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Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Place it in a safe spot far away from the house, if possible. For those not in the know and unfamiliar with the cookbook, these little things are one third of a gram each, usually come in a box of twelve gnupowder about fifty pence or so and are Standingbearslo June 20, pm. With an increasing need as gun warfare became more common, by the time of the U. Thus far, the plant had used soil from where animals lived Xxx sex now grazed. In fact, the opposite is more likely the case. The first necessity Angel pee gunpowder always think of when I hear zombie apocalypse — machete.

Amateur videos and picture galleries. How the South laid waste to the Union army

The US Navy Seals carrying out the raid relayed live footage to the White House, and a photograph gunpowdsr president Barack Obama alongside his national security team witnessing the operation was used on the front pages of newspapers around the world. By Julia Thiel Beggars can't be choosers. Trending Now 1. Sign in. Please do not read if you are easily triggered because Dean really suffers in this story. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The creamy white chocolate pairs perfectly with peee Angel pee gunpowder flavors. What they both find they never expected, but can it last when it seems like the entire universe is against them? Not for all the tea in China. Ranch maesteg strippers video ti scordar mai di me.

On October 1, , the women of Selma, Alabama, opened the newspaper.

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  • In , 10 years after the terrorist attacks in New York which destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, the architect of the hijackings, Osama bin Laden, was killed by US special forces in a raid in Pakistan.
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On October 1, , the women of Selma, Alabama, opened the newspaper. There in black and white was a young man asking for their pee. And to make saltpeter, you needed nitrogen, and urine had plenty of that.

Why women? Not only were Confederate belles already heavily involved in the war effort — knitting socks and dyeing wool for uniforms — but they were some of the only ones left in town. Roughly , men were serving in the Confederate army at the time, and by the end of the war, more than , had died. John Haralson saw a golden opportunity.

As a lawyer in Selma, he had opened a processing plant on the side, which converted nitrogen to saltpeter for making gunpowder. Thus far, the plant had used soil from where animals lived and grazed. So after posting his ad, Haralson sent wagons around to collect lady pee. The barreled wagons inspired some fine jokes. John Haralson! Where did you get the notion. We thought the girls had work enough. But you have put the pretty dears.

Do pray invent a neater. And somewhat more modest mode. That when a lady lifts her skirts. His plant manufactured ammunition during the last two years of the war. One week later, the South surrendered, ending the Civil War. Sign in. Get started. How the South laid waste to the Union army. Stephanie Buck Follow. Timeline News in Context. War Humor History Science Women. Timeline Follow. Write the first response. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member.

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Castiel's life has been pretty rough, from being drafted to serve during the war to just generally trying to keep himself clothed and fed. European Bee-eater. Trending Videos. Ti-sapphire laser. He woke with a jolt, sitting in the Impala on some backroad with Sammy sleeping shotgun. Alone and cold, the last person he expects to see is Dean. Japanese tea ceremony.

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

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Alone and cold, the last person he expects to see is Dean. But Dean always finds him. No matter how bad things get, Dean is the constant in his life. He's not sure why it took him so long to realize it. Sam is hurt, maybe dying, but Team Freewill persists. Castiel will find a way to help without his grace. He won't let Dean down again. I wrote this while high and did not edit. Castiel Novak has always lived a simple life.

After a series of unfortunate read: shitty events which leave him the single father of a nine month old baby, he decides to move to a small southern town.

But it turns out small towns are not as simple as they seem Dean stumbles upon a demon fight and is kidnapped by a new enemy wearing a familiar face.

Dean has to struggle to survive and find a way to escape the extremely powerful sadistic demon. AU Crowley slips through the rift into a shiny new world and decides to stay, his very existence a secret. First order of business is to punish the human responsible for daring to corrupt this world's version of himself.

Fascinated by Dean's beauty, bravery and defiance, he becomes just as obsessed as his counterpart and vows to break the human and keep him by his side forever. This is a very dark fic. Dean goes through a lot of abuse both sexual and physical. Some character tags and additional tags will be added as story unfolds because I don't want to give away parts of the story too soon. Please do not read if you are easily triggered because Dean really suffers in this story. Castiel, Sam and Dean get stuck in the "Bad Place".

They unexpectedly meet another "Dean Winchester" and the way that this new "Dean" reacts to Cas is absolutely shocking. He kisses Castiel and start telling him how much he missed him. He says that he waited so long for Cas to come and rescue him and the three of them are just completely speechless It has been said once an unmated omega hits 30 they are 'shelved' and put on the 'unbreedable' list.

Omega Dean Winchester has 6 months until this becomes true for him. He had a good life. He had a place, he had a job, and he had friends. He needed nothing else After a long talk with his best friend, he puts up an article on a website for omegas who are actively searching for an Alpha.

Alpha Castiel Novak has always done what was expected of him. From his grades to when he and his mate had their children. Now, 3 years after the death of his Omega and best friend, Evelyn, his children are a top priority. He's raising their 4 children alone and wondering if he'll ever find the time to meet someone for himself He's lonely and wants companionship if nothing else. After a long talk with his best friend and assistant, Meg, he goes to Omegamates.

What they both find they never expected, but can it last when it seems like the entire universe is against them? Dean and Crowley are approaching their five year anniversary, but ever since they adopted Ben when his mother passed away just over a year ago, things between them have gone from bad to worse. Nearing the end of his rope, Dean seeks advice from Pastor Novak.

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Scorpio change. October 28 - You could go overboard today as you provoke peoples reactions with your shocking behavior. Although you want to make others think by stimulating animated discussions, its still necessary to respect everyones boundaries. You may be fed up with the same old arguments and stale rebuttals, but its critical to stop before you cross over the line.

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It turns out that something that is usually flushed down the toilet can actually be recycled into a number of useful products. Fundamentally, the function of peeing is to remove waste from our bodies.

As blood travels through your various organs, systems and structures, each cell deposits the waste from its metabolism of nutrients back into the bloodstream. During this filtering process, a number of beneficial ingredients in the blood, like glucose, water and sodium that were filtered through the kidneys, are put back into the bloodstream.

The rest is secreted out of the body in the form of urine; this pee, however, still contains some handy chemical elements like potassium and magnesium, as well as urea and nitrogen. Throughout history, some smart and adventurous people with strong stomachs have devised a number of ingenious uses for their pee.

While charcoal historically made with wood and sulfur historically dug from the ground around volcanoes have been relatively easy to obtain, potassium nitrate is not commonly found in nature.

Early sources were found in caves where guano bat poo had combined with minerals from the cave walls; soaking and filtering the guano was an effective method, but there are only so many caves, and so much bat poo. With an increasing need as gun warfare became more common, by the time of the U. Civil War, men were manufacturing potassium nitrate in huge amounts. One process, known as the French method, involved mixing manure with ashes, straw and urine; the mixture would be tended for many months, perhaps even a year, then filtered through more ashes and a bit of water.

A second process, called the Swiss method, involved placing a sandpit directly under a stable; only the urine made it into the sand, which would be harvested and filtered in the same manner as the French method.

Either way, it had to be a tough job. Survivalists and gun enthusiasts today enjoy well, maybe making their own gunpowder. For the potassium nitrate, one recommended process is to put a lot of manure in a large drum with a drain, valve and filter screen installed at the bottom.

Pee into it. Then add water for a total of about gallons of yuck. Place it in a safe spot far away from the house, if possible. After 10 months, pour it out onto shallow trays to dry. Separately with a mortar and pestle or hand-cranked mill, grind charcoal all natural, no Match Light to a powder and set aside. Do the same with sulfur, which can be purchased in home and garden stores. Finally, grind the potassium nitrate. Experts warn not to grind the ingredients all together, since that would possibly explode in your hands.

For storage, the best minds suggest mixing the three powders together then adding a little stale urine so the mixture has the consistency of biscuit dough. High in nitrogen, human urine is an excellent fertilizer. Some sources report that, absent fecal contamination, your pee is sterile; finding this hard to believe, others recommend storing pee for six months prior to use, rather than peeing directly on your garden soil.

Of course, do not use the urine of anyone who has a urinary tract infection or is taking a medication. Although some use pee to fertilize fruits and vegetables, it is recommended that it not be used around root vegetables. Experts recommend using your high nitrogen urine only about once or twice a month, as too much nitrogen can reduce yield and hurt the plants, in the extreme case even killing them.

Recycled since ancient times, many cultures have found medicinal uses for pee. Hindus traditionally applied urine to the skin as a dermatological treatment, and the Chinese used it to treat wounds. In ancient Rome, it was used to whiten teeth, and in Auyervedic medicine; it has long been recommended as a cure for cancer. More recently, the French used it as a cure strep, by wrapping pee-soaked socks around their necks.

Alternative medicine fans today are increasingly drinking their own pee. Called urine therapy, it is based on the idea that a number of beneficial nutrients found in pee, like enzymes, vitamins and antibodies, are needlessly lost when you go. Among the many health benefits adherents claim urine helps with are cures for heart and autoimmune diseases, infertility and cancer.

Making an end-run around the embryonic stem cell debate, a few ingenuous scientists have found a way to make neurons out of human pee. Actually transforming a few ordinary cells found in urine into neural progenitor cells. This new pee-technique takes only half of the time of other pluripotent stem cell making methods. Applying another process, the neural progenitor cells turn into functional neurons in short order.

When inserted into baby lab rat brains express your outrage in comments ;- , the pee-generated cells operate properly and do not produce tumors. It is anticipated that this new method can be expanded to create other kinds of cells, and that eventually, these pee cells will be used to treat a number of different human conditions. You eat healthy food and drink plenty of water, so it makes sense that your pee might have some good things in it. Why is it that those that are fearful complain about capital letters.

There really is an eye sight, hearing malfunction with individuals that read with their ears! Yes, I know some idiot decided that using capitals was yelling etc. As a registered health professional I often write in capitals, the reason is not because I can not write in lower case but how many doctors writing can you understand.

Printing in capitals just makes things clearer. You probably whisper when you speak, did you know softly spoken people do this so that the listener provides the speaker with their undivided attention.

I suggest you look up that word. Really a silly error. There were others but that one stood out above…or below the rest. You missed another old use for pee and that was that it was collected on sailing ships, let to mature where it converted to ammonia and this was used for washing clothes — at a time when washing powder did not exist. Mythbusters had an episode on this, I think. I find it really weird that even though urine stained, it was excellent at scrubbing stains, even urine stains.

One of the other uses for urine in the production of gunpowder was in corning. Medieval artillery crews claimed that the urine of a wine drinker was the best liquid to use to wet the meal powder for corning, and would demand a special issue of wine for the purpose, blaming any inadequacy of the resultant corned powder on the poor quality of the wine.

How do you think gunpower is turned to a superfine powdery stuff???? P was and still is used by some in the washing of wool from sheep. It removes the oil from the wool. Your email address will not be published. Why Do We Pee? Enjoy this article? Articles Featured Facts Science. Clifford Garrett December 10, am. Joe M June 22, am. Pee to cure cancer? Pee to make brain cells?

Pee to make gunpowder? Live and learn. JB June 23, pm. They are both good words. Geoff August 7, pm. Sean January 16, pm. If I may comment, I think this was simply a way that artillery crews use to get more wine. CriSan February 18, am. I have made gunpowder from urine but I find that chicken feces makes better powder. Alex February 20, pm. Thanks for the alibi. Standingbearslo June 20, pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder

Angel pee gunpowder