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Gay porky pig

Hello Kitty? He then orders Seamus to take his bags to a room, calling him a picturesque peasant caretaker of the old sod. Are there any photos of Porky Pig's hairstyle or shirtless? Merrie Melodies. Book Category.

Old on twink. Who is Porky Pig? Biography, gossip, facts?

Meanwhile, uncle Mark is rushed to the hospital so that he may recover from the assault he suffered at the hands of the Controller and McCormick. Cock Suckin Gay porky pig 2. Horny pigs with hard cock needs fresh meat Vol. Masked Men. Share your love of our comics. Young sexy guys with their boyfriends getting kinky and having some fun with the camcorder filming each other. Julie is a fuck pig 10 min Estonianpiteousness - Some of the aforementioned depictions appearing on this site contain visual ipg of sexually explicit conduct made before November 1, and as such pory exempt from the requirements set forth in pi USC Top definition. Plrky classic Logan fashion, scorching sex lies at the center of the action and drama, and PORKY 4 proves beyond any doubt that good things come to those who wait. Tags: teenageryoungpublicoutsideredheadkinkpeeingpeeurinepokemonmisty Pantyhose vhs, cosplayershort shortsoutdoorbootscartoon. Leanne latex enjoying Speedy 's new frozen pizza. The re-issue includes the same Gay porky pig content as the original release, but also includes a Gay porky pig new pieces of additional original Porky art.

Queer Duck is an American animated series produced by Icebox.

  • Porky MILF uses her stunning curves to seduce a hunky young stud.
  • These little piggies are all about extreme sex with no limits.
  • Top definition.

Happy St. This a joyous post. I know! Can you believe it? Perhaps some more extreme language will get some attention. Fuck yeah! I would like to thank Bevianna and Bri Bones for all their work behind the scenes. I said crushed ice, you incompetent- oh, yeah, the speech typer-thing was still going.

No, not for the whole site. Where was I? Oh yes, I was about to start my St. Halloween was all about Bugs vs Dracula, with Bugs being the obvious winner. Let the geeks begin! In mother Ireland, yes, your Joshie is Irish, Porky is traveling. Why do I always pick the ones where the character is traveling? Oh well. Sure, pig. Cause that worked out so well for Brad and Janet. Luau scoffs at the very idea of leprechauns, and continues up to the castle, blasting his ham hocks with every step.

Anyhow, he reaches the castle and uses the shamrock shaped knocker. Since no one answered, naturally, he lets himself in, concluding they must be asleep. In the darkness we see a silhouette, before a match is lit, and a ginger man, glad in green, including hat, with a pipe, lights a match, and candle. He then orders Seamus to take his bags to a room, calling him a picturesque peasant caretaker of the old sod.

Um, Pork Ribs, you just entered his place, without permission, and are now demanding to stay there? He slams the door closed, and a spiked mace falls on his head. Unintentional rhyme. Seamus separates at the waist, and runs over to check on the unconscious pig. Meanwhile, arms pop out of his pants, and an identical person, but with black hair, comes running over to join him.

At said stairs, ginger uses the railing while blacky takes the stairs proper. They go their separate ways at the top, with the legs staying with Porky. When he gets to the room, he tells Seamus to put the bags down anywhere. Big mistake. The bed tilts back into the wall, and sends Porky down a tunnel, dropping him in a chair. Porky tries to object, and is called a blatherskite, and told to be silent.

Fun Tidbit 4 Blatherskite needs to come back into main stream language. Porky protests, demanding a fair trial. I sentence you to the wearing of the green shoes! No, seriously. Green shoes, that clash with his, pants? Never mind. That is, of course, until they turn him into an Irish stepdancer against his will.

As he dances his way out of the courtroom, the leprechauns laugh. We see Porky dancing in front of a giant pot of gold. Porky dances further away, and tries to pull the shoes off, which he does, throwing them past a shamrock plant. The shoes chase him down, trying to get back on his feet. As he flees, he goes through a field of pipes.

Not Mario pipes, smoking pipes. Porky runs up some stairs, and passes between two harps. Anyhow, Porky jumps, and the shoes jump after him. Being a toon, Porky runs vertically on air to escape, falls in a pipe, and comes out the other end as smoke, before re-forming. He grabs a giant harp, and it shrinks to fit his wrists like handcuffs. Emerald Isle, bitch!

The shoes kick him in his shapely ass, and he lands in them, only to begin dancing once more. In fact, it dances him right off another cliff, and into a golden liquid in a pot. We fade to Porky flopping about at the castle entrance in a puddle. Perfectly innocent. Porky says he sentenced him to wear the green shoes. He offers Porky rest in a soft bad.

Porky says he must be going. There you have it, lads n lassies, our 1 year anniversary commemorative post. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.

He also drives Bugs and Daffy home from prison after their release. Rare is talent like his. Logan is such an artist. Porky is also a pushover as Daffy basically took over his house and made him his servant, he is best described as a bummer by Daffy and Bugs as he falls upsells and ridiculous things he does not need, and is also lonely and frequently talks to himself on a mirror with a wig on. Porky tells Bugs that he's miserable at his job, so Bugs explains that you have to make work "fun". This is a great comic.

Gay porky pig

Gay porky pig

Gay porky pig. 2 Ways to Vote him Up!


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Instead, Bugs and Elmer expressed their love for each using homosexual codes of the day, such as Elmer pointing a gun at Bugs, and Bugs responding with a squirt of seltzer in his face. Some were dismayed, others indifferent, but most were supportive.

It is a joke. And just so you know — Bugs Bunny is probably my biggest literary influence. Bugs Bunny Dumbledore Harry Potter humor publishing. October 28, at am. June 16, at pm. I am truly shocked. Bugs Bunny, you say…. I had no idea. October 28, at pm. I knew there was something uncomfortably intimate about that relationship between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny! I knew it! Wacky Rabbit, Daffy Duck?

And poor Porky Pig…poor guy…nobody wants the fat one. October 29, at am. I love it!! Do you know how many people will take this as the gospel truth and spread it??? And what about the whole hairdresser thing with that shaggy monster? Sure, he used dynamite to set the curls, but otherwise he seemed a little to knowledgeable about it. October 29, at pm. You are so damn good that I actually looked this up to read more on the topic. On the other hand, you are dead on—Bugs Bunny was SO gay.

I suspect Popeye, too, and his lesbian beard, Olive Oyl. I can see her having a secret affair with bisexual Betty Boop. October 30, at pm. October 31, at pm. February 14, at pm. February 23, at pm. March 11, at pm. You can keep them hidden under your protective wing, Ron On.

The fact is, and from reading many biographies and autobiographies about and from the animators that made these little gems, the cartoons were for adults as well as kids. Or should we continue to hide in the sand until your homophobic crusade burns itself out? March 30, at pm. Its called armagedon my friend ,and if you call homosexuality humor thats pretty sad, especially, when its with our children. April 11, at am. April 16, at am.

Sorry for the flame war, folks. Kill the gay wabbit! February 16, at am. Hey fudge packer, why is it so hard for you accept that fact that not everyone is ok with you being a pervert. October 7, at am. November 3, at pm. November 29, at pm. If anyone freaks out over a popular fictional character being gay, then pity for them. Honestly, you cannot determine the personality of a cartoon character of a non-continuous flow of shorts having little to no relation to each other.

November 11, at pm. March 29, at am. July 18, at pm. January 28, at pm. Its damaging perceptions like yours that is damaging people, not the fact gay people exist. July 29, at pm. November 4, at pm. Nice job, Neil — the best satire roots out the fear-mongerers. November 8, at pm. June 19, at am. November 9, at am. Even when I was a kid, seeing Bugs crossdress and try to seduce Elmer Fudd was enough for even me to know which way he leaned! I mean, the furry fandom has known for ages, its halarious to think of all the childhoods this is going to ruin for right wingers who have now grown up to hate gay people.

February 9, at am. April 13, at am. May 27, at am. June 9, at pm. November 28, at pm. The face on the man in the photo in the banner at the top of this page is gay. Crap, I wish there was a way to delete my comment.

Sorry, that was stupid of me. Forgive me. December 4, at am. March 21, at am. If Bugs is gay how did he produce all those babies he had with the the last of the Mohicans in the cartoon titled : A Feather in his Hare. Was the very male looking indian really a very homely women or is Bugs really a doe. July 11, at am. Before you break something important, listen. Montana was a very good quarterback. But he is NOT the best quarterback of all time.

If you people would read the whole article for once, you would see that Bugs Bunny is not gay. February 3, at am. So its not okay for cartoon characters to be gay.. If you really think about it.. I seen an episode where bugs did a bump of coke with the general.. So stupid! July 2, at pm. There was a Loony Toons episode where Bugs and Elmer got married because they wete under some spell.

August 7, at am. My Gosh! Stop fighting, and just like, read the last paragraph. It clearly states that bugs bunny, is, in fact, not gay. It is not even approved by The Warner Brothers. Of course, like many of you said, he kisse s men, he dresses in drag, but heo also falls hard for Lola bunny.

This gives viewers a clear hint. Maybe he is bi. Who said bugs haddto be gay? Plus, who cares? He is a fictional character. He has no real sexual orientation whatsoever. So all you haters out there, just leave him be. Plus, people have all the right to. One of my best friends is gay.

Gay porky pig