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Maureen helps take care of their younger sister, Missy, while their mother Abigail is pregnant. It is here that she meets her new neighbor, year-old Court Foster. Court kicks Dani out of his creek. When Dani goes home, her mother tells her to wash up because an old childhood friend is coming for dinner with her children. Foster with her three sons Court, Dennis, and Rob.

Dani trant nude reese

Dani trant nude reese

Dani trant nude reese

Dani trant nude reese

What was marvelous Neriah davis playmate pics, at the end of the scene, Reese knew that something happened. This film was preceded by a TV version starring Tab Hunter. Over the next few days, Dani is getting pushed away by Court. It makes my heart beat hard because I want to buy everything. One half of the cottage was called "Same Time" and the other half called "Next Dani trant nude reese the Heritage House closed due to foreclosure in December It is based on the novel of the same name by T. Then she gets some instruction from Maureen on how reee kiss and behave around boys.

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Writer: Jenny Wingfield. Best Celebrity Sites. Dani : Sure. Maureen Trant : You are a baby. I'll bet. She's a real 'girl' girl. Live Cam Spy Girls. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Dani trant nude reese of birth : Danni States. Comedy Drama Romance. This film is rated PG Views Read Edit View history.

Spouse is an American actress and producer.

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  • The Man in the Moon marks the stunning acting debut of a year old Reese Witherspoon, who would become a major star a decade later.
  • The Man in the Moon is a American coming of age drama film directed by Robert Mulligan in his final film and is also Reese Witherspoon 's film debut.
  • Everything about "The Man in the Moon," Robert Mulligan's effortlessly old-fashioned family drama set in a small Southern town, has a rosy glow.

The Man in the Moon is a American coming of age drama film directed by Robert Mulligan in his final film and is also Reese Witherspoon 's film debut. In the summer of , Dani Trant is a year-old girl in Louisiana who, according to her father, is "too big to be running off by herself.

Maureen helps take care of their younger sister, Missy, while their mother Abigail is pregnant. Dani however prefers to run off to the neighbor's creek to go skinny dipping , it is here that she meets her new neighbor, year-old Court Foster. Court kicks Dani out of his creek; when Dani goes home, her mother tells her to wash up because an old childhood friend is coming for dinner with her children. The Trants' old friend turns out to be a widow, Mrs. Foster with her three sons Court, Dennis, and Rob; when Dani realizes who Court is, the two dislike each other.

Court calls Dani "a little girl"; when Dani's father Matthew tells Dani to accompany Court into town for groceries, Dani and Court drive into town and start to get along. Dani finally realizes that she is in love with Court. Maureen goes on a date to a dance with her boyfriend Billy Sanders; when they leave the dance, Billy wants to park his car and have sex. Maureen gets angry and breaks up with Billy because she believes "love should be beautiful"; the next day, Dani asks Maureen for advice on how to kiss a boy.

Maureen demonstrates by practicing on her hand. Dani and Court continue to go swimming during the hot sunny days and become very close friends; the two agree to meet to go swimming at night, since Court has too much work to do during the day. Dani sneaks off and swims with Court until they reach the point where they are about to kiss.

Court pushes Dani away and says she is a little girl that doesn't know what she's doing, and runs off home.

Dani leaves too just as a thunderstorm is breaking out. Abigail wakes up, knowing Dani isn't home, and runs outside looking for her. Just as Dani gets home, and runs to her mother, her mother also runs and trips on a root, falls and hits her head. Dani's father races her to the hospital, where she is kept for treatment concussion and toxemia ; when her father returns home from the hospital, he spanks Dani with his belt. The next day, Court brings food to the Trant house and apologizes to Dani for the other night.

Dani, still hurt, just ignores him at first, until Court says he would still like to be friends; the next time they go swimming the two share Dani's first kiss. Dani is still hurt and angry at her father for hitting her; when he tries to talk to her the next day feeling remorseful for using his belt on her, she only replies with "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" to his questions.

Once Dani has made up with her father, he tells Dani to invite Court over once in a while so he can get to know him better; when Court comes over for dinner, he finally meets Maureen. Dani can tell it is love at first sight for the two of them. While Dani visits her mother in the hospital, Court comes over to the Trant house and kisses Maureen. Over the next few days, Dani is getting pushed away by Court.

While the rest of the family goes to pick up Abigail and the new baby from the hospital, Court and Maureen claim their love for each other, consummating their love in a field; when Maureen leaves for home, Court goes back to plowing the fields and falls off the tractor, and is badly injured. Dani sees this, and races home to tell her father; when Matthew returns home, he has some of Court's blood on his clothes and the family realizes that Court has died.

Maureen hides her pain at first, while Dani bursts into tears. After Court's funeral, Dani continues to be angry at Maureen for stealing Court away from her.

Matthew tells Dani that although she has a right to be hurt, being mad won't bring Court back, and Maureen will be her sister for life. Dani comforts Maureen as she weeps on Court's fresh grave, and the film ends with Maureen and Dani talking outside on the porch at night as the summer draws to a close, looking up at the moon becoming close again.

The Man in the Moon marked the film debut of Reese Witherspoon at the age of 14 years. Director Mulligan commented that casting her in the role of Dani was:. The photography was by Academy Award -winning cinematographer Freddie Francis.

The film was highly praised by Roger Ebert , who included it at No. Later, Mulligan became disenchanted with how the film was edited and cut by airlines , particularly American and Delta Air Lines , for in-flight showings , he became so disturbed by these airline edits to the picture that he insisted that his name be removed from the credits of the film.

The screenplay by Bernard Slade is based on his play of the same title; the film stars Ellen Burstyn. In , at an inn on the Mendocino County coast, Doris, a year-old housewife from Oakland, meets George, a year-old accountant from New Jersey at dinner, they have a sexual tryst agree to meet once a year to rekindle the sparks they experienced at their first meeting, despite the fact that both are married with six children between them.

They discuss their spouses and Helen. Over the course of the next 26 years, they develop an emotional intimacy deeper than what one would expect to find between two people meeting for a clandestine relationship just once a year. During the time they spend with each other, they discuss births, deaths -including George's son Michael dying in Vietnam , which changes George politically - and the marital problems each experiences at home, while they adapt themselves to the social changes affecting their lives.

At their meeting in , George tells Doris that his wife, died of cancer earlier in the year, that Helen revealed to a friend that she had known of the affair for ten years, but never told George she knew. Now a widower, George proposes to Doris who refuses to accept because of her loyalty to, respect for, Harry. Rejected, George leaves for good -- but he returns, they promise to continue the affair as long as they are able; the movie is structured as six episodes, each occurring five years apart.

Between the scenes are shown a series of photos that depict cultural and political events that had ensued in the years between each segment, such as Harry S. Kennedy ; the episodes are period-specific making references to what was happening during the time portrayed.

For example, in the segment set in , Doris is caught up in the protest movement at Berkeley, while George takes a Librium and reveals that he'd voted for Barry Goldwater , that his son had been killed in Vietnam.

The shell of the cottage was built on a temporary foundation overlooking the Pacific Ocean , but the interior was filmed on the Universal Studios sound stage in Los Angeles. After filming was completed, Universal paid for the shell to be relocated to a permanent foundation and the interior was outfitted with the studio furnishings; the cottage became a popular romantic getaway, so popular in fact that the Heritage House partitioned the cottage in half and added a second bathroom to the opposite end.

One half of the cottage was called "Same Time" and the other half called "Next Year"; the Heritage House closed due to foreclosure in December Paul McCartney had composed a title song for the film, which he recorded with Wings, not used. He released it as the B-side of a single in While Bernard Slade's acclaimed stage play earned a storm of praise, the movie received mixed reviews.

Slade's screenplay isn't funny, it's full of momentous events that can't be laughed away As directed by Robert Mulligan Same Time, Next Year is both more than it could have been. By moving the action outdoors once in a while, or into the inn's restaurant, Mr. Mulligan loses the element of claustrophobia that might have taken an audience's mind off the screenplay's troubles, but he substitutes the serenity of a California coastal setting, gives the film a visual glamour , mercifully distracting.

Mulligan seems to have been more interested in sprucing up the material than in preserving its absolute integrity, under the circumstances, his approach makes sense Alda isn't playful, he reads every line as if it were part of a joke, which only accentuates the flatness of the script.

Miss Burstyn, on the other hand And it features two first class performances by Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda. This film was preceded by a TV version starring Tab Hunter. Based on Piersall's shattering tell-all biography, the film traces Piersall's rise from the sandlots of Waterbury, Connecticut , to the Boston Red Sox professional baseball team.

Karl Malden plays his domineering father who pushes him further. Unable to withstand the pressure, Piersall suffers a nervous breakdown and goes to a mental institution. After a long period of therapy, Jimmy realizes that he has excelled in baseball to please his father — not for his own gratification. Brown Perry Wilson as Mrs.

Piersall Peter J. Rights to the book were bought in July He says. The Great Impostor is a movie based on the true story of an impostor named Ferdinand Waldo Demara ; the film is loosely based on Robert Crichton's biography of the same name, it stars Tony Curtis in the title role, was directed by Robert Mulligan. The film only loosely follows Demara's real-life exploits, is much lighter in tone than the book on which it is based; as he is arrested by the Coast Guard on an island in New England , a man born as Ferdinand Waldo Demara but known by many other identities recalls the events that brought him to this point.

Demara joined the Army, he wanted to become an officer. On a whim, he fakes a set of credentials and becomes a U. Marine; when his lie is detected, facing jail, fakes a suicide and hides out as a Trappist monk. After a while, he is expelled from the monastery and imprisoned in a military brig , but the warden inadvertently confides too many details of his own life to Demara, taking a liking to him.

Upon his release, Demara impersonates the warden and lands a job working in a Texas penitentiary, where he takes up with his new warden's daughter, Eulalie. Blackmailed by an inmate who recognizes him from the military jail, Demara once again flees, he joins the Royal Canadian Navy. Hailed as a "miracle doctor," Demara gains publicity; the Navy finds out who he is and intends to hold a court-martial.

Nurse Lacey and others vow having seen his good side. Worried about possible disrepute to the RCN, his stellar service, he is allowed to leave under a general discharge, he goes and becomes a teacher in New England. The FBI comes up with an agent whose assignment is to track down the great impostor and capture him.

In the end, the agent is revealed to be Demara himself. Weiler of the New York Times said: " But the story, enhanced by the serio-comic talents of Tony Curtis in the title role, add up to an odd-ball, but engaging, movie Variety, it's been pointed out, is the spice of life, Demara's life, as presented here, appears to be spicy beyond compare, but the record backs our adventurer fully Suffice it to say that Mr.

Curtis, running this gamut of adventures as well as with a wink, contributes the necessary light touch that makes palatable this derring-do based on factual data. The Pursuit of Happiness film The Pursuit of Happiness is a American drama film about a student who goes on the run to avoid serving his full prison sentence for vehicular manslaughter. The film was directed by Robert Mulligan ; the producer was the associate producer, Alan Shayne. The screenplay was written by George L.

Disenchanted college student William Popper is convicted of vehicular manslaughter for killing a woman with his car. With only a week left on his sentence and the help of his girlfriend, Jane, he escapes to Canada , making both of them wanted fugitives. Conroy Rue McClanahan as Mrs. The film shamelessly separates the pack into liberals good and republicans bad The Pursuit of Happiness rides a teeter-totter of honest realism and complete ineptitude.

At one point William breaks out of jail with one week left in his sentence, an act out of character, not to mention illogical.

This the kind of movie that I would like to see come out more often. Dani and older sister Maureen Emily Warfield , who is going off to college in the fall, are very close. The cast of "The Man in the Moon" is full of great talented names. Sort by: Title Year Popularity Rating. Dani finally realizes that she is in love with Court. Until its final reel, when it strains badly to accommodate an almost biblical stroke of retribution, "The Man in the Moon" is a small, fond film that achieves a kind of quiet perfection.

Dani trant nude reese

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A young woman who's reinvented herself as a New York City socialite must return home to Alabama to obtain a divorce from her husband, after seven years of separation. Rural Louisiana, summer of , Elvis is King. At 14, Dani is coming of age.

Her older sister is beautiful, smart, and off to Duke in the fall; her mom's pregnant with number four Dad wants a son , and Dad's pretty strict. Life gets sweeter when year-old Court Foster, his widowed mom, and two little brothers move into the vacant farm next door. Court likes Dani's high spirits and direct way, and though he has a man's responsibilities on the farm, they go off swimming sometimes. The waters of adolescence are deeper than Dani realizes as hers and Court's feelings get jumbled.

Then Mother Nature throws wrenching surprises at Dani, and she must come to terms with new emotions. Here's the kind of love story that I do enjoy watching. And mostly, it's for two reasons. One, it concentrates of young people, VERY young people. People who are still in their teens and are experiencing love for the first time, or at least think they are.

All of us have been there in our lives and "The Man in the Moon" is a magnificent reflection upon our memories, maybe adding on a few more details and enhancing it further than any of us have experienced. The second reason is that is a love triangle. And I do believe that as teens, it's the most dramatic. And the story is so well developed that you believe the characters could really be in love, or are just so new to love that they just strongly believe they are and after a tragedy or so occurs, will believe it for the rest of their lives.

The cast of "The Man in the Moon" is full of great talented names. It stars Sam Waterston, who is truly a versatile actor, well capable of playing tough district attorneys as well as strict, yet caring and wise fathers as in this film. You look at the young, talented actress as she is at age fourteen and you think that about ten years down the road, she's going to win the Academy Award. All members of the cast pull off great performances and with the dialogue of the compelling screenplay, they are enhanced into looking like real people in real situations.

As if it all really happened. This the kind of movie that I would like to see come out more often. Love story or not. I would love to see films that make everything look real and is not phony or disbelievable in any way.

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Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A coming of age story set in the south of the U. Director: Robert Mulligan.

Writer: Jenny Wingfield. Added to Watchlist. Best coming of age movies. The Pelican State Movies. The Best Films of Movies that made me cry. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Wildflower TV Movie Drama Romance. An abused and partially deaf girl is helped back into society by two resourceful children.

Freeway Comedy Crime Drama. Fear Drama Thriller. Jack the Bear Comedy Drama. Steinmiller Jr. Election Comedy Drama Romance. Pleasantville Comedy Drama Fantasy. Then upload your sextape and raise your popularity! Reese Witherspoon nude. Reese Witherspoon in Ancensored Tops:. Add a comment You must be logged in to post a comment. Gonger Apr 27, 1 lol,its only 40,very fuckable.

Tony Montana Dec 10, -1 super bonne, trop envie de la baiser. Ancensored Latest Clips. Nude Movie Appearances Add appearance. Please wait Sort by: Title Year Popularity Rating. Home Again Alice Hot Pursuit Cooper Wild Cheryl Strayed This Means War Lauren Mud Juniper How Do You Know Lisa Legally Blonde Elle Woods Cruel Intentions Annette Hargrove Twilight Mel Ames Overnight Delivery Ivy Miller Fear Nicole Walker Wendy

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DeMille award at the Golden Globes or something equally deserving. It falls to her to remind the audience that this story is at heart about a family, and she does.

And have tissues on hand. See next slide. Listen Here. As far as Reese Witherspoon rom-coms go, this one is a gem. Monsters vs. Aliens is proof that Reese should take on more voice roles. What would you do if two hot CIA agents discovered they were both dating you and decided to compete for your love? But in all seriousness, this film is a joy to watch. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Man in the Moon Watch Now. Fear Pleasantville Cruel Intentions Election American Psycho Legally Blonde The Importance of Being Earnest Sweet Home Alabama Walk The Line Just Like Heaven Penelope Four Christmases Aliens Water For Elephants This Means War Mud Wild Inherent Vice A Wrinkle in Time Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Dani trant nude reese