Don't have an account? Initially, she can only summon the harisen on command, however she is later able to call upon both at will. Her legs were turned to stone and broke off. Classy Filth's First Enema Part 2.

Negima lesbian

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Later on, she, with some help from Craig and Tosaca, rescues Negi from Godel during their initial confrontation. Setsuna helps support Negi in aerial fighting during the battle enroute to the Gravekeeper's palace. As they reunite with the others they enter gravekeeper's palace and quickly encounter a enemy, who looks just like Zazie. She is then effected by Zazie 's artifact however eventually breaks out of it due to Negi weaking it by breaking out himself.

As Mana stays behind to battle Zazie's sister Poyo they move on a head where Setsuna begins to clash with Tsukuyomi. As the battle rages on Setsuna notices the blade Tsukuyomi prepares to use the Fey Blade: "Hina" an evil demonic blade that posses the body of the user in order to give that user power.

As Tsukuyomi uses the the blade and it takes over her body and the battle between the two truly begins. After a while, Tsukuyomi has manage to get the Advantage against Setsuna, and told her that she's wonderful and laughs. Setsuna told her that the 1. Tsukuyomi told her that what's the meaning in that, and she Setsuna cares only for her "Ojou-sama" Konoka and that Mundus Magicus is just an illusion. As devoted serveratn of Magister Magi Konoe Konoka, she was a wandering existence for a long time.

However with the money she had been secretly and tirelessly saving, she pruchared a high-speed space cruiser. She married in to Konoka most likely, since the latter got married the same year.

Initially in this interpretation of the Negima story, Setsuna mostly remained in the background, spending more time alongside Mana in defensive maneuvers and commentary about the class as opposed to the interactions made by the other students.

While she still has her fears and worries in regards to Konoka, she does not face them until Kyoto, which remains mostly unchanged from the manga interpretation. After traveling to assist Negi in saving Asuna alongside the other students of the class, she joined in the mass Pactio as opposed to getting a separate Pactio, let alone one prior to Konoka as it occurred in the manga , where her ability remains unchanged but was not used in the final battle.

Compared to other renditions, the troubles that initially appear between Konoka and Setsuna do not exist in this series. Even at moments when she is away from Konoka considering Konoka lives with Asuna , she is always trying to find ways to keep connected, including the usage of a primitive cup telephone she and Kaede created for her mistress.

Because of her feelings and consistent desire to be near Konoka, Setsuna is usually used as part of several yuriesque jokes questioning the nature of her relations and feelings, usually used as the fodder for jokes. While Konoka's innocent mind can suggest one thing, Setsuna can end up misinterpreting her feelings or comments into something more emotional including one moment where Konoka making a comment regarding a Pactio being like "an indirect kiss with her", Setsuna imagines a scene where she and Konoka nearly embrace one another.

Since these feelings or ideas are locked within Setsuna's mind, Konoka ends up being oblivious towards them and merely laughs off her guardian's thoughts. Like the manga, she gains one of the first four Neo-Pactio made with Negi in the series she and Konoka switch places between the interpretations. Due to an early contract, she is one of the few to use all three forms within the entire run. In Cosplay form, she transforms into a more formal Shinsengumi -like warrior outfit with a naginata as her weapon.

While in Suka form, she turns into a crane , and notably, she calls Konoka "Kono-chan," which is Setsuna's private pet name for Konoka instead of her usual title for her of "Ojou-sama basically Princess ," likely because of the Suka form's side effect of regressing the minds of the Ministra Magi to that of a child's. As an added bonus in this series, the bad drawing style of Setsuna's seiyu Yu Kobayashi is made fun of.

In particular, a badly-drawn Setsuna cameos in this series at a moment to comment on Konoka after Konoka decides to start wearing one of Asuna's chupacabra T-shirts after Setsuna vows not to wear one and not to let Konoka don one, which Konoka did.

These same drawings of Setsuna show up briefly in the Negima!? Natsu OVA, in the background slashing at unknown bouncing things, while Haruna speaks in the foreground.

Yu Kobayashi eventually draws "bad renditions" of the entire class as part of the Negi-pa fan book series, usually as part of the preview for the next issue. Recently, Setsuna has become the first character from the franchise to be played by two actresses in the live-action adaptation of the manga. The original actress, Haruki Ichikawa resigned herself from the show mid-production due to illness. Aina Nishiaki would play Setsuna for the remainder of that series. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Cherami Leigh Negima?! Contents [ show ]. Setuna Sakurazaki wearing a blue bikini in Mahou Sensei Negima! Categories :. Three Sizes. January 17, Hair Color. Eye Color. Dark Brown. Blood Type. Guardian, Kendo Club. Mahora Academy. Club s. Kendo Club. Likes s. Cheap Ass Wine Part 1 of 3.

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The manga has a LOT of cute moments. Posted: Thu Mar 08, pm. I just watched the anime, but is the manga really that different? Oh well, while I'm here, I might as well post my favorite couple. I like Yue and Konoka together. Don't you think that would look cute, but of course there is no mention of that in the show. Any in the manga? The manga is more subtexty, so far. Posted: Mon Mar 12, am. Firescares Crew. Posted: Mon Mar 12, pm.

Ask, PM, whatever, I'm sure people will help. Posted: Wed May 30, pm. Posted: Tue Aug 21, am. Ex: setsuna is a perv whee. Posted: Sat Oct 27, pm. Posted: Tue Apr 29, pm. I love this show. The ending kinda sad thou. But it is so funny. All Rights Reserved. Manage Your Items. Get GCash. Get Items. Where Everyone Hangs Out. Virtual Spaces. Gaia's Games. Lake Kindred Battle with pets! Play zOMG! Play Conflict of Nations! Conflict of Nations World War 3. Play SmashBlox! Smash the blox off the board!

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Negima lesbian

Negima lesbian

Negima lesbian