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His feature film debut came in as the title character of the comedy film Napoleon Dynamite. James Heder, a practicing physician. He has an identical twin brother, [2] Dan, as well as an older sister and brother, Rachel and Doug, and two younger brothers, Adam and Matt. Heder is an Eagle Scout. After his movie career took off, he did not return to complete the work he started on the short, although his name does appear in the credits.

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

High-Def Digest. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Austin Powers in Goldmember On Thursday, Sept. Costello believes that Hess got the name from him, whether directly or indirectly.

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Remember me Forgot password? External Sites. Rate This. Charles Fetzer. Full Cast and Crew. Jared Hess's first film is more clever than it is funny, but it could grow on you, and it'll have a chance to if it gains cult status. Some people dynamitf bad days. Orlando Sentinel. IMDb More. Nanetter Neilson. Step Brothers. Tom Adams. Napoleon Dynamite. Miami Herald.

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Napoleon spends his days drawing mythical beasts, duking it out with his brother, Kip, and avoiding his scheming Uncle Rico. But if Pedro is to beat stuck-up Summer, Napoleon will have to unleash his secret weapon Presentation: Widescreen 1.

However, that group increased substantially once the movie hit home video. Dynamite turned into a true pop culture phenomenon as the DVD led the way. Granted, as many folks hated it as loved it, but the film certainly became much bigger than anyone involved would have expected.

And it also grew bigger than it deserved. This willfully quirky flick offers little substance and acts essentially as an unfunny waste of time. Set in rural Idaho, we meet dorky high school student Napoleon Jon Heder. Apparently friendless, he pretends he has great fighting skills, and he also believes in mythical creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

He lives with his grandmother Sandy Martin and older brother Kip Aaron Ruell , another nerd who does little more than spend hours in Internet chat rooms. Napoleon also meets classmate Deb Tina Majorino as she tries to sell things door-to-door to raise money for college. Kip insults her and she runs away, but eventually Napoleon tries to date Deb in his own logy manner.

Matters complicate slightly when Pedro takes Deb to a dance. Rico recruits Kip to engage in a marketing plan to make money. The visual design of Dynamite might give you the impression that the film takes place in earlier times. It wears its strangeness on its sleeve and trumpets these choices.

This is an aggressively quirky flick. Instead, Dynamite comes across like a one-note flick with nothing more to it than skewed nature. They simply annoy and act like morons. This is possibly the most underacted movie ever made, as almost every character comes across in a slow, understated manner. All of this attempts to facilitate the humor, but instead it simply gets annoying. Some movies try so hard to be different and unusual that they forget to attempt anything else.

Its forced oddness is all it has to offer, and that makes it more like a really long and tiresome comedy sketch than a real movie. I could see this working as a five-minute bit on Saturday Night Live , but 95 minutes of this nonsense wears thin. Footnote: fans should stick it out through the end credits for an extended epilogue. Napoleon Dynamite appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 1. With only a few exceptions, sharpness came across well.

Some shots - mostly wider ones - displayed mild softness. No issues with jagged edges or shimmering occurred, and I saw only a smidgen of edge enhancement. The film went with a natural but slightly subdued palette. The tones came across as adequately defined, though they tended to be a little pale. Blacks were deep and firm, and low-light shots offered good delineation. Just like the movie itself, it was a logy affair. The audio concentrated heavily on the front speakers.

Music presented decent stereo imaging along with mild environmental elements. These meshed somewhat awkwardly, as they could be a little speaker-specific.

The surrounds played an insubstantial role in the film. A couple of scenes like the one in the chicken coop and the dance showed minor use of the rear speakers, but for all intents and purposes, they were passive. Audio quality was fine but unexceptional. Speech came across as fairly natural and distinctive, with no problems connected to intelligibility or edginess. Effects played a small role but sounded reasonably accurate and clean.

Music was a little thin at times but usually appeared nicely defined and warm. How did the picture and sound of this release compare to the original DVD? Both seemed very similar to me. I thought the new and old discs offered the same impressions. A mix of new and old materials appear on this release of Napoleon Dynamite.

We find two separate audio commentaries. All three sit together for a running, screen-specific discussion. We constantly hear about how much they like this scene or that line. All four sit together for a running, screen-specific discussion. Occasionally we get some decent insights into the production. However, much of the time the actors do little more than giggle at the film and praise it. Boy, do they seem to adore this flick! When the participants focus on the creation of the movie, it works well, but when it devolves into happy talk, it gets tedious.

Moving to DVD Two, we start with two separate documentaries. Occasionally we get a split-screen presentation that allows us to compare the raw production clips with the final movie scenes. I enjoy this kind of program and like the fact we get a lively behind the scenes glimpse of Dynamite.

In this non-linear piece, we watch the lead-up to the premiere as well as the aftermath and what Hess went through along the way. Heck, he even chats about his childhood bedwetting and other real-life influences. Next we get four Deleted Scenes. Viewed together, these run eight minutes and five seconds. The first two are the more interesting of the set.

We can watch the clips with or without commentary from Hess, Heder and Coon. They offer some basic production notes and also relate why the clips got cut. These run a total of five minutes, 11 seconds. These lack any form of commentary. They also fail to present much new material. Most of the footage shows bits that already appear in the final film; the additions are extremely brief. Die-hard fans might dig them, but no one should expect much from these very minor extensions.

These fill a total of six minutes, 25 seconds. For instance, we get a take in which we only watch the other students as Napoleon talks in front of the class. We also get a couple of small trims that offer unique information. In the Still Gallery , we get 43 shots. Mostly these give us production photos, but a few details like close-ups of drawings also pop up here.

Really, Peluca is essentially a short and primitive version of Dynamite , as it consists mainly of scenes in the final flick or deleted scenes, in any case. We can also watch Peluca with commentary from the usual trio. The three-minute and second The Wedding of the Century! They chat a little about the ending scene and the movie in general.

He talks about how he got involved with the production as well as his work casting the movie. He lets us know why he chose these actors, character issues and working with Hess and company. The program ends up as informative and useful.

These feature Majorino , Ramirez and Haylie Duff Both are just as lame as they sound. Finally, the three State Fair ads feature Napoleon and Pedro. As expected, they advertise the Fair in their odd little way. Fans will clearly love being able to see this stuff. Note that this area includes six promos not found on the original DVD; it only presented seven of these snippets.

Does this release lose any extras from the original set? Not really. Otherwise all the prior materials repeat here. Oh, the DVD also omits the fullframe version of the film that popped up on the disc.

Based on the trailers, I thought Napoleon Dynamite had potential to be amusingly quirky. Instead, I found a movie that was nothing more than a tedious exercise in forced weirdness.

The DVD presents reasonably good picture and sound as well as a broad roster of extras, though the bland audio commentary is a disappointment.

If you already have that version, the question becomes more complicated. I can only recommend a repurchase for fans who have a lot of interest in supplements. Whether the new supplements are worth the extra money involved in a repurchase will be up to you. Whatever the case may be, I think this is a good release.

Cody Hobbs. Tami Auger. From metacritic. Jared Hess's first film is more clever than it is funny, but it could grow on you, and it'll have a chance to if it gains cult status. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Filming dates:. Rate This. Country: Germany , UK , France.

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored

Napoleon dynamite uncensored. Salvation Boulevard


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Napoleon dynamite uncensored