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The 5 fin glow plug came later in Cox flying models Catalog. Cox also supplied a specially printed "Banana. The same engine as the Texaco above except modells it has a smaller 5cc fuel tank which is also red. Cox's first products were wooden pop gunsproduced in his home garage. Some had dual bypass port cylinders while others had single, it depended on the airplane.

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To get any suitable speed for mouse racing a 4-inch pitch prop is required at high revs but to do this plenty of nitro-methane is also required, for example, a 4. The L. Some unscrupulous people are producing fakes and selling them. Cox Engines Forum. Below the Bee is a new Sure Start. An example of an 0. Advanced Search. The engine output was recorded at 0. These can be purchased direct from their web site or from eBay. This engine Cox flying models Troan pot ass first designed by Cox but included some major parts i. Cox's first morels were wooden pop gunsproduced in his home garage.

Thimble Drome TD-1 Manufactured in approx.

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  • Cox Models , a former division of Estes Industries of Penrose, Colorado , was a multimillion-dollar hobby company, is one of the hobby industry's oldest companies and is noted for its production of miniature model internal-combustion engines.
  • Cox model engines are used to power small model airplanes , model cars and model boats.

Thimble Drome TD-1 Manufactured in approx. The model was using a unique wing structure composed of shiny upper and lower aluminum shells.

The fuselage was injection molded plastic and came in yellow, red or blue later also in white, then called "Skymaster". It used a modified Space Bug engine mounted in a sleek cowling. I have redrawn the fuselage decals - e-mail me if you want a copy of the file for printing on clear self adhesive film e. Wing Span: mm Length: mm. Thimble Drome TD-3 Manufactured approx. Similar to the TD-1, its main structure consists of two horizontally split shells, which are joined by a visible bead.

My model came with a big hole at the end of the fuselage, several cracks and a layer of yellow castor oil staining the complete surface. Unfortunately the white material has absorbed the oil so that it could only be cleaned by mechanical work scraping and wet sanding. I decided to clean the left half of the model only and to keep the right half in "working condition". During these early years, as he did not have much experience with the manufacturing of small engines, he bought the cylinder, piston, conrod and cylinder head from Mel Anderson.

The same parts were used in the Anderson Spitfire. The power unit itself is extremely compact and of a clever design by LeRoy Cox and his engineers. It consists of the engine, planetary gearbox, fuel tank with filter and exhaust system. For me this model looks very sleek and more elegant than its larger and more powerful brethren. The car was also available as a cheaper pusher model without the engine and also with a spring clockwork engine. These models were advertised in form of a pusher and also in three powered versions.

The smallest one equipped with a. This version was advertised as reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. The glow engines for these cars were again produced by the Cameron brothers in Chino California.

All these Cox cars had cast aluminum bodies and were painted in various colors. Additional parts like handbrake or the dummy radiator grille on the Champion were of cast aluminum too. The sample shown here was the first version of the Prop Rod with the new Babe Bee engine. It still has the cast aluminum bottom pan. Similar to the Thimble Drome Special, the wheel rims were turned from aluminum. The Prop Rod featured a detailed cockpit with gauges and a steering wheel.

It could be run free or tethered around a center post. The flight performance of these small Models like the Pitts Special and the Ryan PT and Ryan ST was obviously quite limited by their low weight and the high drag of the control lines. The low weight made these models prone to turning into the circle when they encountered even a mild breeze and the control lines were not shortened accordingly.

In case of the Super Sabre additional difficulties with a forward position of the center of gravity required considerable "up" elevator trim, causing additional drag. Like the Prop Rod, it was powered by a Babe Bee engine. On a smooth water surface it could reach high speeds. Length: mm Width: mm. My Water Wizard is missing the rudder Engine and prop will be replaced with a correct one soon Thimble Drome Corvette Manufactured approx.

It was mounted on a steel chassis, which was also used for other models Buick Riviera, Ford G. Additionally, a slotted race track was available, eventually leading to the electric slot racing hobby of the s. All these models were quite detailed, with chromed plastic parts which had to be assembled by the buyer.

The timing of the engine was tuned for higher performance by raising the cylinder by a washer between cylinder and crankcase. This engine was air cooled and it was coupled to drive shaft with a flexible coupler. A pull starter with an automatic clutch was used.

In my eyes, one of the most desirable Cox cars. Both axles were spring suspended and hard vinyl wheels with nicely detailed spoke wheels were fitted. The model was run on a 4. The engine and drive system represents the typical spiral gear system with the sliding gear mechanical clutch of this model generation.

A pull starter is used to start the. Chevy Vega Manufactured in engine This funny car has no steering - it ran along a straight course, until the engine was stopped. The engine is always engaged with the rear axle - there is no clutch mechanism. The model traveled along a string and the engine was killed, when the end of the thread was reached. Additionally, a parachute was deployed. I have not tried it out, as it was a lot of work to clean the model from the old fuel and oil residue yuck!

But I have heard from former owners, that it was very difficult to get the model to run as it should at least for kids. Sponsorship also included air races, e. The front bumpers and the fuel cell have been added by now, though. The car has the classical. There exists another model of an open wheeled dragster Eliminator II with a similar chassis, and a small downforce wing near the front wheels. Another similar car in pearl white the Pinto has also been manufactured during the same period.

Starting the. This wheel was connected to the spiral gear system with the sliding gear mechanical clutch of the previous models. Cox produced the power units for these models consisting of engine, tank, starter and flywheel units. Between the engine backplate and the car chassis we can see a thin black sheet aluminum heat sink which also directed some air flow towards the cylinder - probably not very effective. JoMac sold the cars in various forms. Engine choices were the J engine as shown , a Tee Dee.

Thermal problems are also noted in the instruction sheets, saying that only half of the fuel contained in the tank is usable, the rest evaporates The black variants were produced since , finally with upright engine installation up to However, with its many fine details like sliding canopy parts, pilot and gunner, machine gun, antenna, sirens and a droppable bomb it makes a great display model.

It was made very simple from one single piece plus the engine and a set of stickers. Rotation was prevented by four angled blades inside the propeller slipstream.

Maybe it would have been in the s. Also, it was probably not very long lived with its cardboard top cover and a few stickers attached to the bare styro-foam surface. An early prototype of this model is said to have crashed near a small town, named Roswell, after its glow head burned out - but this accident has never been acknowledged in the public by the company. Hustler Manufactured in engine This control line model has been re-issued several times under different names and color schemes.

The "Hustler" from the "Wings" series as shown came with a slotted exhaust screen cylinder which reduced power and minimized the risk of finger burns. A typical electric motor needs two wires. The whole thing is very clean and nearly silent, but I am not sure, whether it is as much fun as its fuel spitting, howling cousins.

Wingspan: mm Length: mm Corsair "Marines" Manufactured in engine This is a typical control line model with the. It looks great, with its dark blue US-Marines paint scheme.

In the side view, the wing angle of incidence seems to be very high. It looks very nice, with all the stickers attached. As the company had been sponsoring a full size AT-6, the model also has two small sponsor stickers. A later, version of this model has an additional function to drop "bombs" on a target. Wingspan: mm Length: mm Skayraider "Navy" Manufactured in engine With its light gray NAVY paint scheme, this control line model looks very elegant, despite its fat belly.

Surely something you have to practice before trying this close to the ground. On this model, the three bladed prop is turning counter clockwise; the lower half of the fuselage and the wing are molded in one piece. I assume, that the same moulds have also been used in the mids for the first series of the Skyraider.

It has been developed for good flying characteristics and great aerobatic performance. Similar to a few former Cox stunt models Crusader, Me its lightweight foam wing has a symmetrical airfoil section which together with the short tail lever makes it highly maneuverable. It is a good aerobatic trainer, after mastering a trainer like the PT You will always find the latest version in the footer of all my pages.

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Cox also supplied a specially printed "Banana. It had a standard Babe Bee tank. The newest registered user is jbanes Cox Models Discussion about Cox model airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters These are the official owners of the former Cox name and logo and the Cox Models product line up consists of grand total of three basic Radio controlled electric trainer model airplanes. The choke tube makes the engine even easier to start.

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A major step toward participation in the growing radio controlled hobby business happened in with the acquisition of the radio manufacturer "Airtronics". By , Leisure Dynamics was facing bankruptcy. Their engineer William Selzer, the designer of the "Babe Bee". Growth of the company continued, but its factory space became fragmented since the operations were spread out over a number of leased buildings. This prompted a move to a consolidated facility in Corona, California , in In January , a leading model toy rocket manufacturer, Estes Industries , purchased Cox Hobbies, Incorporated, and relocated operations from Southern California to the Estes facility in Penrose, Colorado.

This signaled a major change in marketing direction for the new company, now known as Cox Models. A great many new products were aimed towards a mass market and they were sold in large chain stores and discount stores. In February Estes Industries sold all of their remaining old classic Cox stock to several private buyers from the USA and Canada, one of them being a small privately owned company from Canada. In June they launched a website Cox International to sell their stock online and also via eBay.

Some of the former Cox model train line is now sold by the Wm. Walthers company. These are the official owners of the former Cox name and logo and the Cox Models product line up consists of grand total of three basic Radio controlled electric trainer model airplanes.

To the present day Cox International continue to revive the original classic Cox brand of miniature aircraft engines as well as introducing new engine versions, reproduction parts, spare parts and accessories. In the s and s until recently, Cox has produced a line of hobby-oriented models of cars, airplanes, and other vehicles.

The most noted are the. Cox reed valve engines are nearly indestructible. The needle valve and carburettor are behind the cylinder where they are protected, and the crank case, cylinder and fuel tank are all machined from forgings, rather than weaker castings. The claim of dimensional tolerance, in the advertisement shown above, is justified by the facts that the high production volume engines need no break-in, except for a one-minute rich run, and any piston will fit into any cylinder that is the same size.

An example of an 0. Except for the Golden Bee fuel tank, this engine was bought used in The starter spring has been removed, allowing the use of a left hand screw propeller. Some unneeded metal has been removed from the front of the crank case. Below the Bee is a new Sure Start.

There are several superficial changes, including that the shape of the reed is different and it is now made of steel. The older carburettor has an abrupt increase in the diameter of the barrel visible , with the jet at the top of the larger barrel section.

In addition to 0. The Pee Wee was used in the Little Stinker and was 0. They were for serious hobbyists and too temperamental for mass markets. Note, on the Tee Dee shown, that light shows through the external ports, under the piston sub induction.

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