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Huggies Forum Forum Help. Find Out More. Welcome Active Popular Browse. So we found out yesterday that we are having fraternal twins, still only 8 weeks. Posted Friday 13 May pm.

Twin fourms

Twin fourms

Tqin boy is drinking 5 oz a feed and my Anyone get three car seats in a Lexus RX? The Toddler Years Twin fourms did have two more ultrasounds one at 28 weeks and one at 32 to check they were growing and I was told they were happy so I didn't need any more scans. If so, how did it go? Posted Thursday 23 June am. Community Guidelines Glossary. I am having identical twins in less Free gay online 5 weeks. A world of knowledge for sleep deprived parents of newborns to 1-year olds! They are now both four,s happy and Twin fourms at 16 mths old.

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Nick Touring and saddle bag insert liner bags SOLD Brand new OEM 3 pieces of liner bags 1 tour bag and 2 saddle bag liners and a carrying shoulder trap that came with my ultra limited. Q2: upgrade the tensioner shoes right away Q3: or just pass on the bike? Harley Davidson Fan for Touring. Help with determining what engine I have. Touring and saddle bag insert liner bags. This may give you more time Busty searched save your bike from falling, if there is any slippage due Twin fourms loose gravel, or bald shoe heel. I started following O. Snow plow. Accept Learn moreā€¦. Members' Albums. Re: Nomad and Sturgis. New guy from Twin fourms Hello ,I am new here and to Harley Davidson ben a gold winger for 20 plus years.

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Doubling your pleasure? Tripling the fun? Share your pregnancy, birth and baby stories here, and connect with other "multiples" moms! Discussion thread will be deleted permanently. Are you sure? Yes No. You will be removed from the group. Are you sure you want to delete this group? This group has been deleted successfully. There was an error deleting this group. This member will be banned from this group. This member will be unbanned from this group.

This member will removed permanently from this group. Multiples and Twins Doubling your pleasure? Leave Group. Please enter your discussion. Cancel Post. See the latest design in the Baby Names Group with your Ideally, id love to wait until Christmas to tell my employer and colleagues, which is after salary bumps and bonuses get decided.

A Contractions? Last night I started having extreme tightness in my stomach and pain all around my stomach, mostly my upper stomach. I had to sit in bed hunched over Diaper delivery service? FTM here.

Has anyone used any of these sites like Parasol or Hello Bello? Trying to figure out our most cost-friendly options for diapers! Post your bumps and how far you are! M Emotional Rollercoaster My didi twins is currently 6 weeks old. The fact that there is there one baby We are here to support you through what can be a very different pregnancy than singleton pregnancies as well as raising multiples! This is a safe space to ask questions regarding your Then they get up around 2 or 3 and 5 or 6 in the morning.

My boy is drinking 5 oz a feed and my My next Freezer Milk stash just wondering for the mamas who pump, do you have a freezer stash? I pump i pump about 4 to 5 oz each session and bottle feed and only have enough milk for the next session with maybe an ounce left over and I reserve that for the next feeding T When did you transition out of crib to bed? At what age? Moms of Twins who have given birth How many of you developed preeclampsia with twins?

I would prefer to avoid aspirin if I can. Just wondering if any experienced moms have made the transition from 1 to 3 kids and what advice you have. Honestly Can someone share stories of just totally normal twin pregnancies? J Flu vaccine Hi everyone.

I was wondering if you got the flu vaccine while pregnant with twins. I went a bit - a lot crazy just growing so fast and wanted to make sure all is done before I get too uncomfortable. Only thing left is to wash their clothes. Is it way too early We are in northern CA and our power is supposed to be out possibly for several days. Going to have to throw out everything in our freezer and cooler, How did you find out it was twins?

What was your reaction? Hi ladies,I am currently home talking to my husband about how we found out. I was 8 weeks pregnant exactly. I woke up at 4am to use the restroom and there was bright red blood. I panicked but I had to work. So I put a pad on to measure how much Was it really hard to sleep for long periods of time longer than a couple of hours? Did it hurt to walk? Where is everyone located? I haven't made any mom friends this pregnancy but also I feel that making mom friends with singleton moms would not be as relatable to our situation as finding other multiple Double bassinets seems so expensive to use for only a short amount of time.

Twin B has been flipping most of my pregnancy. He was head down just 3 weeks ago and Then decided to flip and has been transverse the last two weeks. Twin A has been head down the entire pregnancy.

Feel miserably huge as the day goes on? But as the day goes on and I eat, I begin to feel bigger and bigger. Idk what to do?? But every I will Be able to tell my twins apart right?! I am having identical twins in less than 5 weeks. A lady came up to me and we started talking and she said she also had identical twins anyways later she told me that she had to buy them little bracelets to tell them apart.

I was kinda of shock A lot of singleton If so, what would you recommend? Hey mamas! Hoping to hear from some of you about whether or not you chose to go with just 1 or 2 cribs for your twins. We'll likely have 2 bassinets in our room when the babies are first born, but weren't sure if we'd get 1 or 2 cribs. When did you delivery your twins? Any relief or suggestions? T Would you give him another chance? I dont want to be a fool I left my husband 2 weeks ago. Bit of a back story: we've been married 5 years.

Have 18 month old twins. He has always had an anger issue but it didn't get out of hand until the beginning of this year. He started blowing up on me for the tiniest Secondly, please could you share your babies actual birth weights and gestation verses the last growth scan prediction S Could I be having twins? Hi all quick question looking for opinions really. Had early scan today 5 6 weeks and all was good. Second Dr came to Check my bladder as they felt it was quite full all was grand but on abdominal scan she said she seen 2 sacs so done internal U Defective TwinZ??

Is my TwinZ buckle supposed to look like this or should I return it to Amazon? How long did the MRI take? Minivan twin moms: which one should we get? A few questions! Do you recommend it? If your twins are infants and you have another child or more , where do your twins sit? Even if you got a different minivan

Changing your oils. Re: New Harley. Past life messing with my search Apollo. Harley Davidson and V-twin Technical Forums. Re: new tires needed. Details are very minimal at this point but from what is seen on the press photos, it looks like a street-legal replica of their Dakar Rally race machine which is based on the CRFL dual sport.

Twin fourms

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Twins, Triplets, Quads and More - Essential Baby

Huggies Forum Forum Help. Find Out More. Welcome Active Popular Browse. So we found out yesterday that we are having fraternal twins, still only 8 weeks. Posted Friday 13 May pm. We have identical twin girls who are now 16mths and lived off one average wage from about 26 weeks preg through their first 12 mths.

The best suggestion that i can give you is to just be cautious with spending between now and when bubs are born. Don't be tricked into thinking that you need 2 of everything because you are having twins.

I had the girls in 1 cot until they were about 6 mths and both of my cots were second hand we knew the people who we got them from though. If someone offers you clothes, don't say no. If there are things that dont suit then pass them onto the next person who may need them. My girls are almost in a size 2 and the majority of their clothes have been second hand. Most of my friends have girls and they just pass on their clothes when their children have grown out of them.

Don't get me wrong i buy the odd thing here and there but only if i have to. If someone asks what they can get you as a baby gift don't be shy asking for practical things like linnen, towels, nappies, wipes etc.

We used disposables with the girls when they were babies but now use cloth and find it much cheaper not for everyone i know. You will be supprised how practical you can be when you have to smile The reality of carying twins is that you will probably go a little earlier that a typical term pregnancy and depending on how things are going with your pregnancy you may be recommended to give up work a little earlier than you may have done with your 1st bub but again everyone is different.

For me it was recommended to give up work at around 26 weeks and i was put on bed rest from just over 31 weeks. My girls were delivered at 33 weeks. It will all depend on what work you do and how the prenancy has been. Sorry i couldnt be more specific but i hope some of this helps. More than happy to chat if you have any questions. Take care and enjoy your new adventure smile. Posted Saturday 14 May am. Hi ladies, definitely some great tips there thanks!

I am 10 weeks pregnant and we just had our dating scan only to hear that we're expecting twins! There have been no twins in either side of the family, well as far as is traceable and this was a natural conception.

Just not something we even remotely considered! Still in shock and my hubby has been going crazy I'm getting used to it slowly which is good and just looking at things realistically. Just still waiting for the doc to call and say it was a mistake or a joke lol just feels unreal!

Thanks, Kristie. Posted Monday 16 May am. I guess my main questions are about the care involved with a twin pregnancy. Are there more ultrasounds, and how often are they? I havent been back to my gp since we found out but I have an appointment later this week Kristie. Posted Sunday 22 May pm. My boys are now 4 months old tomorrow and I had a very lucky and positive pregnancy!! I carried my twins to 37weeks 3 days scheduled c-sect only because I'd had two c-sections before, the boys were in perfect position to come out naturally They would have stayed in longer!!

Neither needed any treatment and roomed with me from the moment they were born! I did have two more ultrasounds one at 28 weeks and one at 32 to check they were growing and I was told they were happy so I didn't need any more scans. Some people have them every two weeks. I didn't really see my obs any more often than i did with my singletons either!

I found this interesting. Mine are definitely frat though. One has blonde hair the other black and they also have different blood groups!!

Big W sells curash wipes in big boxes of ten when you can get them. I put them on layby and now have enough to last over a year! I also BFeed because It's free!!!

Most of the time I feed them individually but if they are both crying I'll twin feed them. Let me know if you have anymore questions. I also have a ten year old and an almost 4 year old grin. Posted Saturday 28 May am. Wow sounds like twins are common this year. I am currently almost 18 weeks with identical girl twins. Posted Sunday 29 May am. Hi Kristi, it really depends on your individual pregnancy as to how many ultrasounds and dr appointment you will have.

As Calzo said she only had a couple of extra ultrasounds during her pregnancy where as i had soooooo many. From abut 22 weeks i was travelling to melbourne once a week we are in bendigo for scans and doppler then by about 28 weeks i was having them twice a week, then admitted to hospital at almost 32 weeks. Although i didn't have any issues with my prenancy so to speak we did have issues with one of the babies cord pressures therefor heaps of ultrasounds to check what was going on. Babies were born at 33 weeks gm and gms.

They are now both perfectly happy and healthy at 16 mths old. It will also depend on if they are Frat or ID as id can tend to be higher risk. Posted Sunday 29 May pm. The girls weighed 1. My belly ended up measuring 50 weeks and I got no stretchmarks grin so I would recommend using a lotion every day morning and night I used the palmers one for stretchmarks smile.

Posted Saturday 04 June am. I didnt do the 12 week scan dont feel as thou I needed it , so my 20 week scan came along and bang there they are two baby girls.

I had asked my specalist to listen out for two heart beats and he could only hear one. So finding out there is two at 20 weeks was rough. My husband and I are so happy now that we are over the shock of it all. We will be having scans done every 3 weeks. I am 26 weeks now and I have to stop work at 28 weeks which was another shock the whole money thing and how the heck are we going to live.

As I had a very long labour with my son and had to have a c-section in the end, I have been told it is best for me to have a c- section at 38 weeks, thats if the girls dont decide to come early as I have also been told by other mums of twins that they can come anywhere from 34 weeks.

Fingers crossed they stay there for a while. I have started to notice I am really tired and not getting any sleep but the one thing that is helping is putting my feet on a pillow in bed, having them raised takes away the heavyness and relaxes me bit more.

You can also get in home help as well from WINZ. So many hours you get given and they have to be used up within a year I think. This could come in handy for anyone. One thing I have learnt is "your not alone, there are heaps of families with mulitples.

We will get throu it. They were given to use for a reason, and I think that reason is becasue we are strong people and we can get thru anything" smile. Posted Thursday 23 June am. Shazza73 New Zealand Total posts: 3. It is all pretty over whelming. I have a 13yr old daughter and a 2yr old daughter also.

These 2 were definitely not planned, and I was on the pill. I am wondering how I am going to cope both physically and financially. It is all pretty over whelming, but I am so pleased that there are other mums who are feeling like I am, doesn't make you feel so alone.

Posted Sunday 26 June am. I am also 17weeks preg with ID twins, as most of you ladies it was a shock to find this out! I have started the research side of things as I have NO idea what to expect or do Posted Wednesday 29 June am.

Twin fourms

Twin fourms

Twin fourms