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Posted by Lawrence Jugmohan Jun 30, Truecaller is announcing today the redesign of its popular dial pad app Truedialer, available for free on Google Play and Windows Phone Store. Truedialer aims to replace your old dialer apps with multiple improvements on design and features to make your communications experience smarter, so you can confidently take calls and identify trusted contacts. Now with more than 10 million users, the new Truedialer app includes a more intuitive app design, and the quickest and most convenient way to find any contact you wish. The dialer uses a simple and easy to use numeric pad to help you find numbers within as well as outside of your phonebook and comes with Truecaller integration, which gives you the ability to identify more than 1.

Celebrity dialer

Celebrity dialer

Michael Jackson. Before an online recharge, kindly visit the Online tariff section Celebrity dialer a detailed description Dear Subscribers, kindly do not respond to missed calls from unknown international numbers or calls about dlaler prizes or lottery. Kim Kardashian. Huawei announces its pre-launch special for its latest nova 5T device Oct 25, With VoipDiscount you can call at the lowest rates possible!

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You're Having a Baby Girl. This is one of the only dialer apps or contacts apps with a subscription. Your source for all things Android! Nyan Cat. However, recent security vulnerabilities are causing a big fuss about the app. Cheater Notification. Outsource a Breakup Celebrrity India. They also don't store your address book or messages on their servers. Here are some Celebrity dialer app list recommendations for you! This Celebrity dialer is best for those who like to keep it personal, although those looking for a minimal contacts app may need to look elsewhere. Hanukkah Harry. However, it's not longer under active development in favor of the premium version. Hillary - Delete My Emails.

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  • It is a really good contacts and dialer app.
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It's fun to make celebrity calls Wouldn't it be fun if you could call your best friend and tell her you're hanging out with Kim Kardashian? Barack Obama? How about calling your boss as The Terminator? Well now you can. When you use CelebDial with the phone app on your texting device, you can click buttons on a web page that play sound clips of your favorite celebrity's voice, directly into your call.

CelebDial also records calls so you can share them with your Facebook friends. Katy Perry. Kim Kardashian. Barack Obama. Lindsay Lohan. Ashley Tisdale. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Justin Bieber. Michael Jackson. Dave Chappelle. Lady GaGa. Pee-wee Herman. Angry Jake. Britney Spears. Taylor Swift. Mel Gibson. Jim Carrey. Bea Arthur. Betty White. Samuel L.

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Celebrity dialer

Celebrity dialer. Your CallSpin Account

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Bed Intruder. Chocolate Rain. I'm a Kitty Cat. PB and J Time. Leave Britney Alone. Dial Tone. Both lists would pretty much have the same apps.

Here are the best dialer apps and contacts apps for Android. If we missed any great dialer apps or contacts apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! Replace more stock apps with awesome third party counterparts!

It features all of the usual stuff, including the ability to quickly call and text your contacts. Additionally, the app contains some social media features such as updates, photos, emoji, and more. This one is best for those who like to keep it personal, although those looking for a minimal contacts app may need to look elsewhere. They also don't store your address book or messages on their servers. That's always a plus. It's had its ups and downs, but it's honestly not half bad.

ExDialer is one of the better dialer apps and contacts apps. This one features support for 30 languages, includes a smart dialer with T9 , and boasts a faster, lightweight experience. It also includes a variety of plugins, gesture controls, and little Easter egg commands to make things easier.

It rounds out the experience with a simple, easy, Material Design UI. The free version is a five day trial. Simple Contacts is, well, a simple contacts app. It requires no extraneous permissions and it has no fancy tricks up its sleeve.

It's just a simple app for managing your contacts. You can also manage email contacts as well as events. There is also a dialer as well. That's about all this app does, really, and that's okay. Sometimes you want to strip away the extra niceties and just have a simple place to manage your contacts list. This app does that admirably. It's also open source and has no ads. There is a free version. However, it's not longer under active development in favor of the premium version.

We think that's reasonable. Simpler isn't as popular as some other dialer apps or contacts apps. It probably should be. Simpler features an improved caller ID, functions to control duplicate contacts, social network support, over 40 themes, and more. It also has call blocking, offline backup, and tools to clean up your contact list a little bit.

The app rounds everything up in a simple, good-looking Material Design interface. There really isn't much wrong with this one aside from a bugs here and there.

The app is free to download with an optional pro version available via in-app purchase. Truecaller is one of the most popular and powerful contacts apps and dialer apps. It even works as an SMS app.

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Ready is a third-party dialer app for Android that wants to improve the way phone calls are made and make the calling experience more immersive for the users. It ditches the usual and boring stock Android dialer and actually delivers.

With Ready, dealing with your calling, texting and scheduled meetings becomes easy as everything is right in front of you with the tap of a button.

Ready has the ability to make calls using WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger apart from the usual calls. Ready says that in near future, Hangouts messages too would be supported in the future. After granting the permission, the notifications like missed calls will appear in a Facebook Chat Heads like floating bubble.

One of features I liked the most is the phone bubble just after hanging up a call. Instead of the usual call summary, I get the suggestions to email, text or contact the person with the other third-party apps. The Ready 2. The Pro version gives you access to themes, ringtones and a predictive dialer. Here at fossBytes, we are giving away some free Pro-codes of Ready 2. All you have to do is install the Ready 2. Download the Ready 2. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery.

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Celebrity dialer

Celebrity dialer