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What a great fight it was. I am trying to make good on my resolutions by cooking more BBQ and eventually competing in a local cook-off. They both offer tremendous insight into the world of competition BBQ. Eventually, I would like to take a Paul Kirk BBQ class, there is one happening in Northern California next month, but I will probably end up waiting for something local. There is a consensus on how to make your BBQ better and gain more consistency.

Blubber butts bbq

The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing. Any advice? Let us know Butfs Reply. Mark P on October 30, at pm. Turned out as good, if not better, than the first try. Blubber butts bbq eating so much better since she joined the Pitmaster Club.

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Imagine this nightmare Labor Day scenario.

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  • To start, Matt uses a premade, Creole-style dry rub on the meat.
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What a great fight it was. I am trying to make good on my resolutions by cooking more BBQ and eventually competing in a local cook-off. They both offer tremendous insight into the world of competition BBQ. Eventually, I would like to take a Paul Kirk BBQ class, there is one happening in Northern California next month, but I will probably end up waiting for something local.

There is a consensus on how to make your BBQ better and gain more consistency. First off, start keeping a journal. This seems to be easy enough since a blog is basically an online journal. I will do additional research as to what others put into their journals, but for now, I will just be jotting down the basic info. Secondly, as with anything else, practice makes perfect. How do you practice BBQ? Well, I think that Nike said it best in their tagline.

I purchased two pork butt from the local market on Friday, one was 6 lbs and the other about 5. I started by tenderizing the butts by poking them all over with a fork. I then applied the rub and re-poked them. These were suggestions found in Peace, Love and Barbecue. It actually came out pretty good without using any paprika.

What I heard was that by sprinkling your rub you allow the smoke to penetrate the meat better. Sure, why not? I two types of wood on hand, some oak chunks, and some apple chips.

Put them in some water and get the charcoals started. I used Kingsford Charcoal Briquettes because most of all I wanted to pay attention to temperature control and I figured that they would behave well in that situation. The following chart outlines the cooking process with my timer set to zero. The smoker temp was taken from a thermometer at the top vent which reads anywhere from degrees higher than the grill temperature.

The meat temperature was taken with a digital thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the largest piece of meat that I had in the smoker.

I started the meat at around am and took it out right before pm. The temperature reached was at the bottom end of what Mike Mills has listed for sliced pork, which is degrees. For pulling the pork he suggests going to degrees. I took the meat off early because I wanted to feed everyone before the main event started and Cutty was getting hungry. The meat did come out tougher than I would have liked so much so that I ended up chopping it up with a cleaver.

The flavor was pretty good; a little lot more tender would have made it perfect. Next time I will take the internal temperature to degrees. I mixed some of the rub in with the chopped up meat for additional flavor.

The mop and BBQ sauce recipes were from the aforementioned books. Pork butts a few hours in. Chopped up meat, tasty. BBQ pulled pork sandwich-bun, meat, sauce and slaw.

I hear all you smoker guys laughing, but the results really were terrific! Not quite caked on, but very heavy. Placed fire on one side of kettle in one of the charcoal baskets that came with the grill and let the temperature settle down before cooking.

Did not move it once on the grill. No mopping, no spraying, no injecting, no brining, no problem. Reached 1n about 2 hrs. So many on this site suggested placing the butt in a cooler to rest, so I tried it in a Styrofoam cooler I received some frozen meats in. No towel, just some newspaper on the bottom.

After an hour and a half it was still very hot and two forks easily shredded the meat. The bone slipped right out and there was lots of juice inside the foil and the meat was very moist. I missed the crispy bark. I sure foiling softens it up, but the wonderful juice I pulled out of the foil would be lost. Even resting it in foil would soften the exterior, I think.

Probably too late but pounds should do it. A pound for person is rather much even with shrinkage. I actually think 75 would be fine.

The problem with foiling is that it hinders the development of bark — the crunchy outside part which is particularly yummy in pulled pork. At you start to get the conversion of collagen to gelatin. The conversion is what makes the meat so fabulously tender. I cake it on. Its suppose to be 30 degrees when I light my fire so the temp problem is concerning me.

The butts look great. I have tried numerous times and had limited success. Then I got some advise from a friend on the internet and the change in the flavour, moisture and the look turned degrees over night.

I used to do them just like you did. I prefer honey and then put the rub on. Up here in canada the normal person is to used to the after taste of propane so I need to be careful on the amount of smoke I use. I try to cook the butts for 2 hours a pound. When the butts get to I wrap them in tin foil. Try not to raise the lid unless you have to.

This is when the meat looses the battle of the bbq and gives into your commands to become fork tender. I prefer to rejoice at this time and crack a few beers in the celebration that the food that I have been babysitting for over half a day is close to being done.

The meat during this time breaks down the connective tissue in the meat and becomes like candy in your mouth. Watch your meat temperature after the meat breaks through this magical zone as the meat will rise quickly there after to the degree range.

I did two butts on the weekend. I had to have them done by pm so I could take them to my inlaws for supper at pm. I just left them in the tin foil and wrapped them in two large beach towels and put them in a cooler.

At pm I opened the lid and the butts were as hot as they were when I took them off the grill 5 hours earlier. They were beyond moist and I expected that they would be at the most warm. They were hot. The butt was perfect. Now if I can get a brisket right than I would be laughing. All the best and good luck from Ontario Canada.

I just stumbled onto this site and I also am an avid Butt-Smoker! I see many different styles and they all sound great. I shop at a resturaunt supplystore where I get my butts in the cryovac packaging. They come 2, 5 pounders to a pack. The day before the butt-munching commences, i put about 2 to 3 hours of smoke on a cheek half the butt , on my propane grill — 2 burners, side by side — well rubbed cheek on one side on cast grate, and a cast skillet with woodchips on the other side where the fire is.

This is also a very good way to make friends with your neighbors once they smell the smoke wafting through the air. After a couple of hours of smoking I put the cheek in an aluminum steamer tray doubled incase of leaks cover with foil and stick in fridge. Upon waking in the AM, before I go to work, I put the cheek in the oven and set the temp to Farenheit.

After shutting the oven, I leave and go to work. The internal temp is usually between F and F. The temperature probe goes through like warm butter! PLUS, it is sitting in a bubbling pool of rich golden juice. I then remove the cheek sometimes in a few chunks and pour the juice into a fat skimmer — a watering can looking thing with the spout at the bottom, pretty cheap at Wal-Mart.

I save about 12 fl oz, or so, of the skimmed juice and add Brown sugar and some ketchup with just a bit of the pre-smoking butt rub, mix it all up and microwave for a bit to melt the brown sugar. Instant BBQ sauce. Shred the roast, throw some coleslaw on top, put between buns, apply BBQ sauce, devour, enjoy, repeat. Just did my first butt yesterday on an ECB. Lots of good info. Brian, I am a pulled pork junkie and also watch the Food Network.

I caught an episode of Good Eats, where Alton Brown made a smoker out of 2 large flower pots, an electric hot plate and a Weber cooking grate.

We have both seating and a large bar with ample room. Smoked Turkey. About Us. Cuisine American - Contemporary. We have a under 21 pick -up window located at our front door area. Fresh Garden Greens. BBQ Pork.

Blubber butts bbq

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All served with 2 slices of bread. Rib Dinners. Smoked Pulled Pork. Smoked Turkey. Smoked Chicken Breast. Smoked Brisket. Smoked Corned Beef. Serves Brisket, 1 Lb. Spinach Special. Carlo's Special. BBQ Chicken. BBQ Pork. BBQ Brisket. Extra Topping. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Browse Nearby. General Info. Payment Types All Major Cards. Cuisine American - Contemporary. Meals Lunch. Pork butts come anywhere between pounds, which translates to about hour or so in the smoker per pound.

Although other pitmasters may deal with the fat cap differently, Matt prefers smoking pork butt with the fat cap up, so that the fat will gently baste the butt as it slowly smokes.

Regardless what you do with the fat cap, Matt recommends setting your smoker to degrees. Remove the meat from the smoker, wrap it with foil, and place it back in the smoker until it reaches an internal temperature of degrees. Just like with a casserole or cake, the foil will prevent the butt from burning but allow it to continue cooking. Just like steak, this pork butt is going to be best if it gets a little time to rest. Matt rests this butt, still wrapped in foil, for about an hour.

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And with their WiFi capabilities you can control and monitor Davy Crocket from your smart phone or laptop. By Meathead Goldwyn. While there are countless non-barbecue websites out there promoting their "quick and easy pulled pork recipe," the bulk of these call for cooking a pork butt in a crockpot, Instapot, or other slow cooker. While the end result may LOOK like BBQ pulled pork, there really is no substitute for smoked pulled pork that has been slowly cooked over low heat in a smoker or grill until it is melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Pork butt or the larger pork shoulder which is made up of the butt and the picnic is a most forgiving cut, and it is almost impossible to ruin when cooked low and slow, making it a great place for beginners to start learning how to smoke meat. With a combination of smoke woven through tender threads of moist meat, potent bits of strongly seasoned crust, and a gentle splash of barbecue sauce, pulled pork is one of the most popular low and slow smoked foods, perfect for feeding large crowds.

It is best made from pork butt a. Boston butt, butt, shoulder butt, shoulder roast, country roast, Boston roast, and shoulder blade roast , which typically weighs from 5 to 8 pounds. And you can do it well on a smoker or practically any grill with a lid. At F, plan on about 1 hour 15 minutes per pound.

Smoked pork butt a lazy, slow, easy, and fragrant process. A day well spent. Here's the best pulled pork recipe ever! Click here to read more about pork butts, cooking time, and more Share This Recipe:.

Print Recipe. This easy pulled pork recipe is the most versatile and foolproof low and slow smoked dish you'll ever make, perfect for feeding large crowds. About 8 heaping sandwiches. Leftovers freeze nicely. Preparation time. It takes about 25 minutes to trim and rub the meat.

Cooking time. See "Cooking time" below. Recommended side dishes. Coleslaw , baked beans , potato salad , smoked mac-and-cheese , grilled corn. About the pork. Berkshire hogs are a breed that became scarce when the pork promoters moved to leaner pork to promote it as "the other white meat". Berkshires tend to have darker, fattier, and more flavorful meat.

Learn more about Berkshire pork here. About the wood. Start with about 4 ounces and measure how much you use so next time you can add or subtract a measured amount until it is exactly the way you like it. Go easy on the wood the first time. Too much smoke is far worse than too little.

Blubber butts bbq

Blubber butts bbq